We Import Over 100,000 H1Bs Every Year ……


Tech Wreck – 100+K Jobs Gone and More Cuts Coming

While we import over 100,000 tech workers a year on H1B visas, we’re going to lay off over one hundred thousand tech workers this year. 

Here’s the take-home quote from the article …….

Mark Haranas, of tech news website CRN, which earlier in the day reported Cisco would eliminate potentially as many as 14,000 jobs, told FOXBusiness.com the tech industry is cutting the dead weight.

The jobs cuts are necessary to shed some staff in order to bring on new employees with the skillset needed in today’s market. The networking skills needed in 2016 is drastically different from the skills that were needed just five years ago in 2011,” he said.

Fascinating.  Some tech worker in 2011, who managed a degree, who understood all the nuances and implications of  networking in 2011, suddenly can’t read, Google, or keep up with the changes now …… or something. 

Ageist much, Mark Haranas?  Oh, yeh, networking is sooooooo much harder, today.  Plug-n-play is so tricky compared to having to play with comm ports and IRQs.  Yeh, advancing protocols are sooooo hard to keep up with.   Why it seems just the other day I was working on a MoDem sort of protocol, but, had to change to working with NICs.  Weird, I was able to do that, but, now, we can’t seem to network, properly, for all the nuanced networking new fangled gizmos!  Yes, the IEEE 801.xxx is sooooo hard to read and understand!!!!!! 

These policies, be it from the US government or the individual companies are nothing but an extension of globalist thinking and a suppression of the American dominance of technology.  It’s wage suppression. 

Is it any wonder that the US government and the Clintons couldn’t find competent IT personnel?

We mass import dumbasses who don’t even understand the base of networking.  We lay off, by the hundred of thousands, people who do.  With this idiocy, why would any intelligent person elect to enter the competitive job market of the IT world?  It pays better to get a degree in basket weaving. 

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30 Responses to We Import Over 100,000 H1Bs Every Year ……

  1. philjourdan says:

    Networking is one tech area that has not seen a great influx of H1Bs. That may change, but the job is changing too fast for the tech mills in India to keep up (think of it as getting a college degree in Networking – how practical is that? You have the foundation, but the idiot professors are way behind in the technology).

    Haranas is half correct. The skills are not there. But they are not anywhere, and that is why the ones in the field are constantly learning the new technology.

  2. America no longer has a valid argument to import anyone. Time work on bringing that need back, not exasperating the problem beyond repair.

    • Latitude says:


    • Latitude says:

      America no longer has a valid argument to import anyone.
      I work with imports every day. Cuban, Caribbean, Mexican, Central America, and South America.
      Without exception, the ones that have been here a few years want the border slammed shut. Probably half I know are already citizens….one from Guatemala got his whole family’s US citizenship day before yesterday….so they can vote for Trump.
      The ones that came here 5-6 years ago or longer, came under different circumstances, and for the most part are different “citizens” than the ones coming now. The ones coming now are criminals, especially the Cubans. They are scared of them, don’t like them…and want to have nothing to do with them. They tell me those people are trash.

      There’s a huge misconception about Latins and how they are going to vote. Should have said it all when Rubio didn’t even carry his own neighborhood and Ileana won with a landslide. She is for closing the border.

      …also partly what’s in play is…..I’m here, my family is here, we’re legal…slam the door shut …they are taking jobs away from us….and we can sponsor anyone we want…pick and choose

      • There was always going to be a point where the tide would turn back on itself. Just gotta wonder if the flood has changed us forever.

        • Latitude says:

          Well, honestly this is just human nature.

          Another thing about Mexicans….they are as big of bigots as blacks are.
          There’s basically two groups of Mexicans….one group has become citizens..slam the door shut..they are mostly scared to death of the new imports and what they are making them look like
          ..the other group is out west…they do not want to become citizens and don’t think they have to because Texas and California are Mexican territories…don’t necessarily want open borders, they don’t think there should be a border at all

          But the one thing both groups have in common….they both hate the rest of Central America and will not have anything to do with them

          It was just recently that Mexicans were also all in favor of building a wall……across their southern border

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          All of nature was intended to defend itself. Not just humans. But yes, the discrimination against America’s right to do so, as gone on much too long.

  3. sth_txs says:

    You would think some of these CEO’s since they serve as members of the board on other companies would give a damn about wages being good enough so people will buy those $250k or $500k cardboard shacks known as houses and the over priced cars these days.

    Companies are not charities, however, it is amazingly short sighted to sell your fellow citizens to make a few extra nickels in this manner.

    • Latitude says:

      exactly….they sold this crap telling people they could buy stuff cheaper

      What good does that do if you don’t have a job.

    • DirkH says:

      sth_txs says:
      August 19, 2016 at 7:55 am
      “You would think some of these CEO’s since they serve as members of the board on other companies would give a damn about wages being good enough so people will buy those $250k or $500k cardboard shacks known as houses and the over priced cars these days.”

      You pay people what they’re worth, not more – you actually can’t pay more as long as there’s competition. The problem is rather that the big corporations pay politicians to create price-driving regulations – which are designed to become barriers to entry for lower cost smaller competitors – enabling the big corporations to take inflated prices.

      Example: The house price bubble is CREATED through prohibition of new construction (see San Francisco for the best example). Who profits? Existing real estate owners – and banks who get to profit from way bigger mortgages than would otherwise be the case. (To cdquarles: that’s what I mean with banks profiting from regulations. They don’t profit from FATCA, I know. They profit from price-driving regulations in other markets.)

      • DirkH says:

        As to price driving in the car market: California has the world’s most stringent nitrous oxide regulations (and of course ludicrous CO2 emission regulations for car fleets, forcing any car maker who wants to sell in Cali to sell some uneconomic electric cars to drive down average CO2 per mile).

        The huge carmakers happily went along with it in a kind of race to the abbyss hoping the other guy dies first. Now VW turned roadkill. The others are cheating as well. What we have is a big attack on the German carmakers only because some Californians have crazy ideas AND all carmakers happily played along. A trap waiting to be sprung.

        The sane decision would have been to just not sell to Californians. But, they play these games all the time. They all hope that they’re big enough to buy enough politicians to get them out of the mess.

        Why does this drive the price of cars? Well I wouldn’t need that urine injection thing in a Diesel if I only run it in Germany. What do I care what happens with the air in LA. So you end up with fancy devices that are just a waste of resources for the rest of the world. It’s all resource waste and costs money. Again, the more complicated the systems that are legal to be sold are, the bigger becomes the advantage of BIG companies against smaller ones. Big companies WANT unneeded complexity.

        • sth_txs says:

          Yep, good points Dirk. Eric Peters at this his blog talks about some of this stuff. The unnecessary complexity of vehicles because of made up government regulations that add expense but do little any more from an environmental perspective. I certainly won’t be buying an F150 King Ranch edition new truck any time soon.

      • cdquarles says:

        About that bigger profit from bigger mortgages, those larger mortgages don’t really help them when the downturn happens. Sure, those paper profits may look good on the way up, but the losses sure don’t on the way down. The people that really benefitted are, indeed, the incumbents, with the biggest incumbent of them all being BIG Government. Not only did the GSE known as the Federal Reserve get pushed (by the ideologies that are dominant within the pool of people they draw from) into this, don’t forget that the Big Gorilla GSEs in housing pushed home ownership as being the American Dream. What GSEs am I speaking of? FNMA, Freddie Mac, and now there is one for the student loan system, too.

        The housing mess we see today was the result of ‘Scientific Socialism’ espoused by Progressives, who gave us the Federal Reserve, which gave us the Great Depression, which gave us Glass-Steagall, which gave us Federal Savings and Loans backed by Fannie and Freddie, which were disintermediated by the Great Inflation that FDR started. This, in turn, crashed the S&Ls in 1986, which forced banking reorganization that fed Freddie and Fannie even more, which then fed back more mess via the Community Re-investment Act, which Clinton pushed even more, which forced the end of Glass-Steagall (too late) and, via the Gun held to their heads pushed banks into making loans to people who couldn’t pay back the loans but were ‘protected classes’, so the banks responded by getting insurers in the act and the rest of Wall Street via derivatives designed to hedge the default risk, which it did for a time; but when GW Bush’s administration got wind of shenanigans, one Mr. Frank and one Mr. Dodd refused to allow Fannie and Freddie’s being reigned in. We all now what happened after that. Yep, the Great Depression V2.0.

      • DirkH says:

        cdquarles says:
        August 21, 2016 at 1:33 am

        “About that bigger profit from bigger mortgages, those larger mortgages don’t really help them when the downturn happens. Sure, those paper profits may look good on the way up, but the losses sure don’t on the way down.”

        Sure. And similarly, VW laughed all the way to the bank til their cheating was used against them. I don’t say that that regulation game creates a stable system. The opposite is the case.

        • Latitude says:

          I thought the banks hedged their bets/losses by bundling them and selling them off as bonds? The banks have had to hold a reserve, so they are covered now….even though they shed their exposure

          It’s the bonds that are not covered….

          But then there’s no competition on those bonds….

        • DirkH says:

          Latitude says:
          August 22, 2016 at 12:03 pm

          “I thought the banks hedged their bets/losses by bundling them and selling them off as bonds? ”

          Those were the CDO’s sold. Traditional mortgage business didn’t do that. Here in Germany, there was never a CDO business; and the bread and butter business of many banks are mortgages to home owners. It is very risk free for the banks here – when the property is under water, the debtor is still on the hook for the full nominal value! You can’t send the keys to the bank and just move! What happens when a debtor doesn’t pay is, the home gets auctioned off, the proceeds pay part of the mortgage, the debtor now has no home but he still has to pay the rest.

          And, we have a veritable housing bubble in those big cities where there are a lot of jobs – especially Munich where I currently am. And no, I won’t buy a house here.

          A lot of US CDO’s got sold to German Landesbanken – these are institutes that originated as state owned banks so they were not too business savvy even after their privatisation – and bought high yield CDO’s hand over fist, trusting the US rating agencies who gave them an AAA rating in spite of hi sub prime content. And that all blew up in their faces in 2008 and a bunch of them had to be bailed out or got bought out by the luckier ones.

  4. kim2ooo says:


    I will be using the Dark Net encryption here, in order to keep any messages to Suyts Space from being hacked.

    You will not be able to read the rest of this message unless given the “key”.

    From: [ redacted ……………………………………………………………………………………………]

    Hillary is an ass[ redacted ………………….].

    ~WAVIN’ HI ~ 🙂

    This concludes this high level communication.

    • philjourdan says:

      Given that the MSM is finally picking up on some of the illegalities of the clintons, it is no surprise that McAwful wants to register the felons. Birds of a feather.

  5. Me says:


    They are too stupid, I mention her name here and now this! 😆
    I guess the new Metallica song may be appropriate for them! Be warned, foul language used. 😆

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