NFL Week Two Predictions!!!!!


Well, last week wasn’t bad for a first week slate of predictions.  9-6 by my count, as I don’t predict the Thursday games.  Now, there’s just a little more clarity, and we can hope to improve on the percentage of the ones we get right. 

(1-0-0) 49ers

(0-1-0) Panthers  I think SF’s undefeated run ends today. 


(0-1-0) Cowboys

(0-1-0) Redskins  Well, last week I picked the Cowboys and got burnt.   The reason why I picked them is because I thought the coaches would do a better job handling the rookies in their backfield.  To be sure, Elliot is a talent.  But, he’s a rookie with a rookie handing him the ball.  I would have thought this would be a fine time to insert someone with experience in the backfield……. Alfred Morris.  Unless the coaches do that, each week the rookies will learn something new the hard way.  They just haven’t seen enough to have a good chance at winning.  They both did well in taking care of the ball, but, they didn’t produce.  I don’t think there’s a drop-off in talent between the Giants and the Redskins.  Indeed, I think the Redskins are better than the Giants. 


(1-0-0) Bengals

(1-0-0) Steelers  This will be one of the games to watch!  Williams will be starting at RB, again.  I can’t help but wonder what his career stats would look like if the teams would have just gone with him.  He lights it up for the Steelers every time he starts for them!  It’s a great matchup.  I’m going with the home team. 


(0-1-0) Saints

(1-0-0) Giants  This one’s hard for me to pick, so, I’m going with the home team, again.  Expect to see an aerial show.  Keep an eye on Victor Cruz.  It looked like Manning was comfortable throwing to his once favorite receiver.   


(0-1-0) Dolphins

(1-0-0) Patriots  Well, the Pats once again showed that they can win without Brady.  A tough start for my Fish.  But, if they can play this one close like they did with Seattle, then, we’ll know they’re a pretty tough team. 


(1-0-0) Chiefs  What a comeback win the Chiefs had last week!  They can’t be asleep for the first half in this one.  I don’t think they will be.  I’m going with the Chiefs, but, expect a hard fought battle in this one!

(1-0-0) Texans


(0-1-0) Titans

(1-0-0) Lions  Detroit is pretty tough at home, and their offense seems to have improved over last year. 


(1-0-0) Ravens  The Ravens looked good last week, and the Browns looked like the Browns.  RGIII got hurt and they’ll have a different QB starting behind center, again. 

(0-1-0) Browns


(1-0-0) Seahawks  Given last weeks performance of the Rams, this should be a yawner. 

(0-1-0) Rams


(1-0-0) Buccaneers

(0-1-0) Cardinals The Cards lost a close one against the Pats.  The Buccs aren’t in the same class as the Pats.  Expect a fired-up defense and a smoother offense from the Cards. 


(0-1-0) Jaguars  This one is hard for me to pick.  The Chargers lost in OT, after blowing a huge lead.  This coincided with the loss of their stud receiver.  So, I don’t know what kind of offense Rivers will lead today.  So, I’m going with the Jags.

(0-1-0) Chargers


(0-1-0) Falcons

(1-0-0) Raiders  While I wasn’t entirely impressed with their performance last week, they did manage a win, and I still believe the Raiders will be vastly improved over last year.  I don’t think the Falcons have the horses to win this one. 


(0-1-0) Colts

(1-0-0) Broncos  Well, the Colts are still looking for a defense.  The new Bronc QB seemed very capable last week.  Denver is very tough in Mile-High, so, I’m going with the Broncs. 


(1-0-0) Packers  Well, Bradford is starting for the Vikes, today.  I don’t think it’ll make any difference.  AP looked terrible last week.  Until he gets rolling the Vikings don’t look to win many games.

(1-0-0) Vikings


(1-0-0) Eagles 

(0-1-0) Bears  This is another game I can’t really pick.  I don’t think either team is all that good.  So, I’m going with the home team. 


 (1-1-0) Jets 37 Heh!  Ryan vs Ryan and it was an offensive game!  Fitz is showing himself to be a very good QB, and the Forte acquisition looks pretty smart. 

 (0-2-0) Bills 31

Well, that’s all I have for the NFL.  What do you think?

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24 Responses to NFL Week Two Predictions!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    For some reason..Right now, I have a really bad taste in my mouth about professional football….you know, all those multimillionaire oppressed black guys

    I really do not understand the LA poll?……they are showing Trump ahead by 7….yet Hillary is behind in every demographic that counts

    Age…..Trump is ahead is every age group…and way ahead with youth
    Education…..Trump is way ahead in the two largest groups. Hillary is only up by 10 in the college group, but Trumps two groups combined are so large…makes hers look silly
    Income….Trump is so far ahead with anyone that makes over $35 a year…Hillary is only up in the poorest…but again, Trumps demographic is huge…and Hillary’s is the one that tends to not vote
    Race…..Hillary is way up with blacks and Latinos….but half of them do not vote…and they are ~10% and 15%, 5%-6% voting
    Gender….Hillary only has a 7 point lead with women…..Trump has a 20 point lead with men

    Who do you think will win?… in Trumps favor….less people will vote if they think Hillary doesn’t need it..more people will vote for Trump if they think he needs it

    • suyts says:

      It’s Trumps to lose. I’ll try to write a post on this ….. maybe later, today.

      • Latitude says:

        Please do…when you have time
        What’s your take on this? when I run the numbers…he’s so far ahead there’s nothing left
        …yet the poll says 7

        • suyts says:

          Well, that’s just one poll with a different polling procedure than most polls.

        • Latitude says:

          That poll just does not add up…
          Yes, Hillary is ahead 70 to 20 with blacks…..but blacks are only ~15% of the population
          Trump is ahead in every age group….but somehow that does not transfer to education and income..
          …and the shocker….Trump is ahead with people with less education…which is the vast majority..but somehow those same people make more money….because Trump is also ahead with the people with the highest income

        • philjourdan says:

          When was the last time a republican won 20% of the black vote?

          His speech where he nailed the treatment of blacks by Democrats seems to be having some inroads. They may have finally had enough.

        • Latitude says:

          Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about….and it reflects exactly what I’m seeing in south Florida
          The LA poll has Hillary up 55 to 31 with Hispanics. Granted it’s LA, but they are supposed to be polling the entire country. That’s a huge spread…..

          New Mexico is ~50% Hispanic….Mexican

          …and the New Mexico poll has Trump up 43 to 38….now granted again ~15% of the population and 5 points ain’t squat….but still

          It’s what I see in south Florida…Homestead/Florida City…probably 75% Mexican….Trump signs and bumper stickers everywhere….
          Little Havana…probably 75% Cuban and 25% Mexican/Central American….again Trumps signs everywhere

          I have not seen one single Hillary sign or bumper sticker…not even one

          New Mexico Poll: Trump Leads Clinton 43% to 38%

        • DirkH says:

          philjourdan says:
          September 19, 2016 at 11:29 am
          “When was the last time a republican won 20% of the black vote?”

          Even black males just can’t bring themselves to vote for a white woman whose last remaining vital sign is her corruption.

  2. philjourdan says:

    I am going against you on the Chargers and Cowboys (I hate both teams, but Washington just does not have it this year). I am waffling on the Broncos game. The only reason they won is due to the cheap shots on Cam. But if they do win (cleanly), I will move them up in my estimation for the season.

    • suyts says:

      I hope you’re right about the Cowboys, and the Chargers/Jag game was a toss-up for me. It’s early yet.

      • philjourdan says:

        So much for the “New” Raiders. Win the ones they are not supposed to and lose the ones they are supposed to win.

        But the 3 I commented on all came about as expected. Broncos played dirty. I still do not respect them and they are going to get their pay back when the other teams have had enough.

      • suyts says:

        Yeh, it wasn’t a good picking week for me. You did better. The Raiders D has to pick up. If it doesn’t next week I’d fire Norton Jr. And, why was Richard running on a goal line opportunity with a healthy Murray on the bench? These kind of things have a horrible impact on your team.

        Dirty or not, the Broncos took it to the Colts. It’s the NFL, still. If you get punched in the mouth, you have to punch back. …… In the 70s, I adopted the Cowboys and Dolphins as my teams (because those there the names of the little league teams I played on …. full contact, full pads), but, the Raiders were tough, and special. That they’d not take any crap from the Steelers endeared me to them. Man! I loved that style of football!

        • philjourdan says:

          I agree. The rules to protect the assets to the point of ridiculous is not real football (call it the probowl). The Raiders still have a lot of work to do. One aspect that has been lagging is the defense. That would not have happened before, but seems to be an after thought with Mark. The Raiders will win a few again, but I do not see any playoffs for them again this year.

          Denver is taking it to them. But they are also (thanks to Elway – I despise him) the first to whine when it is taken to them. Before long, other teams will stuff it in his mouth.

        • philjourdan says:

          BTW – Even with the loss, I am still looking at KC to rule that division.

  3. Well, Wilson’s injured but plans to play. The Seahawk offense was bad last week. They need to improve to beat teams in the conference. The Hawks didn’t beat the Rams last year either time. I hope it’s better this year. Go Hawks!


  4. Latitude says:

    Latino Activist, Who Criticized Trump’s Comments about Mexican Rapists, Arrested for Rape

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