Last Regular Season NFL Picks!!!!

Well, it’s a full day of NFL football!  I didn’t pick last week because so many games were not played on Sunday.  This week, all the games are played on Sunday!  Unfortunately, because it’s the last week of the regular season, many of the games don’t hold any meaning to the teams playing.  How do you pick games which hold no real meaning?

(8-7-0) Ravens  Case in point.  Doesn’t matter if the Ravens win or lose, they’re not making the post season.  Same for the Bengals.  I’m picking the Ravens ……

(5-9-1) Bengals


(9-6-0) Texans  The Texans have clinched the division title, regardless of the outcome of this game. 

(8-7-0) Titans


(6-9-0) Panthers

(8-7-0) Buccaneers  The Buccs are still technically in the playoff hunt ……. sort of.  Here’s what has to happen for them to get there ….. The Bucs could miraculously earn a wild-card spot with a win + WAS tie + DET win + TEN win + IND win + DAL win + SF win.

Still I’m picking the Buccs.


(1-14-0) Browns

(10-5-0) Steelers  If the Browns manage to lose, they’ll have the #1 pick sown up!!!!


(13-2-0) Cowboys  I guess I’ll pick the Boys in this meaningless game.  Dallas has home field advantage throughout, regardless of anything.  Were I the coach I would ensure Romo gets some playing time.

(6-9-0) Eagles


(7-8-0) Bills  No Ryans on the sidelines for this game ….. weird.

(4-11-0) Jets


(3-12-0) Bears

(7-8-0) Vikings  That was an epic collapse this season for the Vikes!


(3-12-0) Jaguars

(7-8-0) Colts  It’s reported that the game will be played without any defenses taking the field.


(13-2-0) Patriots  Well, I want my Dolphins to win this one, but, the playoff home field is at stake here.  The Dolphins are rolling with a backup QB, but, they do have Ajayi. 

(10-5-0) Dolphins


(11-4-0) Chiefs  If the Chiefs win, and the Raiders lose, the Chiefs can win the division and a first round bye.

(5-10-0) Chargers


(6-8-1) Cardinals  A most talented team which failed to make a serious playoff run. 

(4-11-0) Rams


(12-3-0) Raiders  I don’t know how to pick this one.  The game doesn’t mean anything for the Broncos, except they really don’t like the Raiders.  The Raiders are without their young star QB …… the Raiders can clinch the division and first round bye with a win. 

(8-7-0) Broncos


(10-5-0) Giants

(8-6-1) Redskins  The Redskins will secure the final NFC Wild Card spot with a win — if Green Bay-Detroit doesn’t end in a tie.  The game doesn’t mean much for the Giants.  So, I’m going with the Redskins.


(9-5-1) Seahawks  The Seahawks need this game to get in playoff form.  They can get a 1st round bye with a win and a Falcons loss.

(2-13-0) 49ers


(7-8-0) Saints

(10-5-0) Falcons  See above comment. 


Well, those are my picks.  What do you think?

Uhmm, apparently left out this huge game!

(9-6-0) Packers This game is all playoff implications!  The victor wins the NFC North. The loser could miss the playoffs if the Washington Redskins win earlier in the day. Both teams make the playoffs with a tie.  Of course, if the Redskins lose, then, they both would probably make it.  While the Lions play better at home, they’re simply struggling of late, and the Packers are red hot. 

(9-6-0) Lions

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7 Responses to Last Regular Season NFL Picks!!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    McGloin was as expected, so his loss does not mean much. Cook may be good in time. I am glad he has a chance to play some. But the season ended for the Raiders last week. Still, not a bad season. Hopefully we will build on it.

    • suyts says:

      I was hopeful for better play from the bu qb, and I think they still have a chance, but, the coaches are going to have to be a lot more selective in their play calling. The Raiders have a very good backfield and can be awesome if they just use them properly, which, in my estimation, they haven’t all year. They’ve relied on the easy option, just let Carr do his thing with the talented wide-outs. Well, next week, it doesn’t matter, McGloin or Cook, they’re going to have to dial up a running game. Do that, and if the D steps up, they can win. Have Cooper keep them honest with the deep route from time to time, throw to Crabtree (he can catch anything close) if it’s not there. Take care of the ball and they can win.

      Did you see Romo throw? …… I’m thinking Denver, but, maybe Arizona, Palmer didn’t look very good this year. Buffalo would probably kill for him, but, I wouldn’t wish that on him.

      • philjourdan says:

        Palmer was never a star quarterback, just a good one. Pretty much like Romo. It will be interesting to see if he goes anywhere, or just stays in the Dallas organization. I would not be surprised to see him retire instead.

        But the running game of the Raiders was due in large part to Carr opening up the defenses. No passing game, no running game. They really do not have a backup yet. However, give Cook some time, and he can develop into a good quarterback.

        The defense has some great players. Now just to build on the what they have and they will be back next year. If the Raiders had Carr, they would have easily beaten Denver. But iffs only count in fairy tales.

        I do not see a contender to the Patriots. Dallas has only half a Seattle team to worry about (which half shows up – if the good one does, Dallas is toast). That is going to be one sucky SB if those 2 teams make it.

      • suyts says:

        Cook doesn’t have time. He’s starting. ……. I would be worried about Seattle if they played in Seattle. They won’t.

        I agree, that’s the way the Raiders running game has opened up, because that’s the way the coaches scripted it. This week, they’re going to have to flip the script. I really don’t see this as a huge challenge for the Raiders. I mean, it’s the Titans. It’s not like they have a qb, either. The week after may be, but, not this week. I think they’ll win this one.

        • I think Detroit is a better team than Seattle. I doubt that Seattle will win Saturday (but I’ll be rooting for them anyway). Rogers is hot, and I don’t think NY has a chance. That means the Divisional NFC round should be DET-DAL and GB-ATL. If Seattle somehow wins Saturday, then it’s going to be a hard road for them. Atlanta isn’t going to be a cakewalk–well it might be for Atlanta.

          If GB comes to Dallas, then I see tough times for your ‘Boys.


        • suyts says:

          Jim, Detroit suffers from the same problem Seattle suffers from. They don’t play well on the road. Seattle is at home, so, I’m going with them.

        • philjourdan says:

          Texans. And the Texans have an ax to grind. I have said all season long that the Raiders were as lucky as they were good. And the Texans are POed about the Mexico City game (and I honestly think they were cheated a bit – by the refs). So I do not hold out your optimism.

          I was talking about Cook getting some playing time so in the future he can jump in and take over. Not this year. I think he is good enough to be a good backup for Carr. McGloin sure is not. I hope they play Cook just for the exposure AND because I think he is a better QB than McGloin. But this is not the Raider’s year. Still, after 14 years, the Raiders – A) Have a winning record (and it would have been the 3rd best if not for the injury) and B) made the playoffs.

          Next year, C) Win the Division and then D) The Superbowl. I can dream. 😉

          But Dallas does not have to worry about Seattle just yet. They have to worry about the NY Giants. Remember, Eli’s 2 rings have come when they got to the playoffs as Wild Cards, and THEN beat the Patriots both times. So I am hoping this is ring 3 (the competition between him and Peyton goes beyond sibling rivalry).

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