NRA People And Trump!!!!!


In the end ….. if, (and that’s a big IF) this will be a win for Trump.

Here’s the full context of the Trump statement.


Now, people here know I’ve never been one to carry Trump’s water, but, this is ridiculous. 

The first thing I read, coming off work, were the emboldened words.  I thought, even for Trump this is too whacked, there must be more to this …… and, clearly, there is.  Anyone who can conceive this is a call to violence needs to burn their voter registration card, continue listening to Madonna or whatever and never again speak of politics.  Never vote in the US ever, again.  They won’t, but, that’s what they need to do if this nation will ever again have a meaningful political dialogue. 

The “Second Amendment people”, or as Trump later refers to them, the “NRA”, are a gun safety advocacy group.  In their entire history as an organization, they’ve never advocated violence against anyone, never.  Nor, would they ever associate with anyone advocating violence against anyone …. with the exception of people engaging in self-defense. 

People need to read a real history book.  The NRA was formed to counter gun violence against minorities and laws which didn’t allow them to protect themselves. 

Any statement which has more than two sentences can be taken out of context.  It is impossible to say anything meaningful without offering an excerpt which can be taken out of context.  While Trump has made many unforced errors, this isn’t one of them. 

The NRA and other “2nd Amendment people” have long been politically active and politically and legally fighting the advocates of totalitarianism ….. never advocating violence against anyone.

The ignorance displayed towards the statement Trump made is intolerable. 

Someone thinks this is a call to commit violence against Hillary?  Hillary has given the American people enough reason to commit violence against her, all by herself.  We don’t because that’s not how a civil society works.  Consider all of the anti-gun owner statements Hillary and her minions have made over the course of history, include the current president.  If we were that easily incited to violence of such, then, it would have already occurred.  It’s the leftards who don’t know anything about guns who commit such violence. 

I, for one, am sick of this. 

Above is what the man said.  Who finds that as a call to violence?  Who allows themselves to be manipulated to see that as a call to violence?  It’s not an error of Trump’s, it is an intentional mischaracterization to what he said. 

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15 Responses to NRA People And Trump!!!!!

  1. DirkH says:

    By now everyone should have noticed that you can’t trust MSM journalists and whenever they go into one of their orchestrated frenzies you gotta find the source yourself. Which also means that MSM are not doing any work for you. Everyone learns – google it yourself. This way the MSM are neutering themselves.

    Today I talked to a German engineer who turned out to be a Sanders fan. I was amused. So I said – as he made a joke about Trump’s hair – so you’d prefer Clinton. He said, no, given the alternatives , Trump. He sees Clinton as a warmonger.

    So this looks like the German MSM – who are in the tank for Clinton – have lost their German socialist readers as well. This is collapsing just beautifully. The mighty progressive machine is taking on water and listing.

    • DirkH says:

      Oh and the latest quarterly reports saw a 7% readership decline for mighty SPIEGEL, and an astonishing 36% decline for one media group in NRW, with newspapers like WAZ.
      German newspapers are dying fast now. They are sticking to covering up Muslim crime which runs absolutely rampant. My police report aggregator has 1700 blog posts a month now – they had 900 in February.

    • suyts says:

      It’s a race against time for the LSM. They are listing and about to sink. Their only hope is to quickly ban other opinions and perspectives. This is what we’re seeing today.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    I’m not sure he means NRA as the 2A ‘people’, you can be pro 2A without being an NRA member. But regardless, the 2A absolutely calls for violence, should it or any other right be threatened. Any NRA member who doesn’t accept that as the primary mission of the 2A probably shouldn’t be NRA. And, he separates the two again later as a combination of influence on the judges.

    He was describing a scenario where Hillary would appoint judges who could sway the court toward ‘essentially abolishing it’. That’s the threat. Yes, using the 2A will be a ‘horrible day’, but a necessary one. There’s nothing ‘whacked’ about the quote, mischaracterized or not. Not a direct call to violence, no. The violence wasn’t his idea. But he understands it was intended for those like Hillary.

  3. >>
    Anyone who can conceive this is a call to violence needs to burn their voter registration card, continue listening to Madonna or whatever and never again speak of politics. Never vote in the US ever, again.

    You’ll have to find me first.

    Here in the People’s Republic of Washington State, we just had our primary. It’s a top-2 primary, meaning that only the two candidates in each race with the most votes get to move on to the general. Surprise, surprise, we have two Republicans running for state treasurer. It looks like there will be a Republican elected as state treasurer, but in Washington State you never really know.


  4. philjourdan says:

    It would be funny if it was not serious. Democrats have been doing violence. Democrats have been calling for violence. So of course they are going to try to blame their violence, their calls on Trump. Nothing changes. Except this year it is Trump. And he will not roll over and beg like a whipped puppy.

    I hope he takes it right back to them. It will not change the idiots who have no brains. But it will show the pure hypocrisy of the left. And perhaps to enough of the independents to matter.

  5. Latitude says:

    Might be just my southern upbringing…..but Trump talks and sounds perfectly normal to me. It’s the way everyone talks….Problem with liberals, they are so used to hearing some naby pamby placating BS from some eunuch

    In the mean time…..3 people associated with the DNC have been murdered….what are the odds?
    ….about the same as winning 5 out of 5 coin tosses
    And not a word in the LSM…..

    Sounds like Russia….don’t it?

  6. I guess we would have been better off if they had just listened to the guys wringing their hands over refusing to surrender the guns at Concord.

    The call to violence is our most precious right, all others depend on it, and we seem embarrassed by it.

  7. Latitude says:

    It’s not an error of Trump’s, it is an intentional mischaracterization to what he said.
    Well exactly…
    How FUBAR is this?…..One candidiate, and her entire political party….should be in jail

    …but it’s all about what the other candidate “said”

  8. Me says:

    CNN caught again! 😆 Apparently still running the story that the Secret Service had a talk with the Trump campain.
    So here is another funny thing with CNN and their pundants crying foul over what they believe Trumps intent was! Did you ever see them ( cnnties ) going after Islamic Clerics with this much viciousness for a clerics choice of words, after some of their people go all ISIS jahadi like has been going on?

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