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Video Of The Day!!!!!!!

For the hearing impaired, no worries, it’s captioned. Indeed, Mr. Lavrov, indeed! Speaking of, well, the topic.  Here’s a never Trump site bemoaning the, well, p###ies in the Repub party, who was supporting Trump, withdrew their support, called for him … Continue reading

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Debate Fallout And Takeaways!!!!!

Heh!!!  Love that! So, the debate is over and the pundits have lined up to tell us what we’re suppose to think about it. It’s a fascinating thing.  Who won???  Everyone wants to know who won!  I’m a horrible judge … Continue reading

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Trump Tapes, Faux Outrage, And Gamesmanship Dominating US Politics And LSM!!!!

Well, wow!  There’s a lot to say about the Trump tape, so please forgive me if I miss an aspect on this. “Grab them by the pu**y” …….. yes, a horrible thing to say.   Here’s some quotes from the tape.  … Continue reading

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NFL Game Day Predictions Are Back!!!!!

Well, it wasn’t until after many of the games were already over that I discovered that I hadn’t posted my picks, last week.  This is probably a good thing, in that I hadn’t been picking all that well, so maybe … Continue reading

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ICYMI!!!! Stuff To Talk About!!!!

Well, as per usual, I’ve links up which I thought were good discussion points.  Sadly, I, either didn’t have the inclination, or didn’t have the time to make these things a post on their own.  NOTE!!!!!  For the uninitiated, ICYMI … Continue reading

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National Bankers And Treasurers Unite!!!!! — To Destroy The Wealth Of The People

So, I’ve had this article for about a week, now.  And, I’m still not sure how to frame this. Our friend, copernicus34 alerted us to this article.  Ex-U.S. Treasury chief Summers welcomes BOJ’s yield curve, inflation targets If you read … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day!!!!!!!

This is for the Trump supporters!  Those who pay attention will know what this means. For those who don’t pay attention …… well think about it for a second.  Don’t invite the snakes in your house!

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