World Freaks Out As Trump Tells Obvious Truths!!!!!


Heh!  I love this stuff!

So, much of the world is having a panic attack because of some comments Trump made, again.  It’s a strange thing, this panic attack, because most of what he stated is incredibly obvious.  (one could have come to most of these conclusions if people had read some of my earlier Suyts writings). 

Is NATO obsolete?  Well, yes, of course it is.  It was created and designed to thwart the communist Soviet expansion into Western Europe.  Sure, some believe Russia still has designs on much of the old Soviet bloc, but, I’m not convinced they do.  But, even if they did, the nature and mission of NATO would be entirely different today, than its original design.  I find Merkel’s response, well, charitably, interesting. 

“We Europeans have our fate in our own hands,” Merkel told reporters in Berlin when asked about Trump’s criticisms, adding that she will work towards getting the EU to strengthen the economy and fight terrorism.

Ya think?  I’ve written this a few times, before, so I’m left with the impression someone on Trump’s team has read Suyts!  But, Trump hit the nail on the head, especially in the context of the EU/NATO.  Here’s part of his comments that people are freaked out about ……

“It’s obsolete, first because it was designed many, many years ago,” Trump said in the Bild version of the interview. “Secondly, countries aren’t paying what they should” and NATO “didn’t deal with terrorism.” The Times quoted Trump saying that only five NATO members are paying their fair share. ……..

Quoted in German by Bild from a conversation held in English, Trump predicted that Britain’s exit from the EU will be a success and portrayed the EU as an instrument of German domination designed with the purpose of beating the U.S. in international trade. For that reason, Trump said, he’s fairly indifferent to whether the EU stays together, according to Bild.

Yes, that was the purpose of the EU.  It was to be an economic bloc for the purpose of competing against the US.

I’ve long stated that much of Europe’s interests are shared with the US interests.  I generally put in the term as Western Civilization to include a few other countries around the world.  And, when common interests are threatened, and the acts of the threat are grave enough, and the weight of the interests are significant enough, then, and only then, does a military alliance make any sense. 

But, when a quasi-nation unites to compete with the US, it no longer makes sense that the US would fund the defense of the quasi-nation.  There’s nothing to freak out about.  The US spends hundreds of $billions a year on defense spending.  Want to compete economically?  Then, they have to kick in their fair share for the common defense.  Else it’s not competing, it’s sucking on the teats, benefiting from the free milk, while the American taxpayer/worker/consumer takes a high hard one up the …….. well, you get the imagery.

In the past, I’ve documented the EU’s attacks on American companies trying to do business in the EU, while their judgments benefited EU companies.  Now, this is fine.  The people of Europe have a perfect right to do so.  But, it cannot be that the unemployed or underemployed American worker is still obliged to pay for the defense of a land which just cost him a livelihood. 

Some other things Trump stated ……

With Merkel facing an unprecedented challenge from the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany as she seeks a fourth term this fall, Trump was asked whether he’d like to see her re-elected. He said he couldn’t say, adding that while he respects Merkel, who’s been in office for 11 years, he doesn’t know her and she has hurt Germany by letting “all these illegals” into the country.  ….   ….he reserved some of his most dismissive remarks for the EU and Merkel, whose open-border refugee policy he called a “catastrophic mistake.”

I think it is without question that Merkel’s decision to allow all of those refugees/invaders into Germany and the rest of Europe was a catastrophic mistake.  From the crime waves to the economic disasters which are occurring, to the political ramifications, it was a catastrophic mistake, unless, of course, you have the perspective of a Islamic jihadist, in which case, you may think this was pretty cool. 

Of course, there were some unintended consequences, which may turn out to be pretty cool ……

In contrast, Trump praised Britons for voting in 2016 to leave the EU. People and countries want their own identity and don’t want outsiders coming in to “destroy it,” he said. The U.K. is smart to leave the bloc because the EU “is basically a vehicle for Germany,” the Times quoted Trump as saying.

“If you ask me, more countries will leave,” he said.

Trump told the Times that he plans to quickly pursue a trade deal with the U.K. after taking office and will meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May soon.

Well, I think very soon a couple of important EU nations will have this very discussion, politically.  I believe the people of France and Italy are very seriously considering an EU exit.  The UK dashed the future plans of the EU, though, they weren’t entirely in the EU in that they never adopted the Euro.  However, both Italy and France have.  I believe if France goes, the whole thing ends.  I also believe this would be a very good thing for the people across Europe.  I don’t know if the majority of the people of Germany are ready to exit the EU, but, I believe there is a significant number of Germans ready and wanting to leave. 

I would also like to note the statement that Trump plans to “quickly pursue a trade deal with the UK” …… to contrast with Obama’s threat to put the Brits in the “back of the queue” for trade deals.  Turns out, Zero still doesn’t know WTF he’s babbling about. 

Trump stated a lot more than just these few examples, but, it’s great to have people freaking out about the statements.  It’s like someone just spoke some reality to people still believing in unicorns and pixie dust! 

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29 Responses to World Freaks Out As Trump Tells Obvious Truths!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    LOL…..I love it when you’re on a roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you know…..globalization is trickle down economics….which all the libs say doesn’t work

    And you have to just love Merkel giving advice…..sorta like letting the worst car mechanic work on your car

  2. DirkH says:

    “Yes, that was the purpose of the EU. It was to be an economic bloc for the purpose of competing against the US.”

    Pan EUropa movement founded 1925 by ´freemason Kalergi funded by American Jewish banker Warburg. Kalergi became first recipient of Charlemagne price of proto EU so he is accepted father of the thing.

    After 1945, Monnet promoted the proto EU, demanding it to be antidemocratic because democracy brought Hitler to power. Monnet was OSS/CIA-funded.

    German political parties like CDU and SPD got campaign funding for figureheads like Willy Brandt, who worked as terrorist for the USA in Norway during WW2, from CIA again. Excuse me that’s PARTISAN, not terrorist. I confuse that all the time.

    All across the EU, CIA/NATO operated the GLADIO stay-behind-army to have a means for a terror campaign should Russians roll over Europe. When Italy was about to turn communist in late 1970ies, GLADIO was activated to run some terror attacks blamed on the Brigada Rosso, shifting public opinion against the communists. Connected to this, the Braband massacres in Belgium, and the Oktoberfest bombing in Munich killing 60 or so.

    So I don’t know where ANYONE gets the idea that the EU is anything else but a USA/NWO-controlled, explicitly and purposely antidemocratic entity. Also, NATO is *entirely* and *always* under the command of a US general, the “secretary” is only a figurehead for the cameras. Currently that general is I think still a Mr. Breedlove.

    And of course, the EU was always the grand prototype for nation destruction by the NOVO ORDO SECLUROM / NWO types. (Messianic jews / Frankists / Fabian Socialists like H G Wells with his Shape Of Things To Come)

    • Leftinflagstaff says:

      Then we definitely need to stop paying for them.

      Ending the half a century of US taxpayer funded welfare on a global scale may get just as nasty as ending it domestically.

      So be it.

      • DirkH says:

        You don’t pay for it with taxes, you pay a little bit for it by printing money / accruing federal debt. That Europeans don’t run a huge taxpayer welfare program for a bloated military industrial complex that sells you overpriced crap you don’t need should be none of our problems.

        • DirkH says:

          Example: USA gets a huge free airbase , Ramstein, in central Europe. Germany pays for all operations, costs are kept hidden, I guess 2 bn a year. Ramstein is central for drone operations in ME AFAIK. The SHAEF laws are still in force or partially in force and state “Germany pays the full cost of the occupation”.

        • Leftinflagstaff says:

          It’s time it became your problem.

        • Leftinflagstaff says:

          As was said, NATO is obsolete. The nation it was designed to counter now bears closer resemblance to us than the nations it was designed to defend. At least to the ‘us we’re trying to get back to.

        • DirkH says:

          Leftinflagstaff says:
          January 16, 2017 at 6:37 pm
          “It’s time it became your problem.”

          For the last 70 years America insisted that it not be Germany’s problem to figure out how to defend itself. BTW This will require untangling the command&control structure of the German army from the American interference.

        • Yes, we certainly chose to do so. Probably something to do with crossing the Atlantic twice for two world wars in twenty years. And figuring the Russians would be a third. But, again, that was then. When we thought we could afford to do whatever we wanted to do, forever.
          Ours needs are different now.

    • DirkH says:

      I am perfectly fine with Trump cutting these ties (insofar as any ties WILL be cut. It is far more likely that behind the scenes meddling will continue. Similar to assassinations of South American politicians by CIA). But I think the reason given is that the EU is now too much of a trainwreck (caused by the inept idiots in Brussels and the idiocy of the entire undertaking from the start) for USA to still be bothered with. And I agree; USA has enough of its own problems. This is a Lastabwurf: dropping a load. Or, an Empirial Rollback. Or, harsher: The Maritime Empire is dying.

    • suyts says:

      Well, yes, Dirk, there are a lot of underhanded and hidden things which started and became EU and NATO. Still, their stated purpose was to compete with the US economically. Regardless of it’s worth or worthlessness, the US pays a huge economic price, not only for the defense of the US, but, also, many other entities, NATO being one of the bigger expenses. I have no qualms assisting for the defense of free nations and people. And, as Trump stated, there are a few nations paying their fair share. I haven’t looked at it in a while, but, that’s about what I saw when I looked. However, as we note the EU is autocratic, constraining free nations and people, the question must be asked, what are we protecting the people from, and for what? So that they don’t live in tyranny? Or, so that we can provide a greater economic advantage over us?

      BTW, the majority of the US budget is still funded by taxes paid to the government.

      • Latitude says:

        One thing we should never forget…
        Obama and the democrats were crazy nuts about us becoming “more Europe”
        What we have to remember is that Europe and the US are coming from two different places.
        For the most part, European countries have a history of being ruled….we started out as a free country
        Socialism is popular in Europe because it’s a step up for them…when they push socialism, or any of it’s forms…it sounds good to them
        …it’s a major step down for us

        • 1LeftCreative says:

          Their socialism has only survived this long because it’s on our dime. Paying most of their defense budget just being one example.

        • suyts says:

          I’m really sorry it took so long to approve this comment. Sorry.

        • Leftinflagstaff says:

          Their socialism has only survived this long because it’s on our dime. Paying their defense budget is just one example.

          James–you can ignore that comment in ‘Moderation’…. wrong name entry…

  3. philjourdan says:

    I agree with you about NATO. But it is like any government organization. Long after it has served the purpose it was created to serve, politicians feel a need to perpetuate it. I do not agree that the EU is a German manifestation. I do believe it is designed to do as you say, but designed by the globalists is many of the European nations.

  4. TG says:

    Nato has tried to keep the (expensive) free ride going since the demise of the Soviet union. The Nato war hawks have done everything in their power to prod the Russian bear into an anti west stance. The west have blown a great opportunity to have a peaceful coexistence with Russia, I be-leave it could have been a successful partnership, now Trump and Putin can hopefully start the fence mending. The war hawks and globalist hate this Idea. Our true enemy is Islam and the Chinese expansion in the south china sea!

    • Latitude says:

      100%…..TG you can’t have a good globalization…without a good enemy
      The EU has been ginning up the threat of Russia to unite European countries into the EU..

    • Correct. You just forgot to include most of the EU and half of America as our true enemies. Anywhere that the Left dominates.

    • suyts says:

      Yes, yes, and yes!!!!

      TG, yes, the West blew it. Why? Well, we can conjecture, but, it is as Lat stated …..we all have to have an enemy, else, we can’t be manipulated. Orwell’s “1984” puts it quite well.

      Leftin, it is a strange thing, today. The leftists have actually put to us a REAL question. It is, globalism vs nationalism. This should be a series of posts, but, for now, …… it’s a beautiful question which leads to a couple of more questions.

      I’m a nationalist, but, I don’t believe in imposing my American views on other nations nor their people. I believe true competition will tell the tale. And, I’m content leaving it there, assuming there are no radical lunatics working towards ending said competition. But, that’s all just fantasy. Yeh, there’s probably a book to write on this!

      • ‘It is, globalism vs nationalism.’

        And that’s all it is. All the other labels are obsolete. Dem and Repub. Lib and conservative.
        That was our father’s politics.

        ‘I believe true competition will tell the tale.’

        Yep. Seems that I recall we were more influential globally, when were more nationalist.

      • Latitude says:

        competition….and they have been practicing crony capitalism on a global scale

        • cdquarles says:

          Yes, but we should not conflate competitors with competition. In a free market, competition is everything you can do as an actor in the market, which includes doing nothing for the moment. The trouble comes when there is force and/or fraud interfering with the natural price seeking mechanism.

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