What He Said!!!!! A Repost Of An Article ……. How To Flip Never Trumpers


There have been a few occasions where I’ve practically begged the Trumpers to change their arguments towards the never Trumpers.  Given a couple of recent comments from a couple readers I thought this was timely.

Now, of course, I’m exaggerating, but, not by much ……. what a never Trumper reads when a typical Trumpster is trying to convince the never Trumper to change their mind …….. “You suck.  I can’t believe you’re going to help Hillary win the election and destroy our country!!!!”  Sure, there are other words thrown in, but, that’s what the never Trumpers read/hear when confronted by a Trumpster.  Oddly, this doesn’t appear to be a successful tact in convincing people to vote the way you wish them to vote.

Luckily, there’s a Townhall article to help the Trumpsters in their efforts.

Ten Tips for Getting NeverTrumpers on the Trump Train

For NeverTrump Republicans, Election 2016 presents nothing but intolerant options.

Hillary Clinton is corrupt and stiff.

Gary Johnson is marginal, but libertarian.

Jill Stein is a true believer (albeit a socialist).

But Donald Trump? He’s a boorish, opportunistic, alt-right hatchet man ready to make deals and ruin our country!

Well …

What can we do to get the conservatives who still call themselves #NeverTrump … to vote for Trump?

I get where they’re coming from. I was not a Trump supporter during the primary. He was not my sixteenth choice for president (I was never going to pull the lever for Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, George Pataki, etc), but Donald Trump hovered towards the middle of the pack for me. Now he’s the top dog.

With less than two months left before Election Day, here are 10 tips for getting NeverTrumpers in your circle of connections on board.

1. Do not shame NeverTrumpers with arguments like: “If you don’t vote for Trump, then you are voting for Hillary.”

Look, it’s not their fault that the front-runner candidates are Clinton, Trump, Johnson, and Stein. If they choose not to vote, they are choosing not to vote. How can anyone accuse a NeverTrumper of voting for anyone?

It’s a losing game to push conscientious voters to do something that would violate their conscience. A vote for Trump has to look like something they want to do, a decision that will further their underlying long-term goals.

Besides, I know about facing two unpalatable choices. In California, Prop 14 has created top-two jungle primaries, which has left me choosing between left-wing Democrats.

I chose not to vote. Part of the voter franchise is the right not to vote! So, forget the “You’re voting for Hillary” rant.

2. List for NeverTrumpers the net positives about Trump’s campaign.

One distinct positive about Trump is his outreach and support for the Remembrance Project. Why not rely on this connection to get friends on board?

Trump brought immigration to the forefront, along with a searing focus on national sovereignty, security, and sanctity. The Remembrance Project is a hard-core non-profit demanding secure borders and a policy that puts Americans first. We need to feel pride in our country. We needed a healthy dose of nationalism in this country once again, and Trump doled out the treatment.

Donald Trump was the only candidate who responded to the group’s pleas.

He knows the parents who lost their beloved children to illegal aliens. I came face to face with this horrific destruction in June, when an illegal alien named Johnny Sanchez set fire to an abandoned Los Angeles warehouse and killed five Americans.

Today, it’s clear to me that Trump means to win and to govern.

I shared this connection with a staunch NeverTrumper, a famous and well-respected conservative. He conceded the value of Trump’s cherished respect for those families.

3. Show how Trump has hastened the much-needed demise of destructive political correctness, and has some solid conservative ideas.

Let the NeverTrumper know that it’s okay, even respectable, that they have not been vocal Trump supporters.

Anyone can look over my previous articles, blog posts, letters, and recordings.

I wanted anyone else but the Trump a rodeo clown, a Democrat, everything but presidential material.

Give me some credit. I never thought he was racist.

He was funny, if not un-serious.

At least at the outset.

I am supporting Donald Trump, not just because he is the Republican nominee, and not just because he has the best (and getting better) chance of defeating the corrupt and crooked Hillary Clinton.

I like his policies on taxes, military, and the Second Amendment. I liked his list of potential Supreme Court nominees. I do not believe he poses a pre-eminent threat to conservatism, either.

He is an invigorating tonic for public discourse. I didn’t have a big problem with an undercard and mainstream debate. I did object to 10 people competing for attention on one stage. But that’s a major media problem for another team. During the earlier debates, presidential candidates savaged Hillary Clinton and each other as well as the media.

4. Yes, you can trust Trump to govern as a conservative.

He has sacrificed business contacts. His image, his brand has endured an unprecedented assault from the left, from the media, from every special interest and big government establishment front out to get rich at everyone else’s expense. And he has made the left-wing “mainstream media” look like the bought-and-sold corrupt frauds that they are. The outreach to the Remembrance Project has not brought him free press, either.

5. If your NeverTrumper was a Carson supporter, point out Carson’s endorsement and leadership in the Trump campaign.

6. If your NeverTrumper is a Cruzer, acknowledge that Cruz had every right not to endorse Trump. Share your appreciation for Cruz’s efforts in the U.S. Senate, like fighting for free Internet and defunding sanctuary cities. Tell him that you hope Cruz gets re-elected to the U.S. Senate and runs for president in eight years.

7. If your NeverTrumper is a Johnson supporter, ask him to explain that Libertarian candidate’s support for a carbon tax, Obama’s executive amnesty, and wavering on religious liberty. Ask him—but do not argue—to explain why Johnson boasts about agreeing with Bernie Sanders 73 percent of the time.

8. If your NeverTrumper is—God forbid—voting for Jill Stein, walk away. Rejoice that Hillary Clinton has lost another LIBERAL voter.

9. Talk about all the swing states. Clinton is now plummeting, and Trump is ascending. Trump is gaining in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida.

Trump has already sewn up Iowa and North Carolina, too.

10. Tell them how Donald Trump is continuing to savage Clinton’s corruption, health, and integrity without holding back. NeverTrumpers want a conservative fighter. Show them how Trump is taking down the Democratic nominee and the party with her.

These are the ten ideas that worked with me.

Let’s get more conservatives on board and Make America Great Again!

Accentuate the positives.  This is how you convince people.  When discussing this issue with people of a conservative bent, never, never, never, use the argument that if they don’t do something you want them to, that the world will come to an end.  That argument doesn’t work when the left tries it on these people, there’s no reason to believe it will work when you try it on these people, either. 

At any rate, I thought I’d share this article because of where the article came from.   Townhall has definitely not been on the Trump train, yet, they are conservative.  And, now, you have this from them.  The worm is turning. 

For some reason, this post reminds me of a song ………..

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75 Responses to What He Said!!!!! A Repost Of An Article ……. How To Flip Never Trumpers

  1. DirkH says:

    How about “Do something! Don’t let the country fall into the hands of a near-deceased charity fraudster who mishandles national security issues!”

    • Latitude says:

      …who’s husband is still d~king binbos at home

      LOL….I love that and want it on a shirt!

    • suyts says:

      Heh!!! I like that! But, see my response to Leftin ……

    • philjourdan says:

      That was the argument for Romney. And even though he failed, the republicans got congress. So where did that get us? The republicans might as well have lost that too as they gave Obama everything. That line does not work. It would not work on me if it were anyone BUT Trump (or Cruz, although less so).

      But the reason I am voting for Trump is that he is NOT republican establishment. IN other words, he has to fight both parties. He will not change the republican party, but he will cause them all sorts of pain. Just as they have caused their former supporters pain by betraying them.

      I do not argue with Never Trumpers. If they want to vote for someone else, that is fine by me. I am not voting for principle in this election. I am voting for stagnation. And in all seriousness, I think Trump is the best for that. We are headed for the cliff by both parties. Trump will merely slow the pell mell headlong rush to it. I do not expect you to be swayed by me. If you have not seen that already, you are already too far gone.

      • ‘I do not expect you to be swayed by me. If you have not seen that already, you are already too far gone.’

        Yes. But somehow it’s now our responsibility to sway, not only liberal’s anti-American thinking, but now the conservative version of it also.

      • suyts says:

        Well, then, don’t sway people. I don’t understand this line of thought.

        If I am to correctly discern the POV, we’re saying this nation will positively go to hell if Hillary is elected. (I don’t disagree) We’re also saying Trump is the remedy for the direction this nation is heading. We recognize there are millions of people who don’t see Trump as the remedy and believe this country will go to hell with Hillary or Trump. We love our country. We feel no obligation to try and convince people to save our nation from going to hell. Not for ourselves, not for our families, not for our countrymen. ……. Did I get that right?

        • Almost. You got it right in that you display the basic understanding of the situation. And therefore shouldn’t need convincing from anyone, except….your belief is telling Trump will be no better than Hillary. You actually have no idea. Facts should be telling you how bad Hillary will be. Love of country should accept that as enough reason to give it a go. No NeverTrumper should need convincing of that.

          And I don’t think anyone said Trump definitely equals remedy. Maybe a middle inning reliever from the bullpen, til we can bring in the closer.

        • suyts says:

          Okay, I see where you’re coming from. But, I don’t think you see where many millions are coming from. I can almost buy the “middle reliever” analogy. It’s a good argument.

          But, allow me to take the “devil’s advocate” position.

          If Trump is bad for the country, even while Hillary may be worse, I feel no compunction to advocate something which is bad for the country. Indeed, it’s adverse to my very being. I don’t understand why this is hard to understand.

          And that’s my point. It is not for us to ever advocate for “less bad”, but, rather advocate for a positive movement forward. All else is simply a more palatable drug, continuing a spiraling descent to hell.

          We have to convince people how this nation will be better with DJT, not how it will be less worse. And, if that is necessary, then, the onus is on us.

        • philjourdan says:

          We have to convince people how this nation will be better with DJT, not how it will be less worse.

          For someone looking for guidance, that is the mission. But the Never Trumpers are not looking for guidance. They have made up their minds. So there is no convincing. They have to decide to change their minds themselves (as several here have said they have done).

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          But the reality is, it’s one or the other. These are the choices. It’s just adverse to my being to not accept that the possibily ‘less bad’, still permits a better chance of recovery. Not doing so, is so far removed from logic, I just don’t see many being convinced.

          ‘Skin cancer? Or pancreatic? I don’t want either. So let it be pancreatic.’ It’ll never make sense to me.

          I think we could talk up Trump all we want, but for most, Trump isn’t the problem. The problem is that lack of logic in them.

        • philjourdan says:

          Yes and No. Saying that Trump is better than Hillary did not convince the millions of conservatives to vote for Romney 4 years ago. it will not work now. Am I saying that Trump is the remedy? No. I am not. I am not saying Trump is going to save the nation. I am saying that he could (may). I am saying that at least it will be a slower descent with Hillary.

          But my main point is that the argument that we “must save the nation” by voting for someone that you hate is not going to work. Either people will vote for Trump for their own reasons, or they will stay home (or vote 3rd party).

          As you know, I am NOT voting for Trump because he is in line with my views. I am voting for him because I see him as a viable “3rd party candidate” – that the Republicans and Democrats are the problem – and that they both hate Trump.

      • Trudy Cashel says:

        Perhaps Trump has a plan for this problem too. He will need to keep persuading Americans to continue voting out the establishment in the mid terms to keep the train on track.

        It’s a huge task but if he gets it right he will mobilise the majority to vote for responsible, people driven government.

  2. Latitude says:

    James, thanks for this…I don’t read Townhall so I would have never seen it!
    …it’s true!

    • suyts says:

      YW!!! It’s very important in Florida. You know as well as I do, Florida is key. There are thousands of people in Florida who will sit this one out if someone doesn’t convince them to vote. If Repubs show up, they’ll win Fla. If they don’t the Dims will win Fla. It’s been that way for years, it will be that way this year. There are Bush and Rubio supporters still butthurt. It’s up to the Trumpsters to bridge that gap.

      • But, Hillary taking FL, and the Whitehouse, and the result of that presidency, will only be on them, and not that we somehow didn’t do a good job of convincing them. In the end, it’s they who failed to bridge the gap, not those who voted to try and stop her.

      • philjourdan says:

        2 Trump voters (holding their nose) just moved to Florida (mother and sister – both conservative, but are tired of the crap). It is a start.

      • Latitude says:

        Florida is key..

        Florida is famous for not being able to poll…..Older people, Latins, etc do not poll….and on the other hand, blacks in Florida do tend to poll…..while younger people here do not poll…it’s a mess and totally skews our polls
        Voting here is a bigger mess….Remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz won her last election with more votes than they had registered voters…

        …and Trump supporters will not poll period

        That said….There are Trump signs, bumper stickers…..everywhere! I have not seen a Hillary sign…not even one

        As Trump starts rising in the polls….Trump supporters will be more enabled, and more will come out of the closet…

        Trump was down 5 last month. in Florida…he’s up 1 this morning….and most of the polls have not updated since HIllary’s bobble head

        Kids and Latins, Crackers here can’t stand Hillary….Cubans will never forgive democrats for Elian Gonzalez …unless we’ve imported too many old hippies and drug addicts ….. Trump should be fine

        • Latitude says:

          Uno cosa mas ….

          You would not believe how many Brazilians, Colombians, Venezuelans, Dominicans, etc South American and Central American latin… have relocated here since the last election.
          Central Florida, Orlando/Tampa area is the new hot spot for them…

          That’s going to throw off our polls completely…..for the most part they have become citizens and will vote….and they all have a major butt hurt right now about liberal and communism

        • What’s Ybor City like these days?

        • Latitude says:

          I honestly don’t know….last I heard it was dangerous…kids, drugs, gangs….don’t know if they’ve cleaned it up

          Tampa doesn’t have the economy Miami has…..Miami’s economy is going balls to the wall right now….you wouldn’t believe what they are doing to Little Havana…..all new businesses, buildings, brick sidewalks, gas lights, sidewalk cafes and restaurants…it’s the only way Miami can expand west of Brickell

        • Too bad. Ybor was a fun hangout in my younger bar-hopping days.

  3. I still think this is more about trying to convince a person who they themselves are, these platforms being so diverse. Could it work on some? I suppose. But then they could probably be convinced to go for whoever the Hillary of 2020 is.

    • And like it or not, NeverTrumpers putting personal belief over country, while not voting for Hillary, are enabling her. Some 500 FL votes kept Gore from the Whitehouse. How far might CAGW be forced down our throats by now.

    • suyts says:

      Yes, Leftin, it was some 500 votes. And,

      NeverTrumpers putting personal belief over country, while not voting for Hillary, are enabling her.

      That may be true. But, what’s the goal, here? If it is to convince someone to change their stance and vote Trump, then, a verbal tongue lashing probably won’t work. Indeed, it probably serves counter the purpose.

      I would also point out that it’s “your belief” that someone else is putting their beliefs over country. They may, very well, believe you are putting your beliefs over country.

      Each person is different, so the approach must be different. But, one has to convince people why it would be a positive thing to have Trump as POTUS, rather than saying he’s not as bad as Hillary. A person like me, for instance, would say, “let it burn then, the quicker we get to the bottom the quicker we can move up.” There has to be a reason to believe this nation will be better with Trump as POTUS, rather than less worse.

      A person like me, for instance, is keenly aware of our border problems. Rather than saying ‘you’re going to help Hillary’,, you could say, he’s going to build a wall. For other people, rather than saying the world will go to hell if you don’t vote for Trump, you could point to the many times Trump demonstrated that he actually cares about the plights of Americans.

      • Sorry, to me it’s only a disconnect from logic that can cause one to not prefer the ‘less worse’ , if that’s how they choose to perceive it. They could choose to see that it’s ‘ better’ instead. You can overcome a first degree burn better than a third. Some cancers are much better to have than others.And I think it would be wise for us to start accepting the idea of a ‘less worse’, if it is going to be an attempted recovery from the bottom.

        Using your example, there can’t be a person in this country that doesn’t know a wall is in his stated agenda. How could, those keenly aware of border problems, not count that as ‘better’ than Hillary. Not just ‘less worse.’

        • Latitude says:

          I have to agree…
          Say you have a picture of something you can’t identify.
          The first thing you do is start eliminating the things it’s not.
          …until you get down to what it probably is
          Can you say for sure what it is…no….but you can say for sure what it’s not

          We don’t have a huge stack of pictures to choose from….there’s only two

      • Latitude says:

        why it would be a positive thing to have Trump as POTUS….

        The Clinton campaign is now offering reward money for dirt on Trump…
        …and she’s back to coughing again

  4. Me says:

    Good stuff, 😆 especially the Trudeau comments!

    • Me says:

      But you know, and the reality of all is no one can convert you but you! So if you are closed minded or you are not, or either you are willing to accept, or you are not, then it all boils down to who you are willing to accept as your leader, and how far you will go out of your way to make others miserible. I guess Missery loves company!

    • DirkH says:

      Thanks for the link, Me.
      Next up, headline: Hillary now so badass in fighting pneumonia and Trump at the same time that she appears in two places at the same time! They really gotta coordinate this, but if it happens, expect the liar media to boast about it.

  5. philjourdan says:

    O.T. – But I think some may get a real kick out of this (especially Me): http://quixoteslaststand.com/2016/09/16/o-t-a-snowflake-has-a-meltdown/

  6. Latitude says:

    This is truly funny……half of the democrats think Sanders should replace Hillary
    …she’s in deep doodoo


  7. Latitude says:

    Hysterical…….Trump trolls the MSM……AGAIN!!
    …they really are this stupid

    Media Outraged After Trump Tricks Them To Cover Endorsements From Military Heroes

    WASHINGTON — The media showed up to the presidential ballroom of the new Trump International Hotel on Friday morning expecting Donald Trump to take questions about whether he still questions if President Obama was born in the United States.

    Instead, they got more than a half hour of a variety of military heroes — generals, medal of honor recipients and a gold star wife — expressing support for the Republican nominee. And it all aired live on the cable news networks.


    • Latitude says:

      ..and it’s getting better
      All the liberal media is pissing and moaning about it…
      …and have no idea what they are really saying or what it sounds like

  8. DirkH says:

    House represantative takes war to the FBI over Hillary, leaves scorched Earth.
    Chaffetz: “You don’t get to decide what I get to see. I get to see it all. ” Video.

  9. Latitude says:

    difference between democrats and republicans…
    These people are funny, having a great fun time

    • Latitude says:

      just so we’re clear…..
      Hillary spoke in Miami last month….at a clinic to less than 20 people

      Trump managed to pack 20,000 into the Knight Center today…with another 15-20,000 grid locking the city trying to get there…and it was live on every TV channel at the same time

      …no one knew Hillary was here

  10. Me says:

    And in other news, Nessie Spotted!

  11. Me says:

    Likely a lot of people missing in her globalist list!

  12. Me says:

    Some Cool Stuff!

  13. DirkH says:

    “There has to be a reason to believe this nation will be better with Trump as POTUS, rather than less worse.”

    Now this is the truth but it is not something that will please anyone:
    Trump will be the banruptcy arbiter of the US:
    Foreign central banks ramp up the dumping of US treasuries. Chart:
    This means that they don’t need them to pay for imports – either because they import less due to economic decline – or because they have made other arrangements with the exporters – payment in RMB, or bartering, payment with commodities or precious metals.

    • suyts says:

      Heh, if that’s the case then a whole lot of other nations will go down the tubes with us.

      • DirkH says:

        Why? Because their stashes of treasuries are worthless? I can see a problem for Saudi there but who else?
        BTW The Saudis want to sell 10% of Aramco. The Chinese might want to buy it. This will be about a 600bn USD deal. After which the Chinese will insist – as owners – to get oil for RMB.

      • suyts says:

        Because much of the world still relies on the purchasing power of the US. What’s China if they can’t export to the US? Japan, Taiwan? Mexico, Canada, Korea, etc. ……… they all take a huge economic hit if the USD falls away. It would make the last global recession look like a walk in the park. In spite of the over printing, the US is still the world’s largest consumer/producer. A world without a USD is a world in a depression.

        • DirkH says:

          So the world needs a consumer for its goods. That’s like 6 guys stranded on an Island, 5 doing the fishing and they all depend on the sixth one to consume their fish because he gives them IOU’s.

          What if the 5 guys decide that they can get along without the IOU’s from the fat guy?
          That’s what’s happening.

          All these years the problem was that all international payments went over SWIFT – via Wall Street directly. And to run through SWIFT they had to be denoted in USD.

          Now the Chinese have an alternative system called I think CHIPS.

  14. Latitude says:

    …go read the name of Steve’s/Tony’s blog

  15. DirkH says:

    ISIS Total War ongoing: Mass stabbing in mall in MN
    IED explosion in NYC
    Well, that all looks pretty amateurish.

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