NFL Game Day Predictions! Week 6

Well, I went a respectable 8-4 last week.  Let’s see if I can’t improve upon that.

(1-4-0) 49ers

(3-2-0) Bills  It was pointed out to me that Kaperkneel, kneels at the colors of red, white, and blue.  Should be a rough 2016 debut for the kneeling turd.


(3-1-0) Eagles  The Eagles are flying high with their rookie phenom QB.  I think they’ll get this tough division rival.

(3-2-0) Redskins


(0-5-0) Browns

(2-3-0) Titans  Sigh, the Browns seem that they’ll forever be basement dwellers in the NFL. 


(3-2-0) Ravens  Ravens have a new offensive coordinator.  They’ll be looking to stretch the field against a weak Giant defensive backfield.

(2-3-0) Giants


(1-4-0) Panthers  What happened to the Panthers?  I think they can get back to being a good team if they just work a few bugs out.  However, if they lose today, we’ll know they have huge problems. 

(1-3-0) Saints


(1-3-0) Jaguars  I’m going out on a limb, here.  But, I think this game is where the Jags get it together. 

(1-4-0) Bears


(3-2-0) Rams  I think the Rams D will carry the day, today.  Also, watch for Gurley to have a good game.

(2-3-0) Lions


(4-1-0) Steelers  This doesn’t even seem fair.

(1-4-0) Dolphins


(2-3-0) Bengals

(4-1-0) Patriots  The Bengals need to regroup.  That won’t happen today. 


(2-2-0) Chiefs

(4-1-0) Raiders  Oh, my.  I don’t remember the last time I picked the Raiders over the Chiefs.  And, I’m still iffy on this.  The Chiefs are a pretty good team. 


(4-1-0) Falcons

(3-1-0) Seahawks  Well, both teams are doing well.  But, they’re playing at Seattle.  I think the Hawks get this one.


(4-1-0) Cowboys  Game of the day!!!!  And, another great test for the Cowboy rookies.  The Pack have a very good run defense, so, Elliot will probably be asked to stretch the field a bit more than he has.  This is the game to watch!

(3-1-0) Packers


(2-3-0) Colts

(3-2-0) Texans  The Colts simply doesn’t have the defense to compete at a consistent level to be a winning team in the NFL. 


(1-4-0) Jets

(2-3-0) Cardinals  Well, the Cards need this game to get back on track.  And, they’ll get it.  They did it on the ground last week, watch the air game this week.


 (4-2-0) Broncos 13

 (2-4-0) Chargers 21  The Chargers saved the coach’s job this Thursday with a surprise win over the Broncs. 


Those are my picks.  What do you think?

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9 Responses to NFL Game Day Predictions! Week 6

  1. Good grief, Seattle has been inundated with rain the last couple of weeks. We just got back from an Eastern Canada/New England cruise. I was wondering why my daughter kept pointing out the clear, sunny skies in the pictures we sent back. It’s another rainy day in Seattle (90% chance), and we have an open stadium. Go Hawks!


  2. philjourdan says:

    Never crow about past achievements as it jinxes you for the current thread. Still, only 6 so far. And I am going with you on tonights game.

    Raiders ran out of luck. They are 3-0 on the road. Apparently they are already moving as the SD game was the only win at home. And that was more SD managing to lose it.

    • suyts says:

      Yeh, there are some huge question marks for the Raiders. Personally, I think they should work more on the running game. When Murray gets healthy, I’d give him the ball. This would take a load off of the defense. They have two very good wide-outs. (I think Crabtree is better than Cooper), but, they’ve got to eat up clock to give the D a rest.

  3. Me says:

    I don’t watch NHL hockey the same way that I did because I really don’t care for any major league sports anymore! There is a fix in because of gambling and politics behind it. If you think the NFL is different then you already seen some of the politics at work. Look at MLB, some arses wanted to ban the Clevelands logo here in Canada? They sound like whiny assholes now cause the Jays are down! Good that a Judge seen the BS and threw that out. and just like Zero talking smack about Trump whining about election fraud! 😆 Yep it is a distraction because Zero is diverting and lying yet again for the cause! Well with the NFL! You know the score!

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