Happy Thanksgiving And Bonus NFL Picks!!!!!


I never pick the Thursday games.  Mostly because I’m too busy.  But, as I’m enjoying the morning, I thought, ‘why not’?  There are 3 games today, so ………..


(6-4-0) Vikings

(6-4-0) Lions  This is a game with huge playoff implications.  The Vikings got back onto their winning ways last week.  However, they’re going to Detroit to play, where the Lions are 4-1.  It’s a good matchup with a good offense facing a good defense.  But, I think the Lions will get them, today.


(6-3-1) Redskins

(9-1-0) Cowboys Another great game with playoff implications.  The Redskins are a very good team with a lot of weapons.  The Cowboys are a better team with more weapons.  OTOH, over the years I’ve come to know that the rivalry doesn’t care about that stuff.  Look for an intense game and another big test for the Dallas rookies.  Still, you’d have to be daft not to go with the ‘Boys in this one.


(5-5-0) Steelers  This is strange.  Having watched the Steelers offense, I don’t know why they’re only 5-5.  Having watched the Colts defense, I don’t know how they’ve managed a 5-5 record.  The answer, of course, is that the Steeler defense isn’t typical for a Steeler team, in that, they’re not that good, while the Colts offense is pretty good.  Look for another big day from Bell, and Luck.  But, I’m giving the edge to the Steelers.

(5-5-0) Colts


(3-6-1) Bengals

(5-5-0) Ravens  The Ravens lost last week when they abandoned the running game, and failed to properly adjust their defense to the Cowboys when they decided to run the ball.  I don’t think they’ll have the same problem this week.


(4-6-0) Rams

(4-6-0) Saints  Offense vs Defense!!!!  I love games like this!  However, I think the Rams and their woeful offense is more woeful than the Saints defense, especially now that the Rams are going with their rookie QB.


(4-5-1) Cardinals

(6-4-0) Falcons  What a difference a year makes!  If Palmer is going to step up as a premier QB, now would be the time for the Cards.  I don’t think he will.  I don’t know what’s wrong with him, this year.  Maybe father time has finally caught up with him.  IDK, but, I do know he hasn’t played well this year, and with the high-flying Falcon offense, he doesn’t have too many second chances.  Going with the Falcons on this one.


(1-9-0) 49ers 

(6-4-0) Dolphins Is anyone else enjoying the losses racked up by Kaepernick?  After Sunday it’s likely that he’ll be 0-6 this year. 


(2-8-0) Jaguars 

(5-5-0) Bills  The Jags are a terrible team this year.  The Bills are a pretty average team with a decent defense.  It’s not hard to pick.


(5-6-0) Titans  The Bears aren’t much better than aforementioned Jags.  The Titans are pretty average, themselves.  So, we go with the Titans.

(2-8-0) Bears


(7-3-0) Giants  The Giants will enjoy an away scrimmage against some B-team in Cleveland. 

(0-11-0) Browns


(4-6-0) Chargers

(6-4-0) Texans  This game isn’t all that easy to pick.  S.D.’s largest final deficit was 8 points (27-19) at the hands of a very good Bronco team.  The Texan offense is ….. well, offensive.  In spite of their 6-4 record they have a net point differential of –34.  That said, the Texans are 5-0 at home.  So, I’m going with the Texans, but, I wouldn’t be surprised if I turn out to be wrong on this one.


(7-2-1) Seahawks  The ‘Hawks seem to be on a collision course with the Cowboys in the NFC championship.  But, there are these pesky games which have to be played in the mean time.  That said, this could be a game worth watching.  The Seahawks aren’t nearly as dominate on the road (2-2-1)as they are at home.  But, the Buccs aren’t very good at home (1-4), so, there’s that.  I don’t think the Bucc O has an answer for the Hawk D.

(5-5-0) Buccaneers


(8-2-0) Patriots  Right now, the only question I have is which AFC West team is going to play the Pats in the AFC championship?  Take the Pats in this yawner.

(3-7-0) Jets


(4-6-0) Panthers

(8-2-0) Raiders  Did the Panthers wait too long before deciding to play football?  I think so.  I don’t think the Raiders are going to lose this one, and that’ll probably be the season for the Panthers. 


(7-3-0) Chiefs 

(7-3-0) Broncos  This is a huge game, and, I’ll be rooting for the Chiefs!  But, they’re playing in Mile High.  The loser of this one will have a tough time getting a home game in the playoffs …. if they make the playoffs.  I’m going with the Broncs on this one.


(4-6-0) Packers

(5-5-0) Eagles  The Eagles should get this one against a struggling Packers team, and continue their outside shot at the playoffs. 


Well, again, Happy Thanksgiving every one!  Enjoy some football, family, friends and food!!!!  And, remember the great God who makes all that we have possible!

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4 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving And Bonus NFL Picks!!!!!

  1. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:

  2. Latitude says:

    …and Happy Thanksgiving from me too!…..no yelling!!!! LOL

  3. philjourdan says:

    Happy Days are here again! YES! TOugh win for the Raiders, but for the first time in 14 years, they are guaranteed a winning season!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I almost got a bonus. If not for a lucky bounce, KC and Denver would have tied!

    You did very good this week. Your only losses were TCTC or down right upsets! Seriously Seattle, do you even want to make the playoffs? 5 points????

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