Phishing Or Hacked? And Election Fallout!!!


Well, here’s a You.Gov poll recently released.  (pdf)   By all means, scroll through it.  Most of it is mundane stuff, in which the responses are entirely predictable. 

Now,  typically on polls, I’d pick through and highlight the dishonesty as to how it was represented or how the questions were skewed to get a desired response.  And, yes, this poll is no exception.  But, some of this stuff leaves me scratching my head.  But, we’re still talking about the election and stuff, so, I’ll focus on that. 

One of the big issues Trump was elected on was the promise to repeal Zerocare.  The left wailed about this and are still wailing and gnashing their teeth and whatnot.  “Think about the poor people!!!!!”, they said.  Care to venture why so many of the working poor lined up with that rich guy?


Yes, in only the income category of $100k or more do the majority believe it was either a success or neutral.  What part did they not get about people being tired of elitist leftards telling us what is and isn’t good for us?  BTW, look at the representation distribution on that part. 

And, then, there’s the latest, or most reoccurring idiocy of fake news …… the “hacking of the election”. 

Now, as to how the DNC and other were accessed, I’m not sure, but, a huge source of emails which may have swayed some of the election was from John Podesta’s email account.  He victimized himself from a phishing expedition.  Now, some people will say there’s no distinction between phishing and hacking.  I disagree.  In my view, a hack is when someone forcibly intrudes into someone else’ computer.  Phishing is only successful if the compromised person gives access or information for access to some other party.  There’s a difference, and there lies many IT careers in gulf between.  Now, after reading a couple of other sites, I tend to agree that there should be another category between phishing and hacking victims, that is to what happened with Hillary’s home-brew idiocy.  If Yahoo’s email system is more secure than what you’ve had set up, then, that’s a special sort of stupid which can hardly be categorized. 

Now, for many, probably tens of millions if not into the hundred million, the above paragraph is a moot discussion, because they, themselves are a special sort of stupid.


I mean, other than the fact that no one has even alleged this, and the Dim president even got up and said there’s absolutely no indication this may have happened, we have 52% of the Dims believing this absolutely happened or probably happened.  Now, sure, the fake news site, CNN, is having a go with a play on words, “election hacking”, but, …….. well, we see how many inform themselves with simply reading headlines. 

Well, sure, the poor leftards had other things to do at the moment, like going to find some safe space to hug it out or play with playdough or Crayons, and whatnot, so, there’s that reason to not investigate beyond the headlines with something so important as the integrity of our elections.

But, let’s put this in a nutshell, for some poor soul who may not understand what happened.

I have seen absolutely zero proof the Russian government was involved in the compromised emails.  None, whatsoever.  In a couple of cases, apparently, whoever got the emails used code developed in Russia for said purposes.  However, the code is available on line, so it could have been anyone from anywhere for any purpose.

Regardless of who did it and why, what happened is that someone found themselves in possession of emails which demonstrated the way the upper echelon in the Dim party and Clinton campaign conducted business.  All that the phishers, hackers, or whatever did was to inform the American public about the on-goings of these people.  —–  And, it looked horrible. 

Now, there are a few, too damned few, but a few people on the left who wish to hold the people exposed accountable for their misdeeds, lies, and whatnot.  But, for the most part, rather than confront the contents of the emails, the left would rather scream about the source of the email release.  I find this rather odd.  I wonder what the reaction of the rank-and-file Repubs would have if a release of emails would show similar misconduct in the upper echelon of the Repub party and team Trump?  My guess is we’d have a 3rd party tomorrow. 

The problem with the people exposed is that they thought they’d never have their emails public.  This brings a pertinent quote or two to mind.

The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out. ~Thomas Babington Macaulay

Character is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that’s right is to get by, and the only thing that’s wrong is to get caught. ~J.C. Watts

Further, when considering our friends on the left, I can’t help but think of this quote.  It explains much of their actions and advocacy …….

I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am. ~Joseph Baretti, quoted by James Boswell, 1766 (commonly misattributed to Samuel Johnson)

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22 Responses to Phishing Or Hacked? And Election Fallout!!!

  1. cdquarles says:

    Strictly speaking, what people misuse in the word hack would be more properly called a crack. Thing is, though, that the DNC and HRC’s stuff simply was an open door, either through phishing or other ‘social engineering’ techniques or simply not understanding the fact that the internet is a broadcast network, like the old radio-repeating telephones that morphed into the current cellular radio-telephones. I’ve known that anything broadcast in the US does not have an ‘expectation of privacy’ when broadcast in the clear. That’s been the policy for 80+ years. Anyone who ever got an FCC transmitter’s license knew it, back when I got one for radio-telemetry controlled aircraft and for citizens band two-way voice. I’ve been online for 30+ years. I did have some such expectation when using direct copper twisted pair access to a remotely accessible server (Apple Online, The Source, CompuServe, Prodigy, my locally hosted BBS). The internet? Nope. The internet is a packet switched, *store and forward* protocol driven network of networks. Unless encrypted, anyone anywhere can record any packet that crosses their routers at any time and archive it forever. In other words, the Internet never forgets.

  2. cdquarles says:

    Oh, let us not forget. We’ve seen this movie before. Climategate, for example, is one such incident. That leak was also claimed to have been a hack, er crack. That the emails were genuine was not disputed. How they got released was the bone of contention. Then they followed that with, ‘Hacked, hacked, hacked; so don’t evaluate the email’s contents or that of Harry’s readme.txt.

    • Scott says:

      Exactly what I was thinking!

      Let’s face it–having supposedly private stuff being leaked sucks for the original writers. But for the people reading it to dismiss what was written because of “hack!” is preposterous.


  3. Leftinflagstaff says:

    If there was no such thing as Russians, it would be someone, or something, else. They’ll never accept that their ideology failed on it’s own. They had this won by mid-summer.

    And exacerbated by who won. The guy most counter to their ideology. A Pro-American. A Jeb or a Marco probably wouldn’t demand such a need for a Putin villain.

  4. Latitude says:

    This Russian hacking is so bad that its almost like government officials should be required by law to use a secure server…

  5. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
    The password was “PASSWORD”.

  6. kim2ooo says:

    I believe it was “LEAKED” …from “WITHIN” – not hacked.

  7. philjourdan says:

    The myth of a bunch of tech weenies sitting in some dark warehouse trying to penetrate systems to steal information is just that – a myth. By far, the greatest threat to the hackers (crackers) is social engineering – to the tune of 80% of breaches are caused by insiders! Some of that is merely revenge, but the great majority is the pHishing expeditions. A good hacker (cracker) is not some tech weenie with a super computer. It is a Gucifer that merely gets an insider to open the doors. So yes, phishing is hacking (cracking). And the most common form of it.

    But for the remaining 20%, the ones that succeed are those that you never know about. People are still trying to figure out where Stuxnet came from (there are lots of opinions, but no hard facts). Russia is not going to tell everyone what they have or have not done, either in the news, or via signatures. Love him or hate him, right now, the most knowledgeable person is Assange. And he is adamant in his statement. I am sure Russia HAD the same information as the hackers, but they intended to use it for national gain, not headlines. It takes a special kind of stupid to attribute your own stupidity to those of your opponents. But the left is famous for doing just that.

  8. Establishment government wetting it’s pants over it being increasingly difficult to keep secrets from us.

  9. Cities are seceding like Southern states before the Lincoln inauguration. Guess how we got them back. It wasn’t by cutting federal funds.

  10. Latitude says:

    So Murdoch puts Tucker in Megan’s slot….

    Even Murdoch knows where the money’s going to be.

    • DirkH says:

      At this point, CFR/Murdoch can only go along. They tried their best and failed.

      • Latitude says:

        She’s going to bomb at NBC…
        She could hide behind FOX and get some conservative credibility by being there…
        …she lose all of that at NBC

        Just another flaming liberal.

  11. kim2ooo says:

    NARCISSISM- When you award yourself a Medal for Public Service and act like someone else awarded it to you.

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