So, This Is What Winning Is Like!!???!!!??!!!??

The pace of Trump’s actions is head-spinning.  And, they are wonderful!!!!!!


I’ve never once had the occasion to read an executive order and be enthralled by the writing, until now!!!!!!

Read Trump’s order to BUILD THAT WALL!!!!! 

Read Trump’s order to enforce our immigration laws!!!!!!!

Bonus win!!!!!!  Trump tells the EPA to STFU for now!!!!

Bonus win!!!!!!  Trump okays Keystone and Dakota pipelines!!!!!!

Another thing I have never seen ……. a newly elected president acting so quickly on making good on his campaign promises. 

Even if one doesn’t agree with all of his actions, all must acknowledge his speed and effort towards fulfilling his promises.  It’s quite refreshing!

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60 Responses to So, This Is What Winning Is Like!!???!!!??!!!??

  1. Latitude says:

    Stop and think about how we’ve been played for all these years…
    Both democrats and republicans have claimed they couldn’t get anything done.

    They have stirred it up..kept it going…and played us all for fools.

    ..and now Trump is making them all look like fools

    My hope is that Trump does not ever let his guard down…he’s got twitter and facebook..and he’s definitely calling the shots on any interviews

    People are still on this partisan crap…and still don’t realize same dog…different collar

    • suyts says:

      Good read and promising. It’s early, yet, though. But, I’m even more optimistic now than I was when Trump was elected!

      • Latitude says:

        you know…about the unions
        They have been losing members…getting manufacturing back is a win for them

        But if Trump takes the unions…that has been the democrat base

  2. kelly says:

    Well as an Aussie I am not too keen on the protectionism stuff. The exit from the TPP is not a good thing for either of us I would suggest.

    • I wonder if geography alone has, to some degree, sheltered you from the detrimental effects of the lack of protectionism we’ve experienced.

      • kelly says:

        Well Australia being somewhat isolated and a median size population for a country and heavily reliant on trade has possibly created the situation where we have realised the benefits of free trade and are a bit higher than the US on the Heritage Economic Freedom Index, noting the other 4 countries or part of a country that are rated as free is Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland and New Zealand. Maybe this free trade stuff is contagious in this part of the world or otherwise as all 5 countries are not all that big this is the only path we can see to our own prosperity. The US is rated as mostly free which it is but I would suggest heading in the wrong direction.

        On the average tariff rates Australia is 1.8% and US 1.5% so you do actually beat us a little bit on that one at the moment. But if Australia continues down it’s path and the US continues on it’s new path this is likely to reverse fairly quickly.

        Interesting times I guess.

    • EW3 says:

      kelly I would not be too worried about TPP being killed.
      Trump’s approach is to form trade agreements between 2 countries. So you have many deals, but each deal will be crafted to the best for both of the trading partners.

      So instead of TPP Australia will have a 1:1 trade agreement with the USA.
      The trade agreement we have will be what is best for both of us.

      A trade agreement between the US and Vietnam will likely be very different than a US-Oz deal.

    • suyts says:

      Kelly, the TPP wasn’t in the interests of the US. There’s no reason to engage in that sort of trade. I’m hopeful Trump will build a model other nations, such as Australia, can utilize. Indeed, if Trump does usher in a new method of trading and agreements, I believe nations such as Australia would also benefit. Consider the very few things Australia cannot provide for themselves ….. then, consider the abundance of resources they have which other nations require. Why give the advantage away when it can be used to benefit the people of the nation?

      • Latitude says:

        I”ve never understood why we were the ones negotiating with one knee on the ground…

      • suyts says:

        Neither did I, Lat, neither did I. Apparently, Trump has a similar view!

      • kelly says:

        Well Australia does have a free trade deal with the US and on that one you are more protectionist than us but only by a little bit. I personally think the more free trade deals the better. We actually are one of your few surplus countries when it comes to trade so best you look after us we are in the minority. You are killing us actually when it comes to a trade surplus.

      • philjourdan says:

        The problem with the TPP was not the trade. It was the rest of it. The trade part took up 5 pages on the monstrosity. The other parts – making all members a new “EU”, were what most were against.

        Trump is correct in one respect. You negotiate with individual countries, not autocratic non-elected pseudo governments.

  3. kelly says:

    “Even if one doesn’t agree with all of his actions, all must acknowledge his speed and effort towards fulfilling his promises.” However I do agree with that comment.

  4. ‘Speed and effort.’

    Politician bad. Businessman good.

  5. philjourdan says:

    I agree it is refreshing, and so far so good. His executive orders have in essence countermanded Obama’s. I just hope that is all he uses them for.

  6. Latitude says:

    Every morning it’s more good news…this is hysterical!!

    Trump just told the president of Mexico to not come for a visit if he’s not willing to pay for the wall…

    The back handed on this is….we send around $1/2 trillion to Mexico each year…
    deficits, remittances, aid, government programs…..etc
    Mexico makes more money on remittances than they do on oil and gas!
    irony?……Obama just gave Mexico $75 million for Mexico to build a wall

    Just stopping some of that…would pay for 50 walls!!

    • Imagine where’d we be without that transfer of wealth. And with that which went to OPEC.
      Not to mention all the other giveaways.

      • Latitude says:

        ..and the drug trade

        Drugs put billions into the Mexican economy too.

        Build a wall, and they are cut off on all fronts. wonder they don’t want a wall, their government would actually have to do something

        • Something like, admit that they can’t.

        • cdquarles says:

          That’s because we and others were dumb enough to criminalize a vice. Legalize them, the ‘black market’ prices go down. But, but, but that’ll mean more addiction? Nope. What it will mean is that we won’t have made criminals out of people who weren’t really criminals. Focus our efforts on the actual harms, which are related to intoxication.

        • It’s coming, slowly.

        • >>
          But, but, but that’ll mean more addiction? Nope.

          Heh. You don’t need to legalize heroin. The Seattle liberals don’t enforce the drug laws, and we have a heroin epidemic. Plus crime is rising. When you’re lax on enforcement, all crime goes up. It happens every time it’s tried. Can it be linked to legalizing marijuana in this state? Maybe.


        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Crimes committed to support drug use, or in the act of using should still be enforced, of course. Stealing is still stealing. Driving drunk is still driving drunk.

          Do I like that prohibition doesn’t work? No. But I like less the $billions that believing it can, is draining from our systems.

        • >>
          Do I like that prohibition doesn’t work?

          Well, it’s an interesting argument. I used to hold that position. I used to argue about legalizing drugs with a relative who was a high ranking official in DEA. We’d always agree to disagree. Since then, I have moderated on my position.

          Does prohibition stop everyone? No. Does it stop some? Yes. What’s a drug free life worth? You can apply that same argument to crime in general. Does making stealing illegal stop everyone? Should we stop enforcing theft laws, because it doesn’t completely stop all theft crimes?


        • There’s always gonna be negatives. But it’s going to continue, legally or not. I’ve come to accept that it’s time to control it, regulate it, tax it. I’d rather see it create more Anheuser-Buschs than Pablo Escobars.

        • Latitude says:

          Mexican drug money is financing our political machine too..has to be
          There’s no other explanation for it.
          There’s no way that amount of drugs is coming into this country..and they are not aware of where when and how….and with their blessings

          Just the volume alone, each day….has to be running up and down the highways in 18 wheelers

        • Cleaning that up, and a wall, could help. But, someone will find ways to get it here, or produce more here. That may already be happening more than we realize.

          But, maybe we give a more secure border a chance, before outright legalization.

        • I used to be a smoker–a carton a week. I can truly say that it’s easier to quit smoking if you’ve never started. And smoking isn’t nearly as addicting as heroin. I just remember how the government treated smokers–medically. It was our own fault, we’d be a major cost to the health system, and so on. They failed to mention the taxes we’ve been paying into the system for years.

          The money whores have noticed how much is coming into the coffers after legalizing marijuana in Washington. I think all drugs are next–except for smoking which will probably made illegal. How much responsibility will the ruined lives be on society? How much is it going to cost? It’s going to be a fun experiment–for some. It’ll be too bad for others.

          And don’t think legalization will stop organized crime. It might stop the gangs.


        • leftinflagstaff says:

          I think it’s time to accept the overriding issue: the cartels, government involvement and corruption, crime committed to support it, all of it, only exists because millions of people want to use. Don’t see that changing.

          Why not legitimize it, tax it absurdly, bring the money back under our control, not people who’ll cut your head off. Money for treatment, and countless other needs.

          Didn’t we learn anything from alcohol?

        • >>
          Didn’t we learn anything from alcohol?

          Did we?

          Many want to legalize all drugs. I don’t think it will be the panacea that’s claimed. As I said, it will be a fun experiment as long as I’m not the one who has to pay for it.

          So far, marijuana legalization hasn’t cost me anything. I noticed that driving under the influence is becoming a greater issue (and alcohol sales are down).


        • I think we’re paying for it now. Law enforcement. Incarceration. Treatment. When it could pay for all that itself.

  7. Latitude says:

    Corrupt Mexican president cancels meeting with Trump…
    …peso crashed

  8. Latitude says:

    Trump argument bolstered: Clinton could have received 800,000 votes from noncitizens, study finds

  9. Latitude says:

    Build the wall…..the Mexican wall….LOL

    Financial Times: US Gives Mexico $75M Aid for an Anti-Immigrant Wall

  10. Latitude says:

    Drain the swamp…..winning!!

    Trump sets 5-year and lifetime lobbying ban for officials

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