Don Lemon Doesn’t Think Kidnapping and Torture Is Evil, While WaPo Considers This A Convergence Of “Trump Narratives”


I don’t typically spend too much time on events such as this, and, I won’t on this one, but, perhaps I should.

By now, most people remotely aware of current events know about the horrid kidnapping and torture of a disabled White guy by four Black young adults. 

It’s difficult to understand the depths of depravity some supposed humans can sink to.  But, once you understand there are some people out there who really shouldn’t be classified as human, then, you can understand all you need to understand.

I suppose because the young animals shouted “F— Trump”, one couldn’t escape the natural knee-jerk reaction of the leftist media politicizing it. 

Seriously, Lemon said he doesn’t think it’s “evil”.  You can watch the video here.  It’s worth watching because one of his guests, after doing the obligatory denouncing of the actions, immediately went about politicizing the incident.  WaPo obliged us with this headline ……

Washington Post Verified account @washingtonpost

Pro-Trump narratives converge in one awful attack streamed on Facebook

Personally, I blame leftism and our leftist media.  This is the classic response you will get when indoctrinated by their madness. 

First, and foremost, the leftist media de-humanizes anyone opposed to leftism.  Just look at the wild caricatures the left paints of people on the right.  This is why all those hoax hate crimes were so evidently hoaxed.  No one on the right threatens to light someone on fire if they don’t take off their head scarfs.  But, the people indoctrinated by the leftarded bs believed the caricatures, so they thought they could get away with a sort of “false flag” attempt. 

Essentially, the 4 youths of the video infamy have heard nothing but, ‘F— whitey’ for their entire lives.  And, clearly, we have people in the media more than happy to even blame the White guy for this event.  Is anyone surprised this happened when you’ve raised children to hate certain types of people?  From what little I’ve heard from the video, the youth’s simply paraphrased and mimicked the leftist media. 

No, this isn’t to excuse these vermin.  They are one of the reasons why I fully believe we should re-introduce corporal punishment to our legal system.  Simple lengthy prison terms are not sufficient.  I would say they should be taught this sort of action is vile and evil, but, I think if they’re this vile at this age, they’re not going to learn any other way than experiencing it themselves. 

But, why didn’t they know this was evil already?

This brings me to my second point.  And, all that I need to say is “leftism” is why they don’t already know.

I could go from point to point, but, I’ll just lay out a few examples and the readers can chime in more if they wish.  Ardent leftism tells us there is no God.  It tells us there are no absolutes in right and wrong.  We have near fully institutionalize these concepts so much as to bastardize our very Constitution to remove any references to morality or belief in God in ….. well …. all of our institutions.  We’ve taken it all out of our schools and text books, and attack the few moral institutions we have left in our nation.  The left relishes and celebrates single parent families and rewards them.  They fully approve, condone, and encourage strangers raising our children, (as long as they don’t teach morality while they are raising our children.)

Now, here’s something to ponder.  These idiots thought it was okay to live-stream this barbarism on FB and that’s how they got caught.  I know, for fact, that even worse acts of barbarism in a similar vein have occurred.  How many more have happened that weren’t live-streamed on FB?

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57 Responses to Don Lemon Doesn’t Think Kidnapping and Torture Is Evil, While WaPo Considers This A Convergence Of “Trump Narratives”

  1. Just like Israelis/Palestinians, our two- state solution is never gonna work. We all must become one type of person or the other.

  2. Latitude says:

    This is one of those things that I can’t think of what to say…
    Ok, I can think of plenty to say…but wordpress would not let me

    ..and the fact that all these people, for some reason, did not want to call it a hate crime

    ok…I thought of something

    This truly is the liberal mantra in all it’s glory. Only liberals can talk about black people like they are all in poverty, they have all been kept back…they are all discriminated against.
    No they are not….black people have every opportunity that everyone else has today.

    It’s not the color of someone’s skin…’s their class, culture??, whatever

    Someone with nappyass dreadlocks halfway down their back….pierced and tattooed…that only speaks ghetto ebonics……… never going to be president of IBM

    Who’s fault is that?…..I honestly don’t give a flying damn anymore

    • C’mon Lat. We’re white America. We were born with the responsibility to bear the burden of the actions of other skin colors. Beating up the disabled, bringing a child illegally across a border. We did that. I think it has something to do with the actions of people who lived long before we were born, but share our skin color.

      I think it’s now a Constitutional Amendment. I’ll take a look.

    • cdquarles says:

      Lat, I don’t like calling any crime a hate crime. A crime is a crime. What does hate have to do with it? Why grease the skids for Sharia wearing a different label?

      • Yes. But as ‘Big Brother’ as it is, laws have now created it, and set punishment for it. Until it’s done away with, it must be applied equally to all.

      • Latitude says:

        I agree, and it’s a slippery slope…
        …but we didn’t start this crap either

        When you use racial slurs and threats, which they did, it’s a hate crime.

        What really pisses me off is where is the outrage from the knock out game?…a bunch of black trash sneaking up behind white people…and seeing if they can kill them of put them in the hosp with one hit

      • philjourdan says:

        Most crimes are hate crimes (real crimes, not jaywalking). The ones that are not are the ones to really worry about because it shows a complete lack of any concept of right and wrong.

  3. philjourdan says:

    The left is becoming unhinged and the hatred is all on them. As I said before, we cannot respond in kind. But we can shine the light on their evil.

  4. cdquarles says:

    They *are* teaching morality. Morality is judging the value of thoughts and decisions and actions as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ [Confirming the Word, by the way, for they shall become a gods, knowing Good and Evil; just not the same way He That Is knows them]. That’s why leftism in any form is an ideological thing that will become a religion (a dogma taken as true by faith + rituals). The tenets of this one is inverted from Judaism (God + the law of Moses) and Christianity (God + the new Covenant) that accepts Sharia but won’t call it that. [I know folk that want to call Islam an Abrahamaic thing, but as far as I can tell, Allah is nothing like YHWH and more like Lucifer, I’d say, so I reject that premise.]

    Thought for today is one I’ve mentioned before. For those of you who are too young to know what life was like under Jim Crow, guess what. You’re living it now under a different label/brand name.

    • Me says:

      Freedom, is something none of what they teach, all they teach is to serve and obey or hell!

      • Me says:

        Looks like this young socially challenged man had to go through. And ya know, sometimes, when it continues and continues there will be a stop point and is isn’t going to be nice anymore.

      • cdquarles says:

        Not sure I’m following you, but there is nothing in Judaism or Christianity that doesn’t teach freedom. You have a free choice, to sin or not. He that Is set the standard. It is up to each free actor (human, corporal or angel, incorporal) to accept Him or not. Rejecting Him, is rejecting existence and reality. That’s evil, and He that Is cannot abide that, logically; so that’s the way it is. God does not send anyone to Hell. Those that go there went willingly, using their freedom.

    • philjourdan says:

      @CD – Very true. As I have said, the racism of the liberals has not gone away, just taken different forms.

  5. DirkH says:

    Interestingly the leftist media nails their own coffin with their attempt of belittling. They are self-defeating and they should have learned that after Hillary got the boot. But didn’t. And, that Don Lemon is a highly paid operative; he should have enough brain cells to get it, but doesn’t. This will just get them nowhere but out.

    Very similar occurence from Germany: Cologne had 1500 cops protecting their NYE party at the dome from about 1000 “North Africans” who interestingly arrived there AGAIN to do what they did last year. Word is that not many Germans actually went there because, who wants a party surrounded by police? Well anyway. They sorted people into two crowds based on whether they were “North African” illegals; then Green party operatives and media decried racial profiling, then the police denied it was racial profiling and everyone told the Greens and the media to STFU. Again, the marxist operatives had it cominig and they knew it yet they just couldn’t keep their mouth shut. They just WANT to virtue-signal SO much – where virtue signalling for them means, everything that helps destroy the white countries is virtuous.

  6. tom0mason says:

    So many are locked into the echo-chamber of modern personal communication. One false word, one innuendo and the Facebook rumor-mill can fire-up, creating a modern day witch hunt. In days gone-by a rumor would take hours, days, or weeks to run its course through a community. This slower pace allowed more measured voices of reason to be heard. Too often these days a violent personality can and will be fired-up and willing to break the law and wreck lives at the touch of a screen.
    Where are the voices of the critical thinkers, where are the level-headed wise ones, the spiritual leaders that could control such deranged idiocy? Is society decaying so fast that this bestial behavior can be tolerated, captured on video for nothing more than the titillation of the mis-educated, drug-addled many, and for the perpetrators to advertise their wicked barbaric thuggery? With no apparent law and order, will people allow what civilization is left to be so easily lost? Or is this where we have arrived? A modern day version of the Roman ‘bread and circuses’ — of government handouts and touchscreen violence.

  7. Me says:

    Now James, you must footage on Don lemon critising water boarding?

  8. Latitude says:

    The shooting at Ft Lauderdale airport…
    They news is reporting he acted alone…
    …If the cops caught him, in baggage claim, when he ran out of bullets…
    …how did those people get shot in the parking garage?

  9. Latitude says:

    I think Tony’s blog is getting one of those DOS attack things….

  10. kim2ooo says:

    This was all started because – Washington Post didn’t find THEIR own story about Muslims in New Jersey cheering / celebrating on 9/11. They had called Mr Trump a liar.

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