My Thoughts On The Trump Shake-Up And More!!!


Well, I’m tired as all get-out, but, I promised a post, and so we shall have it!

The last couple of days the media has been all abuzz about Trump’s hiring of Steve Bannon, the co-founder of Breitbart News. 

Many have opined this is a desperation move.  It may, or may not be, but, I believe the move was brilliant, but, not timely.  It’s brilliant because Bannon and Trump are very similar in views.  In the recent past, people have spoken and written about a need for Trump to change in order to appeal to people.  I agree.  But, not like most of the talking heads would think.  Trump needs to change, that is to stay focused, not his verbiage or demeanor.  I believe Bannon can provide said focus, if Trump will listen to him.  While some people may disagree, the fact is the Trump campaign has been playing defense for too long.  In order for him to win, his message needs to be aggressive, in-your-face, and most importantly, focused.  You see, you have to dance with the partner who brought you to the dance.  Having Trump pretend to be a Romney-lite is a sure recipe for disaster.  That’s not who he is, he can’t.  But, he has to stay focused.  If he listens to Bannon, he has a real good chance of winning the election. 

Now, as to the part where this wasn’t “timely” ……… let me first, brag a bit. 

Back when the Repub primaries were going on, I said the media would brutalize Trump once he got the nomination.  Some seemed to scoff at the notion stating that they were already attacking him.  It was true, they were already attacking him, but, not like what we’re seeing today.  They’re not just attacking, they’re suffocating him. 

Trump recently gave two very good speeches.  They are sure to gain him some votes.  However, what’s dominating the news cycle?  What happened?

Many viewers wonder: Why are media outlets freezing out THIS Donald Trump news?

I’m seeing a lot more talk in the media about Trump’s campaign manager than Trump’s foreign policy speech, which was actually substantive.

— Max Abrahms (@MaxAbrahms) August 15, 2016

It’s another unforced error.  We all know the LSM is in the tank for Hillary.  Why give them something else to cover after his speeches?  But, not only is the Trump campaign making unforced errors, they’re missing easy low-hanging-fruit opportunities.  The US competing on the world stage demonstrating American exceptionalism?  Is that something the Donald could tie to his campaign?  Given Zero’s and Hillary’s lack of interest, I thought this was a golden opportunity for Trump to demonstrate that he’s literally in the US’s corner.  In a campaign, perception and image is everything.  While I don’t think he should have gone to Rio, he should have demonstrated that he was following very closely.  While we’re on the subject, here’s another golden opportunity that he’s letting slip through his hands.  …………….

So, people in Louisiana are dying and being flooded out, again.  The left savaged Bush, and by extension, Repubs for a seeming lack of interest.  Well, Hillary’s campaigning, and Zero is golfing.  If Trump shows up and starts handing out food or clothes or whatnot, what’s the visual?  That’s a win-win-win!!!!  Find some conservative Black ministers in La, (there are many) and go do it!  <———–  Folks, this is the stuff which wins elections.  You bury your opponent with imagery!  You demonstrate that you care, you demonstrate they don’t.  You demonstrate that you’re willing and able actually get something done, and you demonstrate that they aren’t and won’t.  He did well in Wisconsin, but, he has to follow up and follow through!

I’ve noticed many are now following the various state’s polling.  I’m here to tell you at this time of year they are meaningless.  Like the flooding in La, we know it’s only mid-August.  We absolutely know there will be more significant events occurring in the US and abroad between now and November.  It’s how the candidate reacts, and how the candidate paints their opponent which matters, that will sway the polls.  If things stay the same between now and November, Trump will lose in a landslide.  But, things won’t stay the same.  The fact is, I believe Trump is near his base.  That is to say, I think he’s about bottomed out.  At this time of year, that’s great news for team Trump.  You know where you’re at, you know where you need to improve, and you have time to do it. 

First and foremost, in this modern electorate, no Repub will win the White House without Florida.  (This assumes Texas goes Repub, if Texas doesn’t, then forget it, it won’t happen.)  But, you need Florida.  Go secure Florida.  You have to have it.  I think it’s easily done, especially with the message of Trump.  And, this could give you an advantage in other more competitive states, such as Az and NM.   I don’t believe the older Latino immigrants, the ones who have been here a long time like the new ones.  Play that up!!!!!  I saw this dynamic in Texas and in a Kansas town I used to live in.  They don’t like the new immigrants.  All he has to do is to change his message a little bit and you’ll have millions of Hispanics volunteering to build that wall.  They came here to escape the mess that many seem so hell-bent on importing.  Once that’s done, attack!  Go to the heart of leftardism, and make Hillary play defense. 

Cruz once made a comment about “New York values”.  While I believe that was a mistake to say, it’s true.  I can’t even think of one New York Repub which I like/respect, much less a leftard New Yorker.  The last one I knew about moved to Arizona. Winking smile  But, Trump can speak their language.  I can’t.  The world I live in is entirely different than the world they paint.  No, I don’t believe Trump can win NY, but, he can make Hillary move her resources there …….. and then, you win. 

But, you have to attack, and you have to pick up allies willing to attack for you. 

Conversely, Trump is only up by 6 in Texas.  If the margin gets any smaller he’s going to have to go to Texas.  ……… trying to speak to people who don’t speak his NY language.  If there were only a Texas surrogate to be had.  But, that’s a brag for another occasion. 

Lastly, ignore the Libertarian.  Don’t give Johnson any air.  So far, team Trump seems to be doing pretty well at this, in spite of the LSM’s overwhelming desire to see team Trump discuss him. 

Well there’s lot more to discuss, but, that’s the US prez race post for the night.  I may have more on other subjects later.

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33 Responses to My Thoughts On The Trump Shake-Up And More!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    You are 100% correct a mundo on all points……

    Driving me crazy though…all every one is doing is talking about Trump

    While we have the most despicable lying white trash running against him.

    Correct about the latins, mexicans, cubans, central americans, etc
    They absolutely hate these new people and are 100% for closing the border…and all I talk to are 100% for Trump.

    Another thing….we have a lot of muslims here….they are 100% for Trump too.
    Told me, terrorists don’t care, they will blow them up too.

    BTW, that brings up a point….who is for Hillary?? everyone I talk to is for Trump
    Even dyed in the wool democrats I would have never thought

    • suyts says:

      Globalists, that’s who is for Hillary. For Trump to win, he needs to talk up nationalism. There are still enough of us who believe in this nation, regardless of our political stripes. There won’t be in another 10 years if it keeps going the way it is.

      • Latitude says:

        DONALD TRUMP: As you know, I am not a politician. I have worked in business, creating jobs and rebuilding neighborhoods my entire adult life. I’ve never wanted to learn the language of the insiders, and I’ve never been politically correct – it takes far too much time, and can often make more difficult.

        Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. I have done that, and I regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. Too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues.

        But one thing I can promise you is this: I will always tell you the truth.

        I speak the truth for all of you, and for everyone in this country who doesn’t have a voice.

        ….this is the Trump I like…he’s is the best in the world at turning a negative around

      • Latitude says:

        Globalists, that’s who is for Hillary
        …and there’s no way this planet is ready for globalization

    • Ross L Poling says:

      I do not think it will be 10 years. I feel based upon what Trump has been doing along with his sidekick Stevie between the 2 of them they are going to end the US and will be a nation of terrorist. I was always taught we were are equal ? It appears that the wealthy is going to be our rule and push their so called GOD on us. Chuch and state were to be separate but not now. I pray to my god that this ends soon.

  2. Latitude says: are ahead of the curve 😉

    DOING OBAMA’S JOB: Trump to visit Louisiana flood victims on Friday

    While President Obama insists on playing endless rounds of golf during his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, Donald Trump will be visiting Louisianans impacted by the worst flooding since Hurricane Katrina.

    “I would like to take a moment to talk about the heart break and devastation in Louisiana, a state that is very, very special to me. We are one nation. When one state hurts, we all hurt. And we must all work together to lift each other up,” Trump told Charlotte, North Carolina rally attendees today,

  3. philjourdan says:

    The one thing I have learned about elections is that no 2 are the same. So you have to run your own campaign and not worry about what the media or other so called experts say. I will leave it at that for now.

    On Texas, I would point you to the poll that shows 25% of them want to secede on any given day, but if Hillary is elected, 60% do. So much for the 6 points.

    And finally, this is one of your best articles in a long time. Well done.

  4. Me says:

    Prolly couldn’t bring himself to invoke the R word anymore so he went with the D word this time! 😆

  5. Me says:

    We had something similar happen to us in the 90’s, but some are more equal than others.

  6. Me says:

    Is this for real? If so how many times does it take things to add up to where you now have Zero as your guy? Ya know the man that said what does that mean, election fraud? Ya know the man that says ya don’t need voter ID err somethang. Ya know tha man from Chicago, that was from Hawaii, that was from somewhere that sealed his own records so no one really knows!

  7. Me says:

    LOL! Don’t get caught in a Mosh! Talking to Mosh is like clapping with one hand!

    But then Mosh mightcome back with something like this! LOL!

    Lat, that is what I posted at Tony’s site earlier today! Apparently I can do it again fer some reason???

  8. Me says:

    Now James as for you wanting to brag a bit about that, we already knew they were only going to get worse after Trump got the nomination. There wasn’t any need to brag about it, but I don’t recall it being as bad as as the last one between Romney and Zero! It seems they have to go so brutal at Trump as they are because they have no control of it this time and they are flailing all over them selves. Why? because that is what they are and what they do! It’s not going to help them this time, they pulled the crying wolf too many times before and now it is biteing them back! The more vicious attacks they make the better it is for Trump. See that is how the game is being played!

    • DirkH says:

      You can only win a fight when you know your enemy. The enemy is the media.

    • philjourdan says:

      You are close Me. They have to go so rabid because Trump laughs off their normal attack vectors. He does not apologize, he doubles down on his statements accusing them. So the media has to go nuclear and become what they wanted Trump to become. And trump laughs at them the whole time – as do the rest of us. We KNEW they were liars and biased. Now even the low information voters are seeing it as well.

  9. cdquarles says:

    -A point about that New York values thing that I’d like to bring up. Trump was raised in a ‘can-do’ New York, even though the Progressive rot had been going on for three decades or so there. That’s the New York values that I think he was referring to, as well as the work that Guliani did in the City itself. Ted Cruz was, I say, mocking the current New York values, which are anything but ‘can-do’.

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