Week 14 NFL Picks!!!!

Wow, there are some great match-ups today!  Playoff implications abound! 

(7-5-0) Steelers  Big Ben and co. look like they’re ready to play football after a shaky start of the season.  The Bills are tough, but, they struggle offensively. 

(6-6-0) Bills


(8-4-0) Broncos  Speaking of struggling offensively!  Still I think they’ll rise to the occasion and beat the Titans. 

(6-6-0) Titans


(6-5-1) Redskins  Uhmm, toss a coin.  Neither team is playing that well down the stretch.  But, I think the Redskin’s weapons will be too much for the Eagles.

(5-7-0) Eagles


(5-6-1) Cardinals

(7-5-0) Dolphins  Another coin toss.  Palmer is playing better lately ……. mostly because of Johnson’s running.  Will the Dolphin D rise to the occasion?  Probably.  And, other probablies, the loser will most likely stay home in the post season.


(6-6-0) Vikings  The Vikes desperately need a win, and they’ll get one, today.

(2-10-0) Jaguars


(6-6-0) Texans

(6-6-0) Colts  The Colts …… maybe?


(5-7-0) Chargers

(4-8-0) Panthers  Depends on what Panther team shows up.  IDK, going with the home team.


(4-7-1) Bengals  I’ll be rooting for the Browns, but, they’re just awful this year.

(0-12-0) Browns


(3-9-0) Bears 

(8-4-0) Lions  The Lions will probably win the division this year.


(3-9-0) Jets  This is one of the few chances the 9ers will have to win.  But, they probably won’t.

(1-11-0) 49ers


(5-7-0) Saints

(7-5-0) Buccaneers  The Buccs are playing decent football of late, and the Saints don’t have a defense ……..


(7-5-0) Falcons  The Falcons will probably get this one and make a playoff run from here.

(4-8-0) Rams


(8-3-1) Seahawks  Well, it’s at G.B., so this won’t be as lobsided as it may seem.  Still, I think the ‘Hawks are the better team this year.

(6-6-0) Packers


(11-1-0) Cowboys  Well, the Giants won in the season opener.  The Cowboys are much improved since then.

(8-4-0) Giants


(7-5-0) Ravens

(10-2-0) Patriots  Another classic good offense against a good defense.  But, this is the Pats offense. 


 (10-3-0) Raiders 13

 (10-3-0) Chiefs 21  The Raiders inexplicably decided to continue passing throughout the game, even though Carr was horribly ineffective, all the while, the running of Murray was very effective, especially after a key KC injury.  I didn’t understand that.  All they needed was one TD.  But, I do understand that’s why they lost.  Now both teams will be praying for a NE loss that probably won’t come.


Well, those are my picks.  Though with many of them, they’re mostly coin-tosses.  What do you think?

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20 Responses to Week 14 NFL Picks!!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Actually, the Raiders are just hoping for a KC loss. KC has the tie breaker. Denver is finally coming down to earth and are in danger of missing the playoffs, but I did not see them as a real contender this year, so they have done a lot better than expected.

    We found the Dallas Achilles heel. Probably the only games they will lose in the regular season. Seattle? Jekyl and Hyde! At least they scored more than 6 points in this stinker.

    • suyts says:

      Either way, either one of them, or both, have to go through NE to get to the SB, as it stands right now. I’d give them both fair shots at home ….. at NE? Well, much lower odds. Were I Dallas, I’d make sure Romo has some real game-time before the playoffs. Dak didn’t look very good last night. Yes, Denver has exceeded my expectations, as well. Seattle is having a real hard time on the road.

      • philjourdan says:

        Given the way the season has gone, if the Raiders make it that far (and a Patriot fan in my office is betting on them and the Patriots playing for the Conference Championship), playing on the road seems a better bet than playing at home!

        But yea, Dallas-NE are the favorites. Which means I will have no problem boycotting the SB as I hate both of them.

  2. Latitude says:

    We’re going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again! – DJT

    …I have the biggest damn man crush

  3. Latitude says:

    I know it’s semantics….but it matters
    I’m sick and tired of reading this kind of crap….

    “The Washington Post reported on Friday that the CIA has told senators that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government was actively seeking to help Trump win the election”

    or, in other words….

    “was actively seeking to stop Hillary from winning the election.”…this one is more likely

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      If it helps ease the concerns of any Dems who might be reading, I can assure you that no Russian influence was needed to help me decide.

      • Latitude says:

        You what’s really weird…
        What they are talking about….Russian hacking…is all about the emails we would have never found out about if they hadn’t done it
        Russia never touched a voting machine

        They are complaining about another government trying to swing our election.
        How is heads of different countries endorsing Hillary..to help her win
        ..any different

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Attacking the messenger and not the message, is all you need to know.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Supposed messenger.

        • Latitude says:

          I think they realized they can’t let Trump in….they will be out for at least 8 years and they have everything to lose
          Notice this Russia thing didn’t get cranked up until the recounts crashed and burned.

          On the plus side…I’ve never in my life seen a president do so much so fast..and he’s not even president yet

    • Latitude says:

      odd…they didn’t mention those were black precincts…run by blacks
      Hillary is going to claim they were stuffing the boxes for Trump…otherwise she would have won

  4. Latitude says:

    I have a novel idea..how about coming to our country and respecting our customs…
    Oh wait….we’re not some back woods third world country…we don’t have “customs”


  5. Lars P. says:

    ROFL, you have been caught red handed, you Trump voters, the left knows why you vote for Trump:

    …but submissive? Come on, the east girls are the most emancipated…

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