Late NFL Week 3 Predictions!!!!

Well, I just didn’t get the predictions done this morning.  So, I’ll have to settle for predicting the outcomes of some games just underway.

 (1-1-0) Cardinals 0  The Cards rebounded last week to crush their opponents.  I think they’ll do the same this week.

 (0-2-0) Bills 0


 (1-1-0) Raiders 0  Well, this is a good test to see if the Raiders are indeed an improved team over last year.  And, it’s a good test for the Titans, as well.  I think the Raiders are the better team.

 (1-1-0) Titans 0


 (0-2-0) Redskins 0

 (2-0-0) Giants 0  The Giants at home against division rivals.  I think the G-men D will be too much for the Redskins.


 (0-2-0) Browns 0

 (0-2-0) Dolphins 0  Do the Dolphins finally catch a break and win an easy game rather than playing top teams?  I think they’ll dominate in this one. 


 (2-0-0) Ravens 0

 (0-2-0) Jaguars 0  I’m going out on a limb on this one.  I don’t think the Ravens are all that, and, I think the Jags are a better team than what they’ve displayed so far.  I’m picking the Jags.


 (1-1-0) Lions 0

 (1-1-0) Packers 0  Take the Pack at home against the Lions. 


 (2-0-0) Broncos 0

 (1-1-0) Bengals 0  Huge game for both teams!  I’m going with Cincy at home. 


 (2-0-0) Vikings 0

 (1-1-0) Panthers 0  The Vikings are on a roll!  No QB? No problem.  No AP?  No problem!  Well, we’ll see if they’re for real after today.  I’m going with the Panthers.


(1-1-0) Rams

(1-1-0) Buccaneers  Will, the real Rams stand up?  I hate trying to pick Ram games.  I’m not big on them, but, they managed to beat Seattle last week.  I don’t think the Buccs are better than Seattle, but, I think they’ll beat the Rams.


(1-1-0) 49ers

(1-1-0) Seahawks  The Seahawk offense has just been horrible, thus far.  This week should give them an opportunity to iron things out. 


(1-1-0) Jets

(1-1-0) Chiefs  Another great “test” game!  This game should separate a contender from a pretender, regardless of who wins this one.  I’m picking the Chiefs.


(1-1-0) Chargers The Colt defense is porous.  Their D-backs have been decimated.  Look for another game with nearly 100 passes thrown.  Chargers should take this one.

(0-2-0) Colts


(2-0-0) Steelers  The game for Pennsylvania!  Steelers take it going away.

(2-0-0) Eagles


(0-2-0) Bears

(1-1-0) Cowboys  This should be another lucky break for the Cowboys.  They get to have their rookie backfield get some good reps in a game which shouldn’t be very contested. 


(1-1-0) Falcons

(0-2-0) Saints  I’m going with the Saints on this one because they’re at home.  I don’t believe either team is all that good.


 (2-1-0) Texans 0

 (3-0-0) Patriots 27  It doesn’t seem to matter who is QB at NE, they just keep winning. 

Well, that was rushed, but, those are my picks, what do you think?

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7 Responses to Late NFL Week 3 Predictions!!!!

  1. Seahawks doing better today.


  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    AZ is the NFL’s bi-polar kid down the street.

  3. Latitude says:

    They are giving Hillary a different size podium than Trump….so they both look the same….huh?

  4. philjourdan says:

    WOW! That Steelers game was ugly! But I would have picked them as well.

    • suyts says:

      I really didn’t see that coming. But, I didn’t see a lot coming this week. Carson Palmer? What? 6 INTs from Fitz for the Jets? 8 sacks against Cam Newton? I liked it, but, I didn’t see that coming! And, so it goes in the NFL. Your Raiders need to pick a back and just go with him. I think Murray is one of those guys who get better the more they are worked. I think Richard has great potential. But, I think it limits their production doing what they’re doing. I also think Crabtree is going to shine this year. Their D needs work, though.

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