NFL Week 10 Predictions!!!!!!!

Well, I forgot last week.  But, I’m pretty sure I would have gotten most right! Winking smile  This is what I think will happen this week ……


(5-3-0) Texans  At the start of the season, most thought the Jags would be a lot better.  They’re a terrible team.  Add another W to the Texans playoff run.

(2-6-0) Jaguars


(6-3-0) Broncos

(4-4-0) Saints  This is my upset pick of the day!!!!!  After a horrible start this year, the Saints are 4-1 over the last 5 games with Brees being on fire!  The Broncs are 2-3 over their last 5 games and 2-2 on the road. 


(3-5-0) Rams

(3-6-0) Jets  I can never tell on these sort of games.  Neither team is very good, but, both can play defense a bit.  I’m going with the Jets because they’re at home against a west coast team. 


(6-3-0) Falcons This is another hard pick for me.  I think the Eagles are better than what they’ve recently showed, but, Ryan is having a great year.  I’m going with Atlanta.

(4-4-0) Eagles


(6-2-0) Chiefs  This is a harder call then what the records would appear.  The Panthers have won their last two.  They seem to be gaining their swagger back.  The Chiefs get Smith back, today.  They’re going to need him to be on top of his game.

(3-5-0) Panthers


(2-6-0) Bears

(3-5-0) Buccaneers  At Tampa?  I’ll take the Bucs over the Bears.  Neither team is very good.


(5-3-0) Vikings

(4-3-1) Redskins  The Vikes are reeling as of late.  I don’t think the Redskins are going to give them a chance to regroup. 


(4-4-0) Packers  I think the Pack run defense will be just good enough to allow Rodgers to do his magic. 

(4-5-0) Titans


(4-4-0) Dolphins 

(4-5-0) Chargers  Will the real Chargers and Dolphins please step forward?  They’re both playing good football of late, with the Dolphins discovering their run game.  I’m going with the Chargers because SD is 3-1 at home, while the Dolphins are 0-3 on the road.


(1-7-0) 49ers

(3-4-1) Cardinals  For fantasy football players, this offers a horrible dilemma.  Sure, the 9ers seem poised to give up huge amounts of passing yardage to Palmer and the Cards …….. except, the 9ers have a horrible run defense, and the Cards have a running game.  Expect Johnson to have the better day than Palmer.


(7-1-0) Cowboys  Oh, the memories!  ……. well, time changes everything, so I won’t dwell on the past.  Right now, the Steelers aren’t looking very dominant.  Big Ben is beat up and their defense doesn’t look very good.  Still, I expect this to be one of the tougher challenges for the young Elliot and Prescott. 

(4-4-0) Steelers


(5-2-1) Seahawks

(7-1-0) Patriots  This should be the game of the day!  In the end, I don’t think Seattle’s offense is going to be enough.  Maybe their D can pull it off and score some points, but, that’s about the only way I see them winning this one.


(3-4-1) Bengals

(5-3-0) Giants  I think Manning has too many weapons for Cincy.  I think the NY defense is good enough to keep the Bengal offense in check.


 (0-10-0) Browns 7

 (5-4-0) Ravens 28  What can I say?  The Browns gotta Brown.  The worst team in the NFL lost again. 

Well, that’s how I see it.  What do you think?

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41 Responses to NFL Week 10 Predictions!!!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    LOL…yeah I hear that!
    I think we should all invest in popcorn, beer, and pork rind futures
    …there’s so much to watch, I don’t even know where to start

    Democrats are imploding.
    NFL is imploding
    Media is imploding
    EU is imploding
    and on and on

    Fun times!!!!

    • 😃 But, let’s keep one foot in Reality…. look where this country went after Ronnie.

      • Getting cocky leads to things like Nov 8 2016.

      • Latitude says:

        You lost me on that one….
        Bush ran on no new taxes..and won
        Reagan’s win pushed the democrats into the liberal no go zone…
        …they ran Dukakis
        and lost to Bush

        That’s what happening to dems now….
        They have to play to the middle now, and can’t.
        They will not win enough middle American votes doing that…and will lose most of their votes from their base doing it’s the democrat perfect storm

        Look who they have for “stars”…this is all they have
        Bernie, Pocahontas, Dean…and some black guy no one has ever heard of that changed his name to mohammad

        • And Bush made it one term. Followed since by…anyone you really think should have been in charge? And Donnie is no Ronnie.

        • And it could easily have been President Bernie this time.

        • Latitude says:

          I still don’t follow that….but I’m foggy right now too!
          That’s just what political parties do. They swing too far..and slowly come back.
          It took three terms for democrats to win again.
          TEA Party was republicans perfect storm….and it’s would have taken longer for republicans to win again…but Trump won by not being a republican and they fought him all the way

          Occupy, BLM, etc…are democrats perfect storm…it’s their turn now. The far left is going to control the democrat party on a national level…not local.

        • Latitude says:

          naw…..that’s just the democrat far left talking
          Bernie would not have won at all. He’s still playing to a minority.

        • Sure. But they do win again. Even after Reagan. And do greater damage each time. Just reminding all of us if the long-term realities.

        • Or, the Repubs win, but are really DEMS.

        • I was about to make a separate football comment, but it fits right here: I’m liking the Colts bye this week so I have two weeks to relish their upset win at Green Bay…. could all end with a loss next week.

        • Latitude says:

          I’m not saying they don’t win again….I’m saying there’s cycle for both parties
          Reagan did like Trump, he was not supposed to win. Just like now, they had everyone telling them he would not win, and they believed it. That threw the democrats into a feeding frenzy. Their far left base took over, just like what’s going to happen now…and it took three cycles for them to pull out of it. It could have taken even longer…but the republicans f’ed that up again.

          Look at the dems now….total contradiction
          They need to figure out how to romance middle america to get their votes they lost….
          ….and Bernie would have won
          Have you ever heard such a polar opposite??
          ..they are lost

          Trump will be a two term president…no problemo

        • Latitude says:


        • Latitude says:

          Talking about Ray-guns brought back memories….
          …remember there were riots every where for years
          hippy songs on the radio trashing him
          the news media was in a frenzy
          on and on…..

          ..and Reagan just laughed and made fun of them…..two terms

        • All true. And I don’t mean to be a buzz kill. I feel better about where were at now than in years. Those who wrote our intended definition of liberty, still wouldn’t agree, even with this win. I just always think long-term, and the progression away from what we were meant to be, still seems relentless. Even if Trump makes corrections, they can be reversed. Worse than before.

  2. Latitude says:

    New York Times just won’t quit…..

  3. philjourdan says:

    OUch! Not a good week for picking! I probably would not have done any better. (that 2pt conversion for Denver shows they are just as lucky as the Raiders). And Miami over SD? I am going to have to eat crow with my friend who is a Dolphin fan.

  4. Latitude says:

    Alrighty…..wordpress just blocked two posts of mine
    Won’t let me post that they found 3 million votes cast by illegals

  5. This was an interesting football weekend. In college, three undefeated teams went down–including my Huskies. Aaaa, if they had defeated USC, they’d probably be #2 now.

    Great game with the Seahawks! I noticed a few bad calls against the Seahawks, but they managed to pull it out at the end.

    Also, a good win for your ‘Boys, James. They are starting to become a problem. The Seahawks needed a better record.


    • suyts says:

      Well, Pitt gave it to the Boys. And, a good win for the Hawks! It’s early, yet. But, I can’t see any other teams in the conference championship.

      • philjourdan says:

        Even with Dallas’ record, I am not a believer (but then I do not like them either). There will be 6 teams, and at this point, I think any of the 6 that make it has a shot.

        On the other side, I unfortunately do not see anyone taking out the Patriots. But I will hope until the last game.

  6. Latitude says:

    too funny…wordpress keeps blocking me and won’t let me post this…so I’ll just figure out a way to sneak around it

    remember…I said they had no choice now but to swing hard left…copy the link and put it all on one line


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