Never Trumpers Embarrassing Everyone At The RNC


For the love of …….  would you people just stop?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Look, everyone who reads this blog knows I’m no fan of Trump.  I think the Repubs went the wrong way.  But, that’s the way they chose.  The entire issue was settled when Trump went over the amount of bound delegates necessary to secure the Republican nomination.  It was over months ago.  Now, Never Trumpers wanted to change the rules of the nomination to unbound the bounded delegates.  And, they’re really, really madz because they were told “no”.

Republican officials approve convention rules, triggering uproar

CLEVELAND –  Republican officials hastily adopted a set of much-contested convention rules Monday, setting off an unruly protest from anti-Donald Trump delegates on the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. 

Those anti-Trump forces had hoped to challenge the rules that bind delegates to vote for the presumptive GOP nominee, as part of a last-ditch bid to at least disrupt his march to the nomination. But the convention’s presiding officer, Arkansas GOP Rep. Steve Womack, abruptly put the rules to a vote — twice — and declared them approved by voice. 

This prompted loud objections from Trump opponents, who shouted “roll call vote” in a dramatic showdown that effectively ended the Never Trump movement, but also underscored the deep divisions that remain in the party even as the Trump campaign claims the GOP has united. 

Those delegates were hoping for a state-by-state vote on the rules that bind delegates to back Trump. 

“I have no idea what’s going on right now,” Utah Sen. Mike Lee said Monday, who helped lead the failed uprising. “This is surreal.” 

Following the votes, almost all of the Colorado and half of Iowa delegations walked out. Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and members of his state’s delegation were screaming “shame” amid the vote; he later told CNN the RNC “violated its rules.”  ……..

Now, for a moment, I would like to ask the never Trumpers to imagine what would have happened if they were successful in their efforts. ………

I mean sure, the end of the GOP might not be a bad thing, but, the most immediate effect would be to further divide the RNC.  I fully believe even unbound, Trump would still win the majority of the delegates, so the effort was likely to be not just pointless, but, so divisive as to having the RNC’s primary process never again be taken seriously.  But, this effort goes well beyond that.  Let’s say they were successful with the rule change and Trump didn’t get a majority of the delegates.  ……….  Who were they hoping for?  Romney?  Cruz? …….. It doesn’t matter who, nearly every Trump supporter would turn and walk away.  Hell, I would walk away.  You can’t tell the people they got it wrong and put up someone else.  That’s what the Dims do!!!! 

Here’s the facts.  With Trumps rise in populism, and many coming to vote Repub for Trump, you can’t win without them.  This isn’t the turn I wished for the GOP, it’s the turn I got, it’s the turn we all got.  Right or wrong, it’s what we have, and what we have to deal with.  And, right or wrong, the alternative is Hillary and the Dims.  Again, to make the distinction between Repubs and Dims, conservatives tend to deal with reality. 

I have great respect for both Mike Lee and Ken Cuccinelli, but, neither are dealing with reality at this moment. 

Look, if you can’t get on fire for Trump (I understand), at least you can surely get on fire for defeating Hillary.  If you can’t get on fire for defeating Hillary, then you need to sit this one out.  Buy some popcorn, watch, learn, and come back stronger and better next time.  But, the crap you’re trying to pull here does no one any good, except Hillary.  One can’t possibly want that one their conscience.   

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55 Responses to Never Trumpers Embarrassing Everyone At The RNC

  1. Latitude says:

    Thanks for getting involved…..again!!

    We’ve got way too many people in this country who’s job is working rewards…
    ..and they have all realized that bad behavior gets them even more rewards

    We need to grow up and stop it

  2. Latitude says:

    You know, I’m not watching it…can’t hear it anyway
    Trump I understand….it’s Hillary I don’t understand at all

    I can’t think of a more low class, white trash…and to top it all off, they even know how she lies and know she’s a criminal…if she were a republican, they would force the party to disband

  3. Yep. Hey guys, maybe a little more fight with your steadfast conservative values over the past seven years, and Trump would still be working on his next tower. Now your plan to win us back is to help Hillary win?

  4. daveburton says:

    Under the rules of parliamentary procedure, the dissenting delegates had the right to demand a roll-call or standing-division vote. If the trumpists wanted Party unity, they’d have made sure that dissenters were treated fairly. The best way to divide the Party further is to trample the rights of the people whose support you need.

    The problem was that the voice vote was obviously very close. It was impossible to tell who really had the majority.

    Integrity demanded that a roll-call vote be taken. Instead, Trump’s man, Steve Womack, lied,, and declared that the Ayes have it.

    The trumpists are acting exactly like Democrats:

    Is anyone surprised?
    [video src="" /]

    • Attempting to counter the will of the people is what Democrats, tyrants, arrogant elitists do. They had a perfectly clear roll call, known as the Primary.

      • philjourdan says:

        You have a point LIF – the voice vote may have sounded close, but it was not. The Nos just screamed louder.

        The time to change the rules is BEFORE you start to play the game, not in the last 2 minutes.

        • Seems absurd that we could even still allow the possibility of our leadership being dictated by a loud minority.

        • philjourdan says:

          But that IS the democrat party! The Never Trumpers want to be exactly like them! The oxymoron are the ones that try to twist it 180 degrees and claim the Trumpers are like the democrats. But then that is also just like the democrats.

        • Convincing enough of the majority that the will of the minority should decide the law of land, is Dem politics, yes. And in Repub politics, especially in this ridiculous convention tactic.

        • cdquarles says:

          Hi Kim. It has been a while :).

        • daveburton says:

          philjourdan wrote, “the voice vote may have sounded close, but it was not. The Nos just screamed louder.”

          You don’t know that, and neither did Chairman Womack.

          More to the point, the rules required that a roll-call vote be taken, if majorities of the delegates from seven or more States requested it. Eleven did so.

          You say, “The time to change the rules is BEFORE you start to play the game, not in the last 2 minutes.” But Trump’s convention chairman flouted the rules.

          When he decided to run for President as a Republican, Trump conveniently changed his convictions, on the issues. But they way “his” convention is being run illustrates that he still acts like a Democrat. He’s just as ruthless, dishonest, and shallow as a typical Democrat.

          But at least he’s no longer a strip club owner. The Bankruptcy Court sold his Trump Taj Mahal casino and Scores strip club to Carl Icahn in late February.

        • philjourdan says:

          Sorry, I do not see your point Dave. Indeed, I see Trump playing the republicans and beating them by their own rules. Yes, Trump has flip flopped back and forth. But then, other than the dues paying, so have the republicans! And that is why Trump got it.

          When he started his campaign, the rules stated X. He played by those rules (and whined when they worked against him). Now that the game is essentially over, and he beat them, they wanted to change the rules at the last minute. THAT is democrat. Not his use of their rules.

          Besides, he had more than enough “pledged” delegates going in. Do the math. A vote would have gone his way as they would have voted to support him (other than the ringers inserted by party functionaries to do exactly this which is not according to the rules, but we ignore that because it is for the betterment of the party, right? Democrats)

          I am a Cruz man. But I will support Trump. And unless he fixes the party, it will be the last time I vote Republican. I see no reason in voting for a candidate who sides with democrats as soon as he is elected. And I am not alone. If the republicans want to be democrats, that is their choice. And mine is to vote for anyone else.

        • Probably should have remained a strip club owner. The non-strip club owners haven’t been so impressive recently.

        • daveburton says:

          leftinflagstaff wrote, “[Trump] Probably should have remained a strip club owner. The non-strip club owners haven’t been so impressive recently.”

          Trump didn’t give it up willingly. His Casino and Strip Club went bankrupt. The bankruptcy court sold it off, with the proceeds going to the creditors & lawyers.

          That’s hardly a feather in Trump’s cap. I certainly don’t think yet another bankruptcy is “impressive.”

          We had quite a few very excellent, and impressive, candidates in the Republican primaries. Unfortunately, they all lost.

        • philjourdan says:

          The evil bankruptcy! Except it is not. Bankruptcy takes non-performing assets and turns them into performing assets (either with a revamped company or a different company). It also gets rid of the management that got it to that point (Trump is the CEO, not the COO).

          But the democrats have demonized bankruptcy. Indeed, they lied about GM and made it appear that Obama saved it (he did not, he illegally stole money from bond holders). So while Trump may miss his strip club, the truth is, the market had moved away, and it was time to liquidate it and move to where the action was then. That happened. The system worked.

          Except to democrats. Liars all.

  5. philjourdan says:

    Hillary is establishment. Trump is not. Never Trumpers want Establishment over all else. They will not vote for Trump. It is time to dump the republican party. It is a slavish extension of the democrat party.

  6. Latitude says:

    We can lay blame to almost all of what’s going on right now to the press/media…
    …stir it up, call every thing racist….and watch their ratings soar

    Democrats are doing the exact same…

    We have allowed people to get away with being rewarded for bad behavior…
    …riot burn a city down…and the media plays them as the victim

    ..and we have allowed people in this country to establish their own mini-countries in our cities…their own laws, language, culture…where what they are doing they don’t think is illegal…because it’s ‘normal’ they are all doing it….so they think they are being singled out and being repressed, and resent it when “outside” law enforcement tries to enforce the law.

    They are being disrespected and discriminated against….because they are breaking the law……they have become some third world country

    Until we clamp down and make them all part of the big picture…this is the new normal.

  7. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
    Look, if you can’t get on fire for Trump (I understand), at least you can surely get on fire for defeating Hillary. If you can’t get on fire for defeating Hillary,”………………….

  8. daveburton says:

    Wherever he goes, Trump leaves a trail of exploited people, from gambling addicts ruined in his casinos, to the the young women degraded for money in his strip club, to the small investors who lost their life savings in his abandoned real estate projects in Baja and Tampa, to the victims of his Trump University scam and his ACN, Ideal Health & Trump Network pyramid schemes, and now the creditors in Atlantic City who’re left holding worthless invoices, which The Donald, who claims to have over ten billion dollars, never intends to pay.

    The most astonishing thing is that the Democrats’ nominee might be even worse.

    The Prince of this world is surely dancing with glee.

    • philjourdan says:

      Right out of the democrat playbook. You repeat it well. Have fun with Hillary.

    • Latitude says:

      Dave, none of that scares me one bit…
      …You’re talking about a man who’s intentions were making money, had no intentions of running for office and was not polishing some professional political image…unlike career politicians who have never had to make money or even hold a job

      Why does he scare you so much?

    • dirkhblog says:

      daveburton says:
      July 20, 2016 at 12:45 am
      “Wherever he goes, Trump leaves a trail of exploited people, […]”

      He also seems to leave a trail of office towers… which are, I dunno, NEEDED? by BUSINESS? That creates all those wonderful toys that make our life better every day?

      I know, just stating the blandly obvious there but maybe that’s MORE important than some guy who voluntarily plays a slot machine, gets addicted to it and ends up homeless?

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        You could probably sum up the most needed, critical attribute of our next president, as not having pity for that self-inflicted homeless guy.

      • Latitude says:

        We’ve tried a peanut farmer, a movie star, a redneck white trash, a rancher, and a bigoted community organizer….
        ..and our economy is so deep in the hole we may never come out, our jobs have been farmed overseas, we have mandatory health care that only the flat broke can afford, we are the laughing stock of the whole world, we have the highest population on welfare, and immigrants are driving down our wages…and bringing third world diseases back that we spent millions getting rid of…..and crime

        I say it’s time we hire someone that knows how to run a business.

        • cdquarles says:

          Hmm, Lat, if you are referring to Ronaldus Magnus, as the movie star, he was so much more than that. Still, I could have some fun with this. We have had, since LBJ (a rancher and a sleazy Congressman), a lawyer that was a governor, a football player that was a Congressman, a military man who was a governor (Awful President was he), a union president that was a governor (Great President, was he), a military man who was a Congressman and a CIA director, a good ol’ Southern boy son of an alcoholic who was a lawyer and a governor, and yeah, what used to be called white trash (disgraced, impeached and found guilty of perjury and suborning perjury), a military man who was the son of a President and a governor, and a Red Diaper Baby who became a lawyer and a not-so-good ‘community’ organizer that suckled at the teat of Saul Alinsky (Worst President ever, if you understand the premises of the founding of the USA).

        • Latitude says:

          that was excellent!!

          Notice how the press has paid more attention to Melinia’s puff speech….
          ..than all of HIllary’s crimes

        • cdquarles says:

          About jobs going overseas, well, tax and regulatory policy (redundant) are key drivers in that result, though there are plenty of manufacturing jobs still left that have not been priced out of the market yet.

          What I do note is that the only president in my lifetime that had *any* exposure to classical economics was RWR. It is my not-so-humble, but considered opinion, that as long as economics is misunderstood and incorrectly taught, we are not going to get anywhere economically. Trump, while not trained in economics, does have to have some understanding of how trading occurs in order to have been reasonably successful in business. What does bother me, a bit, is that his understanding may not go deep enough. Someone close to him needs to get him to read Carl Menger’s Principles of Economics and Theory of Capital, von Baum-Bawerk’s Capital and Interest, Ludwig von Mises’ Socialism, Bureaucracy, Human Action, and Theory of Money and Credit, Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom. Hayek disagreed with von Mises about Central Banking (just how I need to research). I agree with von Mises in his assessment of mathematical models in economics (he deprecated them) and I think von Mises’ definition of inflation has not been faithfully reproduced. Inflation, in von Mises’ terms is not just the expansion of the supply of money, nor that resulting prices must increase. His view was more subtle and I paraphrase it thus: “Inflation is the alteration of the supply of and/or the demand for money (to hold), such that the perceived marginal utility of its purchasing power falls. Prices may increase, stay the same or fall, but it is still inflation, even with falling prices, if prices should be falling faster due to other perceptions of the supply of and/or the demand for all other goods/ services, whether primary consumption goods/services or capital goods/services”.

          One final note, the USA’s primary comparative advantage, economically, is *capital” goods. This must be so for any economic power that supplies the rest of the world with money.

        • Latitude says:

          cd….when we made our own light bulbs, car parts, door knobs, and widgets…
          ..people had jobs, wives stayed home and ran the house and raised the kids

          …and all that money trickled down and paid the plumber, baker, and candle stick maker

          Now they are claiming you need a college degree to get the jobs were have now, and we’re having to import illegal immigrants to do the jobs we won’t do….which is a product of our welfare state

        • Latitude says:

          About jobs going overseas, well, tax and regulatory policy (redundant) are key drivers in that result…and all things overhead
          I’m with Trump on this one….tax the crap out of it….get the price up so high that’s it’s cheaper to make it here

          With more people making it here, there will be more jobs….with more jobs more people will be able to afford to pay a little more….and it will trickle down again

          Who the hell decided that we needed to help Mexico?? or the rest of central America?
          Get more people making more money first…then let them come in and do the jobs we won’t do. They will make more money and have more jobs…..

        • I think it’s a pipedream, that we’ll ever be that America again. We let foreigners push us across that Rubicon.

        • Latitude says:

          nope…we are still, and will be for a long time….the worlds largest “consumer” economy

          Other countries have these same rules in place….a certain percentage of that product has to be made in that country…we need to enforce it, and enforce it hard

        • Those countries haven’t been flooded with generations who believe differently.

        • cdquarles says:

          Trump needs to do some in depth reading of the history of tariffs in the US. High tariffs hurt us and low ones helped us. We are already in the Great Depression V2.0. The *last* thing we need now, as a trading nation whose comparative advantage is *capital* goods (and those are the great paying jobs left right now that are at risk from high taxes), is start a tariff war with the rest of the world. It hurt us in the 1930s and there is no reason to expect it to have a different result now.

          If we *really* want manufacturing jobs here, we must cut or eliminate business taxes, especially those that make it a fiduciary duty to keep money overseas and get rid of the notion that rising wages, as such, is a right. I don’t need my the numerical amount of my wages to rise when what I need them to do is buy more and cost less.

        • Latitude says:

          actually CD that’s not Trump’s style…
          He hires the right people to do the job…
          …and he already has that in congress and the senate

  9. Latitude says:

    sad…..the republican party is trying so desperately hard to remain relevant
    ..and don’t even realize they are doing even more damage to themselves

    same dog….different collar

    Cruz showed everyone last night why he lost…

    • Yep. Ideology can blind conservatives to reality also. Won’t waver on their Conservatism even when that helps destroy it.

    • >>
      Cruz showed everyone last night why he lost…

      Cruz was never a party insider. Rubio was the insider pick, and I liked him. I prefer Carly Fiorina. But Trump sucked the oxygen out of the debates and good candidates never got a chance. Still they all promised to support the party nominee. I don’t think Trump would have honored that pledge; however, “Lying Ted” showed even less class. If he couldn’t honor his pledge, then why make an a$$ of himself?

      Cruz isn’t an insider by any definition, but he sure knows how to lose. I don’t trust him. I don’t trust Trump either. Hillary is another matter, so I’m going against my instincts and voting for Trump. I think it will be a big mistake. In any case, Hillary will be a bigger mistake.


      • daveburton says:

        Jim Masterson wrote, “I don’t think Trump would have honored that pledge; however…”

        In fact, Trump said he would not honor his pledge, to support the nominee, if it were someone other than him. When he rescinded his pledge, he certainly released his primary opponents from their symmetrical pledges to support him, if he were the nominee.

        Cruz is no angel. Like you, I preferred Rubio. But considering the dirty, dishonest campaign that Trump waged against Cruz (and Rubio), I can certainly understand why Cruz would not endorse Trump.

        Cruz was not always truthful during this campaign (which is one of the reasons I preferred Rubio), but Trump lies far more regularly that Cruz ever did. Trump lies with practiced ease and astonishing frequency. In fact, he lies like the Democrat that he used to be. That makes Trump’s nasty, incessant “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” refrain incredibly hypocritical.

        It’s also incredibly stupid. Trump needs Party unity, if he’s going to have a chance in November. But anyone with an IQ above room temperature should realize that his abuse of other Republicans is ruining any chance for the unity he needs.

        Trump is a vicious bully, who’ll repeat any lie, no matter how outrageous. Nothing could possibly justify Trump siccing his operatives on Rubio & Cruz, with completely unsupported accusations of adultery. Nothing could possibly justify Trump accusing Cruz’s father of complicity in the JFK assassination.

        If Trump and his supporters really expected that he could behave that way during the Primary campaign, without repercussions in the general election, they’re just plain crazy.

        It’s not Cruz’s fault that Trump didn’t get the Cruz endorsement. It’s Trump’s fault. Of course.

        For a guy who pretended to write a book about the Art of the Deal, Trump is remarkably clueless about how to close a deal with someone whose support you need. (Cruz has some issues in that department, too, but at least he doesn’t pretend to be an expert at it.)

      • Latitude says:

        Jim, I’ve come to the conclusion that the main reason I’m voting for Trump is because both parties don’t want me to..
        ..both parties are the same
        They have us waving our little blue and red flags like it makes some difference..
        ..same dog…different collar

        When the republicans would rather elect Hillary…..they proved that

        Both parties need a major slap down…and the wrong people are telling me to not vote for Trump

        • Me says:

          Yep, that is the way it looks, Trump had to beat all the odds and still got’er done, now he needs to do it again one more time. And Lets see if he stands by what he says.

        • philjourdan says:

          I wish Suyts had Up Votes. You just said how I feel as well. Well Done!

    • suyts says:

      Read next post.

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