It’s Official! Trump Gets Electoral College Majority!


There’s more to say on this, but, I thought I’d keep it simple and sweet.  Done deal.  Now, you idiot leftards, deal with it. 

Look, I don’t mind an honest and loyal opposition.  It’s what many of us Americans did/do while president Zero is in office. 

As I was instructed by some idiot racist leftards from MTV not to use the word “woke”, I thought I’d ask the opposition to at least be woke to what’s happening around the country and the world as you go about your opposition.  Quit believing everything you’re fed.  It makes you look ridiculous.

While there have been some very serious events today, (thoughts and prayers for the loved ones of the people massacred today) I thought I’d also share a feel-good event from last night.

Dallas Cowboy rookie running back phenom scored a touchdown last night, and then did something I’ve never seen or heard of before ………


He jumped into the big Salvation Army kettle!!!!!!

Now, a fine from the NFL was expected because of the excessive celebration.  Elliot stated that he would match the fine with a donation to the Salvation Army.  The NFL stated there would be no fine.  Elliot says he’s going to donate anyway.  Also ……

“We’ve seen an $80,000 increase in digital donations since the touchdown versus this time last week,” the Salvation Army’s Lt. Col. Ron Busroe told CNBC. That brings the total raised in 24 hours to $180,971. Many of the donations are coming in the form of $21 — Elliott’s jersey number.


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25 Responses to It’s Official! Trump Gets Electoral College Majority!

  1. Scott says:

    The denial machine that the deaths in Germany were not the result of a terrorist attack is in full motion. I can’t believe they still try to spin this.

    Just as surprising is the number of people I see saying that the MSM is full of it and it’s obviously a terrorist attack (which I believe has now been confirmed by German & Polish sources). When did people start waking up?


    • May be too late. Survival of the fittest happens relatively fast in our species.

      • dirkhblog says:

        “May be too late. Survival of the fittest happens relatively fast in our species.”

        Well. Militarily speaking this was insignificant. Great psychological effect though and not to Merkel/CDU/CIA’s favor.
        The rabbit men or GUTMENSCHEN or leftists have mostly stopped speaking up in public. Every time they do in my vicinity they invariably get a free history lesson.

        Just the day before the Berlin massacre a young colleague who is theroretically not STUPID told me casually that German unification 150 years ago proves that multiculturalism works. So I gave him a free lecture during lunch about the 1000 year history of the HEILIGES ROEMISCHES REICH DEUTSCHER NATION.

        I will eventually cult-deprogram him if reality doesn’t.

        • Maybe, Dirk, but, definitive reversals are still yet to begin. I just look at my country. We never did it. The ‘more fit’, ‘the stronger willed’, have changed America from what it was intended to be, forever. Despite a ‘Trump’ coming along once in awhile. He’s really just our ‘Little Big Horn’, making us believe that unyeilding process of nature has been halted.

        • dirkhblog says:

          The more fit? What are they adapted to? To collective raids on the production of other people. They are looters, surviving only as long as there is something to loot.

          But the thing is, there is a lot of personal decision involved. You have a spectrum of possible actions. Anyone has his own spectrum of possibilities. A looter can become productive and vice versa; you can create conditions for that.

          USA as a whole is a looting enterprise: USA exports USD and imports goods made in China. This continues until USD stops being world reserve currency. Not the fault of American people; just the natural consequence of being the reserve currency.

          When the USD stops being accepted, looting will become a much less attractive or possible lifestyle in the USA.

        • Looters generally aren’t invited in and allowed to loot. With the looted helping them fill their pockets. I still see it as a stronger taking advantage of a weaker. Many things can define greater strength vs greater weakness. A determined fox outwittiing a den of bears, who question their own existence.

        • dirkhblog says:

          In a democracy a majority of looters vote a looter in as prez who funnels them loot.
          That*s why todays democracies are always on the brink of devolving into collapse. It’s really got a lot to do with stupidity. Stupidity is a force to be reckoned with. As you know, I am a strong believer in devolution and see Idiocracy the movie as prophetic. What puzzles me are the steps back from collapse. This should all go down much faster. I blame this on some kind of divine interference. Best explanation I have.

          Pakistan is the model country of the future.

        • Well, yes, if it’s stupidity that defines what is more fit, then it’s what survives. And then dictates change. I would say that’s exactly what has occurred in my country.

    • suyts says:

      Scott, I honestly believe Trump/Hillary had something to do with it.

  2. squid2112 says:

    Kind of makes Kaperprick look even worse, doesn’t it?

  3. Latitude says:

    MTV is saying that all blacks are bottom feeders….
    How do liberals get away with this crap???

  4. philjourdan says:

    The Salvation Army is one charity I have no problems donating to and want to! They are the model of what charity is. But like all good things, the bad is that a Dallas Cowboy had to lead the way. Oh well, I guess not all Dallas players are “evil”. 😉

    • suyts says:

      Amen! And, yeh, that’s why I didn’t hesitate to post about it. I don’t have to worry about what the money is going for. The S.A. has been and is one of the best charities this world has ever seen.

      • philjourdan says:

        A Cowboy fan friend of mine wants to know if I am going to root for the Boys in the superbowl if they play the Patriots now that the Raiders are out of it.

        I think I am going to crawl into a hole if it comes down to that Superbowl. 😉

  5. dirkhblog says:

    Hi, I’m BACK, botched my Internet connection yesterday…

    As to the denial machine in Germany, SPIEGEL at the front of it, I spare you the article, who still cares -the usual drivel: why we are so strong, we must now be so tolerant of Muslims because the terrorists want us to not be, we have strong state institutions (No – we actually don’t – we have greedy leeches who can’t think straight like an entire government of Obamas) -, this – the CIA-Clinton-CDU border abolition Globalism movement – looks more and more like a suicide cult so this link is a perfect description.
    And! NEW! For the first time ever, the shiny color lightshow at the Brandenburg Gate will throw German colors at it!
    The rituals of the brain-damaged people in charge of the German state are bizarre and despicable. Well everybody in the CCC seems to be brain damaged, Clinton sure is, Parkinson counts, right? Hey a drooling US prez with jerky motions and brain freezes, kind of a Darth Vader, that would have been kinda cool.

    Also in the news: You too can now be knocked unconsciousness by an imported Muslim man and wake up in a different spot because he dragged you into the bushes to rape you while you where unconsciousness! All you have to do is JOG through a West German INNER CITY PARK. It helps to be female though I’m not sure that still matters. Just happened in Munich. Munich is famous for its tough approach. Somehow I think such a case in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne wouldn’t even make it in the news.

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