NFL Game Day Predictions Are Back!!!!!

Well, it wasn’t until after many of the games were already over that I discovered that I hadn’t posted my picks, last week.  This is probably a good thing, in that I hadn’t been picking all that well, so maybe this changes things.


(3-1-0) Patriots  Brady’s back, the Browns are terrible, once again. 

(0-4-0) Browns


(3-0-0) Eagles  Is the rookie Wentz for real?  Today will be another test for him.  I’d like to see him in a shoot-out.  But, we may not see that for a while.  It’s the Eagle defense which has been carrying the day, so far, but, it’s the Lions at home, so, perhaps….

(1-3-0) Lions


(1-3-0) Bears

(1-3-0) Colts  Heh!  A very weak force against a very movable object!!!! If the Colts are going to salvage their season, then, they’ll have to start today.  I think they will against the hapless Bears.


(1-3-0) Titans

(1-3-0) Dolphins  Sigh, another difficult pick between to losing teams.  So, I go with the home team. 


(2-2-0) Redskins 

(3-1-0) Ravens  The Ravens seem to have a serviceable team this year.  I think they should start emphasizing West in the running game more. 


(3-1-0) Texans

(4-0-0) Vikings  The Texan offense isn’t that good.  The Viking defense has been crushing, this year.


(1-3-0) Jets

(3-1-0) Steelers  A very good Eagle defense has been the only team successful against the Steelers this year.  The Jets defense is not similar to the Eagles’.  The Steelers have too many downfield threats for a team like the Jets.


(3-1-0) Falcons

(4-0-0) Broncos  Both of these teams have surprised me this year.  We’ll see if Mile High will cause the Ryan-Jones connection to come down to earth.


(2-2-0) Bengals

(3-1-0) Cowboys  Another great test for the other rookie QB!  Is Prescott for real?  Is Elliot for real?  A few more wins and I think Romo’s career in Dallas will be coming to an end.


(2-2-0) Bills

(3-1-0) Rams  I don’t think either team is all that good, but, maybe the Rams have finally turned the corner.  Don’t expect much scoring in this one!


(1-3-0) Chargers

(3-1-0) Raiders  Raider RB Murray is out for today.  I don’t think it will make much of an impact.  IDK, perhaps the Chargers will get it together.  It isn’t as if they’re an awful team, it’s just that they can’t play in the 4th quarter. 


(2-2-0) Giants

(2-1-0) Packers  Playing at Lambeau is always tough.  I don’t think the Giants are up to the task.


(1-3-0) Buccaneers

(1-3-0) Panthers  Maybe it’s time to stop the idiotic Superman impersonations.  Newton will be on the sidelines with a concussion this week.  Their defense is in shambles.  Still, I think they’re better than the Buccs.


 (2-3-0) Cardinals 33  The Cardinals, sans, Palmer, put it to the 49ers on Thursday.  They dominated with the Running game and ageless Larry Fitzgerald to pass to on occasion.

 (1-4-0) 49ers 21


Well, those are my picks for today.  What do you think?

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1 Response to NFL Game Day Predictions Are Back!!!!!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Missed your last weeks picks. But you missed some again that I probably would have picked the same way. However, one I disagreed with you on was the Atlanta Denver game. Denver is not as good as their record, and Atlanta is better.

    As for the Raiders, better to be lucky than good. And they have been very lucky.

    And Baltimore is either very bad or very unlucky! That was theirs to win until the touchback.

    And Dallas? I would have picked Cincy, but Dallas looked good. And I hate that!

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