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An Honest Question —– Why Is This Meme Attached To White Nationalists? And, More ……

So, what is it about this meme/pic that sends leftards into such a tizzy?  And, what White Nationalists use this …. and for what purposes?  Which nationalists?  Brits?  Americans?  French?  Do they all use it?  And, again, for what purposes?  … Continue reading

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This Season’s Top Meme As We Watch The NFL Post Season —- Open Thread!!!!

  Well, I’m watching football …… sort of, the Dolphins didn’t perform very well today.  But, I had this funny meme and thought I’d share. It occurs to me that Dallas may have drawn the short stick by winning home-field … Continue reading

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Don Lemon Doesn’t Think Kidnapping and Torture Is Evil, While WaPo Considers This A Convergence Of “Trump Narratives”

I don’t typically spend too much time on events such as this, and, I won’t on this one, but, perhaps I should. By now, most people remotely aware of current events know about the horrid kidnapping and torture of a … Continue reading

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Phishing Or Hacked? And Election Fallout!!!

Well, here’s a You.Gov poll recently released.  (pdf)   By all means, scroll through it.  Most of it is mundane stuff, in which the responses are entirely predictable.  Now,  typically on polls, I’d pick through and highlight the dishonesty as to … Continue reading

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Last Regular Season NFL Picks!!!!

Well, it’s a full day of NFL football!  I didn’t pick last week because so many games were not played on Sunday.  This week, all the games are played on Sunday!  Unfortunately, because it’s the last week of the regular … Continue reading

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