Rolling Commentary As The Election Unfolds!!!!

I’m hopeful this won’t be like the last couple of elections, where they were essentially over as soon as they started.  So, I’ll have this up to give maps, and electoral vote tallies as we go through the evening. 

I’ll start with a base map, of states I’m reasonably sure will go one way or the other, and the electoral tally. …….


If you see one of the called states move in a different direction, then, you’ll know all hell has broke loose!  I’ll alter the map as I get the various results!

My appeal ……. I would ask all potential voters, who are not well informed on the issues, to please refrain from voting.  Ill-informed voters are why we have the problems we have today.  Stop hurting us!!!!

I pray God guides the American public and give us the wisdom to make correct choices today.  The future of the world depends on it.

Commentary ……….

Indiana, Vermont, and Kentucky have been called, exactly as the map above indicates.

West Virginia has been declared for Trump, as the map indicates.  early indicators have Florida and NC leaning towards Clinton, but, it’s early.

The most recent spate of called states are in ….. nothing changes in the map above.  The blue states on the NE coast are still blue, Miss., Ok, Tn, have been called for Trump.  CNN has it 68-48 Clinton, while Fox has 68-67 / Clinton, because they’ve called some states for Trump before CNN has.

I’m about to call Florida for Clinton ….. Sad smile

I take that back!!!!!  It’s a dead heat, now, in Florida, with 87% of the votes tallied!!!!  48.5% to 48.5%!!!! 

Megan Kelly is actively campaigning against Trump ……. but, I now think Trump will get Florida!

Another spate of called states …… no surprises so far ….. CNN has 128-97 for Trump, Fox has 139-97 for Trump.

Fox is calling New Mexico …… this changes the map ………


But, this is no surprise.  

Ohio goes to Trump!!!!!!  That’s the first step of the Trump hurdle!!!!


Fox is calling Virginia for Clinton but, I’ll hold off for the moment. 

Virginia is for Clinton and North Carolina is Trump’s!!!!  Map and electoral vote changes!!!!

In other news, Repub Ron Johnson is being called the winner in the Wisconsin Repub senate race ….. ….. oh, oh!!!!  Here’s the new map!!!  They are calling Colorado for Clinton ……..


Step three!!!!!!  Trump  takes Florida!!!!   ….. and Utah as I was trying to post!!!!


He’s 38 electoral votes away!!!


Wisconsin!!!!!  Here’s the new map!!!!


Georgia is called for Trump!!!!!  New map!!!!!  New tally!!!!


If he takes Arizona, as I expect him to, then, he’ll have 269 …. which would prevent Hillary from getting 270,  Game over.

Over the top!!!!!!!!  Penn has been called by many organizations!!!!  Fox, nor CNN has called Penn, but, if you you look at the numbers, it’s over.Trump wins!

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64 Responses to Rolling Commentary As The Election Unfolds!!!!

  1. Scott says:

    Test…my last post didn’t seem to go through.

    • Scott says:

      Odd, don’t know what happened. I’d written a long-ish post about looking at counties, their population, their %vote in, and the way they’d voted so far…didn’t show up. Broward was the one to watch in FL, but my estimate had Trump winning FL by ~10-20k from the rough calcs I was doing.


    • suyts says:

      Scott, I’ll look for it…. but, thanks for the effort!

      • Scott says:

        Really looks like Trump has it in FL. Broward is up to 98% reporting with only a small change in total votes…must have been low-total areas at the end. Plus, Trump won 3 counties that Obama won last time that are 100% reported and is leading another that Obama had at 97% reporting. No flip-flops the other way. Trump may actually end up winning by way more than my extrapolations…maybe even 100k.


      • suyts says:

        I fully expect Trump to take Florida …… I just haven’t seen enough to call it . I think that’s intentional by the networks. …… your comment wasn’t found. Fox is calling Virginia for Clinton, but, CNN has not. It’s about the same as Florida. I expect Clinton to win Virginia.

        • Scott says:

          If Clinton didn’t get VA she’d be hurting badly. Would have been interesting to see how that vote would have gone without Kaine on her ticket.

          Too bad that my state went Clinton. Signs notwithstanding, I can’t say I’m too surprised.


  2. Scott says:

    Glancing through the NC counties, which I previously wasn’t familiar with, I don’t see how Trump won’t win NC. The blue counties are all nearly 100% reported and Trump’s lead is too great there. Of the 3 counties with no reports in yet, 2 are solidly red and the other is split evenly (went blue last time, I expect it has a good chance of being red this time).


    • Scott says:

      Yep, called for Trump shortly after this comment. And now FL. The NC/FL combo you said was required and he has it…and not even that close.

      By my quick count Trump will have to win at least one of PA/WI/MI. Is there any chance of that?


      • Scott says:

        As a side note, FL victory has correctly predicted every election AFTER the JFK/Nixon one except for 1992, where Bush Sr beat (Bill) Clinton by ~100k votes.


  3. Scott says:

    I’m going to assume with OH being called red that it actually is…

    Obama beat Romney there by 100k. Trump is up by 500k with maybe 1M left to count…probably a decisive win.


  4. Scott says:

    Looks like the Repubs are going to remain in control of the House, so all hell isn’t going to break loose after all (not that we expected a loss here).


  5. Scott says:

    I assume you know about the Canadian immigration site crashing. At first I thought it was a rumor, but it looks confirmed by everyone, haha!


  6. Scott says:

    Dear Lord James,

    Trump is projected to win WI now. I actually think he’s going to be president, unbelievable. Still have to land several other key states, but with the strong victories in FL/NC/OH and now an apparent win in WI, you have to think those other states are going to fall in line too. Team Clinton is basically no communication right now.

    As I’ve said before, I don’t really care for Trump but certainly like many things that he represents. It will be interesting to see how the country changes if he’s POTUS.


  7. Me says:

    He is at 264 here PA went to Trump!

    • Scott says:

      If PA went then it’s over. My county-by-county analysis says PA is almost certainly Trump, and MI likely is too. Just one of those and Trump has it, so I will go to bed.

      Congrats to you Trump fans!


    • suyts says:

      Yes, it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow will be another day. While I wish a reconciliation for the American people, this movement must not stop!!!!

  8. Me says:

    It’s over Trump got 276 now! Giddy Up! Get used to saying President Trump! Awesome!

    • Me says:

      By the way, the results I got here was from CTV here in canada when all the US LSM networks didn’t want to call it. Apparently I hear that CNN still wasn’t calling it even after Trump delivered his victory speech! And here CBC didn’t want to call it until three major networks called it but finally did after hearing that Crooked Hillary called Trump and conceeded and was about to take the stage! I guess CTV here is a little more honest but not by much!

  9. Latitude says:

    ….conservatives don’t poll


    • Scott says:

      I heard that in 2008 and 2012 too. I think the analysts got that typical voting Repubs figured out by then. But something this year is different. Apparenty there’s some truth to the silent majority stuff.


  10. leftinflagstaff says:

    POTUS. Senate. House. Well done, America. Even if it turns out not for who you put in charge, it will always be for who you didn’t.

  11. dirkhblog says:

    And you would think that After all the MSM told us to worship Hillary that it would have worked. This is the end of the Marxist journalist caste.

  12. cdquarles says:

    People need to remember that it isn’t so much that people don’t know; but that so much that the do know just isn’t so. Models are not the same thing as an actual event. The closer models do conform to reality, the better they do when tested against reality.

    [It’s deja-vu all over again. 1980 redux, but not exactly.]

  13. cdquarles says:

    I suspect that the USC poll did better than the usual outlets is the result of two things: 1. getting a sufficiently representative longitudinal sample (the one that didn’t change) and 2. crosschecking it with sufficiently representative samples that did change iteratively, keeping their model more conforming to the actual event.

  14. cdquarles says:

    Oops, I left out one more observation. The USC poll thus was more like a weather model that gets checked against real world data to keep it in check, versus a poorly specified and implemented ‘climate’ model that not only has nothing to keep it in check, its premises are mostly false contingently.

    • Me says:

      Exactly, It appears the polls were designed to fit the LSM narrative, so when they didn’t they changed the polls to fit their ideas, same as Cli-Si-fy Models the raw data doesn’t fit so they adjust it to fit their ideas!

  15. suyts says:

    I’m dog tired, today. But, will try to have a post up tonight!

  16. DirkH says:

    Lena Dunham shouldn’t have promised to move to Canada after a Trump win. That was just too much of an incentive for US voters.
    Also, my condolences, Canucks.

  17. Latitude says:


  18. Me says:

    Note if you visit youtube to view this vid, notice it was published there on the 7th Nov 2016!

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