Trump In Hostile Territory, Tonight!!! Tonight, The Run For POTUS Begins!


Well, I’ve got to say this comes at a most appropriate time.  While this isn’t a debate, per se, it is a head-to-head discussion of sorts.  Known Clinton supporter Matt Lauer will be asking questions of the candidates, separately, at different times.  Supposedly, the questions will be chosen from questions from our people in the military.

There will be other chances, but, one can never again make a “first impression”, and this is Trump’s opportunity to make a first impression with millions of Americans.  He has fortuitously won the coin toss and has elected to go second in the Q&A sessions. 

The timing of this event can’t be more spectacular for both candidates!!!!!  Trump has pulled to a virtual tie in the polls and seemingly has the momentum.  (Yep, I was right about the Mexico visit!)  But, tonight, all of that can change.  This is a grand opportunity for both candidates.  Hillary wants to stop the bleeding, and Trump wants to use tonight as a vault to continue the momentum and leave Hillary in the dust. 

But, both have huge risks in front of them, tonight.  For those who believe this isn’t a huge risk for Trump, I would refer you to a few quotes from recent interviews of Trump.


And ……


If Trump comes anywhere close to babbling like the above word salad, he’ll lose every bit of momentum and then some.  His answers need to be clear and concise.  He needs to stay off tangents unless he’s going to pivot the conversation. 

For Hillary, the risks are even higher because she’s burdened by higher expectations in this arena.  She’s the former SoS.  She should know more about foreign issues and our military than Trump.  She also has to make it through without NBC being forced to cut the air in order for people not to view one of her frequent coughing fits. 

All that stuff before today?  It doesn’t really matter, unless both come off equally inept.  Even if they both come off equally informed and grasp the issues well, then it’s a win for Trump. 

I’d go on, but, I think I’ll wait to see what happens tonight!

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53 Responses to Trump In Hostile Territory, Tonight!!! Tonight, The Run For POTUS Begins!

  1. philjourdan says:

    Can Hillary get through without a coughing fit?

  2. Latitude says:

    You guys watch it and fill me in later….I can’t do it
    Every moderator up there is a Hillary lover…and Trump hater

  3. leftinflagstaff says:

    ‘If Trump comes anywhere close to babbling like the above word salad, he’ll lose every bit of momentum and then some.’

    Probably true. But that’s on the voters, if they could let Trump’s verbal imperfections move them toward Hillary’s physical and ideological ones. If eloquently convincing us to continue committing suicide works, I guess we should.

  4. Latitude says:

    well I’ll be……..Trump knocked it out of the park
    Even the liberal blogs are conceding defeat….

    And there’s a slight chance the news media has figured out that a Hillary president will make them no money and a job risk…
    …and a Trump president will keep them all out of the bread lines

    • suyts says:

      Watched Trump, missed the Hillary portion, but, read the immediate reactions. No major gaffes from either party from what I can see. Trump came across as informed. Deflected a couple of curve-ball questions pretty well.

      • Latitude says:

        major gaffes from Hillary…..she claimed her emails were not marked at all, no headers,etc etc

        Most major gaff from Hillary…she came across as everything people can’t stand

        Trump got more applause and louder cheering

      • Latitude says:

        If you missed the Hillary portion….then you’re a little skewed on what happened
        …Hillary got fried
        These are some of the questions from the audience

        How can you expect anyone to have confidence in you when you so clearly violated national security?

        Iraq war. How can we trust you if you voted for it when it was mistake.

        FBI said may have been hacked.

        You said vets overall satisfied with VA.

        and on and on…

        And it was obvious she got angry…bug eyes and all

      • suyts says:

        Yeh, I read the questions and responses. And, yes, the questions burned her. When I said “no major gaffes” it was regarding the answers to the questions. The problem for Hillary is that there is no good way to answer a question about her emails, handling of classified material, or even the question about the VA satisfaction. So, in that regard, “no major gaffes”, but, the questions lit her up. Still, 99% of Hillary supporters don’t give a damn about the military or our vets. She won’t lose one person from her base over the questions asked. ……. swing voters and undecided, OTOH …..

        • Latitude says:

          true……what I’ve been able to decifer from the polls…there’s a majority that’s undecided
          Blacks, gays, and hispanics are even swinging over to Trump now.

          Hillary actually came across as a lot more rambling babbling and incohereant than Trump…
          …a whole lot more

      • philjourdan says:

        With the incessant drone of the MSM and democrats about Trump, it is easy to forget some things.

        The first is you do not build a multi-billion dollar empire by being stupid. Trump has a temper – almost all CEOs do. And most normal people as well. But he is not stupid. And as long as the MSM and the Democrats keep thinking that, he will continue to snooker them.

        And number 2 is “The Art of the Deal”. Trump is also a showman. He knows when to hold them, and when to fold them, and when to walk away. Everyone was crying about his lack of ads over the summer. I figured (and still do) that Trump has a plan that defies conventional wisdom. So far, he is proving me correct.

        Trump is not a Reagan Conservative. But in many other ways he is a lot like Reagan.

        • Latitude says:

          The plan is…run a lot of ads….claim that you need tons of money so you can run those ads….collect tons of money….and then keep as much as you can when it’s over

          Trump doesn’t run ads…he knows they would follow him into the bathroom if they could…and what he’s doing is thousands of times more effective than ads

          Hillary can’t do it…they are trying to keep her hid as much as they can…with the stuttering, messing her pants (notice she’s now wearing cloths that hide her rear), having obvious seizures, tripping and falling down….coughing….and now getting caught having to wear a ear bud…..they can’t risk it…plus, no matter where she went, they were even having to photoshop the crowds because so few people showed up…had to cancel rallies because no one showed up, etc
          She has no choice but to run attack ads…… She would do anything to be able to compete with Trump in these rallies and can’t

          Trump is thousands of times more effective live and in color…and he knows it

        • philjourdan says:

          All true. Any military man will tell you that you do not reveal your battle plans to the enemy. So as long as Trump can stay close without spending money, he will. And then when it gets to the end, he will release his onslaught.

          The MSM basically gave him free advertising in the primaries – and he set them up. By being polemic. So they were snared into his trap and they CONTINUED to report on him, and he double crossed them. Remember the Reuters pool feed that was not Reuters that they pulled the plug on? The MSM is not too smart. But they are starting to catch on, so Trump will have to start spending. But not as much as Hillary. Because the MSM is still stupid.

        • Latitude says:

          Phil…I think the MSM is wising up…

          They are finally figuring out that Hillary will put them all in the poor house…she’s just not news..she can’t even hold a press conference..and she won’t feed them

          …four years of Trump..and they can all retire rich..with Trumps style…they will have something to report…that people actually want to read…every day

          …Matt Lauer just verified that last night

  5. Me says:

    Matt Lauer is like you said he was, he was like a little kid and mumbled when Hellary crossed the line and then let her continue like the lap dog he is. And Hellary started snapping at the undecided voters questions to the point of anger, ya could see it in her face. LOL! But Good ole Mattie lap pup trun attack dog when it was Trumps turn, and Trump shut him up good! I see Hellary got through that without hacking, she must have practiced and had known what was going to be asked, until the undecided peps started and then the lies came out along with the anger. LOL!

  6. Latitude says:

    well sob…..she was wired and coached through the entire forum….no wonder her answers were stilted

    • Me says:

      😆 Well there you go, I knew something was up so she needed the lying liars to help her lie and still got caught! Now wouldn’t it be nice if someone with a scaner came out with recording of who was on the other side of the ear peice

      • Latitude says:

        nope nope nope…..

        This is something you have to do as a last resort.
        With all the gossip about her brain not working….gets confused, etc…..the risk is too great if you get caught…
        …and they had to risk it….and they got caught

        This wasn’t about feeding her lies…..this was about keeping her on track…telling her what to say because she’s not capable of doing it

        This needs to be screamed loud enough that everyone hears it….and it’s the biggest nail

        • DirkH says:

          Ah! That’s how they did it! So maybe her handlers should be on stage so people can decide whether they like them enough to vote for them!

          And James Woods tweeted the photo! My favorite vampire hunter!

        • DirkH says:

          “Ah! That’s how they did it”

          I mean, that’s how they got around letting her defunct brain try to handle the situation.
          Next debate: Require broadband high amplitude jamming devices and a Faraday cage around her!

        • Latitude says:

          I like that!!

          I want to see them pressed on this…..they have only three excuses

          1. She cheated……”Hillary’s a liar and cheat”

          2. It’s a hearing’s not, I know them all and it’s not…….you didn’t tell us, what else are you hiding…..”release her medical records”

          3. She’s brain dead (Huma said she gets confused) and we have to tell her what to say…”stroke, concussion, etc”

    • Latitude says:

      To me this is a big a deal as all the other crap…
      She can’t even do a interview.

      If she’s elected president….who’s on the other end telling her what to say and do?

  7. DirkH says:

    Hilary’s unsecured bathroom server was a classified server for classified emails, she claims.
    Did she make that up or her controllers? Maybe they’re just as defunct as she!

  8. DirkH says:

    Johnson doesn’t know what Aleppo is. NYT chides him, says he’s stupid because of Marihuana; explains what Aleppo is – FAILS. TWICE.

    • suyts says:

      I read that ……. they both need to take another hit off the pipe. Idiots.

      • philjourdan says:

        The morning talk drive host said it best – If you are a libertarian, what do you care about what Aleppo is? One of the main planks of the party is to pull out of the world! So the question was a gotcha question which has no effect. The support he is drawing from the Hillary side is not supporting him for his foreign policy, but for his libertarian domestic stands.

  9. DirkH says:

    Parasitic worm named after Obama. Scientist says, being a parasite is not an insult 7 out of 10 species are parasites. Well I’m sure that’s the case in the West by now.

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