This Season’s Top Meme As We Watch The NFL Post Season —- Open Thread!!!!



Well, I’m watching football …… sort of, the Dolphins didn’t perform very well today.  But, I had this funny meme and thought I’d share.

It occurs to me that Dallas may have drawn the short stick by winning home-field advantage during the playoffs.  They’re going to play the winner of the G.B./N.Y. game.  Being a Dallas fan, I’d much rather face either Seattle or Atlanta.  Rogers is on fire and NY beat Dallas twice.  Oh well, it’s the path that makes success so much more meaningful.

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15 Responses to This Season’s Top Meme As We Watch The NFL Post Season —- Open Thread!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Didn’t watch any games today….but

    I’m watching Trump’s facebook page…..liberals are a hoot!….and have no idea what they are saying.

    Trump’s illegitimate, Clinton won the popular vote…
    …Trump’s smarter than Clinton
    Clinton is a career politician, spent enough money to buy Mexico…hired the best from the democrat party….and didn’t campaign for the electoral

    Trump and Russia….
    Hillary tried the exact same thing and stupendously failed…and managed to insult Russia at the same time…with her Toys R Us reset button
    If Hillary had succeeded, we would be best friends with Russia right now

    Build the wall…….taxpayers are going to pay for it
    We send $60 billion to Mexico each year…that’s our deficit…stop that and it will more than pay for the wall

    ..and then the rest of the liberal stuff….cussing, threatening, demanding….letting everyone know why they didn’t vote for them

  2. Me says:

    Yep, now it’s Russia, back in the day it was the Soviet Union! 😆

    • Latitude says:

      …and don’t forget…Obama will have a lot more wiggle room after the election

      I was just corrected…..we send Mexico around $1/2 trillion each year.
      Deficit, remittances, and aid
      Obama just gave Mexico $75 million for them to build a wall on their southern border…
      …so they can do exactly what they are screaming at us about
      Keep out people that are kidnapping, torturing, murdering, burning people alive, and cutting peoples heads off.
      We’re panicked about ISIS coming here….and what we have to our south is no different

  3. So, Dems are outraged about Russian hacking AND…about someone voting having to show ID. It all makes so much sense.

  4. >>
    They’re going to play the winner of the G.B./N.Y. game.

    GB’s going to be a tough nut to crack for Dallas.

    I went to the Seahawk game Saturday. It was warmer than they forecasted; it was dryer than they forecasted (the forecast was for snow and freezing rain); and the good Seahawks showed up for the game. We had a great time, and we’re not too deaf or hoarse.

    If the Seahawks win the Atalanta game (won’t be an easy win) and GB wins, then it’s back to Seattle. Oops.


  5. philjourdan says:

    So far, no surprises. As much as everyone was trying to tell me the Raiders had a chance….

    Well, they were the best of the losers I guess. Still, Cook has some work to do. But he got a lot of good experience this weekend. If he learns from it, he will be a good asset for the Raiders. But it was Houston.

    I do not see anything stopping the Cowboys Patriots Superbowl. A thoroughly distasteful one. But all the more reason to boycott it. And as much as I dislike both teams, they have earned it.

    If there is an upset next weekend, I think KC is the most likely. But Dallas the second most likely. GB was impressive.

  6. suyts says:

    GB is going to be hard. However, the Giants showed how it can be done. They just forgot to execute in the last part of the game. That 1st 1/2 hail mary should have never happened. How do you get 6 defenders to be out of position and mistime a jump all at the same time? …… the key to Rogers is contain, contain, contain. When he dances out of danger is when he’s going to do damage. The Giants w/o the Cramartie (plus other names guy) has a sub-par defensive backfield. Watch the 6th d-back for Dallas, Heath. He’s a hitter.

    I despised the game plan the Raiders coaches put together for Cook. It seemed every play in the 1st qtr was telegraphed, perfectly choreographed for an unexperienced qb. I knew when they were going to run and when they were going to try a screen. If I knew, so did Houston. And, they should have put McGloin in in the 2nd half when they still had time.

    I’m looking forward to the KC/Pitt game. I think it will be a good one! I really like watching Bell run the ball. And, that kid for KC can fly! Both teams have an aggressive defense with some hard hitting linebackers! I think KC will get them, if coach Reid doesn’t screw it up with his late game play calling. He likes to slow it down in the 2nd half if he has a lead. You can’t let up against Pitt, they have too many weapons.

    If Seattle were playing in Seattle, I’d pick them. They’re not. I’ll be rooting for them, but, Ryan and Jones are pretty darn good with a pretty darn good supporting cast. Seattle seems to find a decent offense when they’re playing against some pretty “undynamic” defenses. While Atlanta’s isn’t anything to write home about, they’re offense can be overwhelming. But, if Seattle shows up and they’re running game continues, it could be a great game to watch!

    I’m probably not going to watch the Houston/NE game. It’ll be a good warmup for Brady and team.

    • philjourdan says:

      Well, not much disagreement there on the past weekend. Although I have to wonder why so many Dallas/patriots fans (and I got a 2fer in the office!) sought to talk up the Raiders? Granted the plays were telegraphed, but that is how you break in a new QB. It was his first game. McGLoin could not have done any better because he lacks the talent.

      What we are witnessing here (with the Cowboys and Patriots hell bent on a SB matchup, Trump winning, Brexit, Le Pen, etc.) is the coming of Zule! Yes, we are going to have cats and dogs laying down together! Or so the Patboy fan says. 🙂

      KC will probably win. But they are no match for NE. And Houston is just plain no match for anyone. But Dallas may not make it. Depending upon how they do this weekend, I may pick them, but Dak is just untested in high pressure games. He is their future QB, but needs some experience first. An ironic matchup (and much prefered by me) would be Falcons/Chiefs as those are the only 2 teams (I do not count Denver) to beat the Raiders. And I have nothing personally against either.

      I guess in a week we will be comparing some more notes.

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