Bye Felicia!!!!!!! Swamp Draining At Foggy Bottom!!!!!!! And More!!!!!


Well, well, well, CNN actually got something right!!!!!

WaPo had reported that all senior State staff resigned, today.  No, really!!!!!

The State Department’s entire senior administrative team just resigned

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s job running the State Department just got considerably more difficult. The entire senior level of management officials resigned Wednesday, part of an ongoing mass exodus of senior Foreign Service officers who don’t want to stick around for the Trump era.

Turns out, our Fake News Media, aka LSM can’t help but put out fake news!  It’s what they do. 

Oddly, CNN was there to set the record straight.

Trump administration asks top State Department officials to leave

Washington (CNN)Two senior administration officials said Thursday that the Trump administration told four top State Department management officials that their services were no longer needed as part of an effort to “clean house” at Foggy Bottom.

Patrick Kennedy, who served for nine years as the undersecretary for management, Assistant Secretaries for Administration and Consular Affairs Joyce Anne Barr and Michele Bond, and Ambassador Gentry Smith, director of the Office for Foreign Missions, were sent letters by the White House that their service was no longer required, the sources told CNN.

Yes, apparently, WaPo believes the entire senior administrative team at the State Dept is populated by four people.

I guess lying liars gotta lie.

Still if you look at the names, you may find some relief.  Pat Kennedy has been a huge failure since I can remember. 

Also, …..

Victoria Nuland, the State Department’s assistant secretary for Europe, was also not asked to stay on.

Now, most of us can remember that name as she was instrumental in the Ukraine debacle which ended with Russia essentially annexing Crimea and a lot of innocent people dying.  But, it seems to me I recall her in some other untoward events, I just can’t recall the specifics at this moment. 

Look, yes, they all have lots and lots of experience.  But, if what they provide is in conflict with the aims of the current administration, then, they have to go.  We’re all better for it.  And, as I note, there are at least a couple who needed to go, if not in handcuffs. 

Bonus ……

LATEST: U.S. Border Patrol Chief Resigns

In the end, it doesn’t matter to me if team Trump asked them to leave or if they’re leaving in protest.  It’s still the same swamp being drained.

If you can’t act in the interests of the US or if you can’t or don’t wish to abide by and enforce US law, then, you have no business working in the Federal government.  Get out of our offices!  And, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!  Or, bye Felicia!!!!

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12 Responses to Bye Felicia!!!!!!! Swamp Draining At Foggy Bottom!!!!!!! And More!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    He’s like a damn nail gun!!!!!!!!

  2. TG says:

    i really hope the door hits them hard on the way out.

  3. philjourdan says:

    I prefer the term YSM – Yellow stream media. The connotations are better and it accurately portrays their yellow journalism. I cannot claim credit however. I believe it was H.R. over at Chiefio that coined the term.

    And given the failures of the Obama regime over the past 8 years in foreign policy, my only surprise is that it is ONLY 4. Yes, it is swamp draining time.

  4. cdquarles says:

    A quibble about Crimea. That has always been Russian. That Crimea was taken or given away to the Ukraine likely was illegal. Parts of Georgia, namely South Ossetia, were always Russian, too. When the Russians there called for help, Russia moved in. Soros related treachery in the Ukraine should not be abetted by us, in my opinion.

  5. Me says:

    Good that some are leaving, but you know it for what it really is, there are some in there that will lay hidden! Get rid of them all!

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