America’s Choices Demonstrated In Europe!!!!

Well, it’s been a few days since I last posted.  There certainly have been many things to post about in the interim, but, I wanted to get facts before I posted ……. but, before that happens, more madness would happen. 

Today, I was going to write about events in two different European nations (U.K., and Germany), but, before I could even jot one word, I see this ……


BREAKING NEWS: Dozens reported dead after truck smashes into
Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France

Events seem to be happening quicker and quicker these days.   I can’t get thoughts gathered about one event before another happens!

The entire Western Civilization has a choice to make, and, it must be made very soon.  Recent events in Britain and Germany are emblematic of the directions we can choose. 

Check out these two stories regarding Britain’s new government.

Britain’s New Prime Minister Drives A Stake Through The Heart Of The Green Vampire

Brexiteers Take Control In Britain’s New Cabinet

The Brits want their country back and are acting towards that goal. 

I’m afraid it may be too late for another European nation ……..

Police Raid 60 Homes For ‘Xenophobic’ Facebook Posts

This occurred in Germany. 

America, we have a choice, and the future of the entire world depends upon us getting it right. 

We can move to stop the madness happening around the world and in our own country, or, we can embrace globalization and start rounding up and jailing people whose opinions we disagree with. 

The nations now rejecting the madness of globalization are too small to do it alone. 

Make no mistake, the invited Islamic invasion of Europe, the green madness, the BLM, and open borders movements in the US are all interrelated.  It’s all leftists globalization heading towards all powerful globalized central governance.   

For those who may not see the connections for things such as the misnamed BLM and globalization, understand what the movement’s aim is ……… local police authority to come under one centralized authority.  In order to achieve such a globalization goal, one must upend and destroy the current societies in the various nations.  This is what the immigration/invasion events are all about ….. it is to import more pliable cultures.  This is what the anarchist BLM group is all about.  It is to destroy our societies and cultures. 

Britain is going one way, Germany the other.  In November, the US chooses. 

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66 Responses to America’s Choices Demonstrated In Europe!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    This bit of green news…is actually bigger than Britain’s
    Germany has led the greed cause…nuking nukes, solar, wind
    It’s the first time I’ve even seen anyone admit that green power is damaging the grid.
    …and I’m surprised it’s not all over the internet and news

    Germany Votes To Abandon Most Green Energy Subsidies

    Germany’s government plans to replace most of the subsidies for local green energy with a system of competitive auctions where the cheapest electricity wins.

    Germany’s wind and solar power systems have provided too much power at unpredictable times, which damaged the power grid and made the system vulnerable to blackouts.

    • suyts says:

      that is huge news!!!! Thanks!

    • DirkH says:

      “Germany Votes To Abandon Most Green Energy Subsidies”

      Well current subsidies taken from electricity ratepayers and given to subsidized wind and solar et al are 31 bn EUR a year, about 34 bn USD.

      SPD and CDU are facing political death over this and over the much bigger catastrophy Islamisation. So something’s gotta give.

      Now. The subsidies went up by 15% a year. We will see AT BEST a reduction in the growth rate.

      And, we will wipe out this government for the Islamisation, for their subjugation under the EU *AND* for their warmunist fraud.

      • DirkH says:

        The existing subsidy recipients all have 20 year guarantees – and the system started in 1999 – so it will take another 3 years until the first subsidy recipients start losing their subsidies. So, a reduction of the annual sum is not at all in the cards.

  2. Latitude says:

    It is to destroy our societies and cultures….and make us all answer to one world power

    Very few people realize this goes back to the Bolsheviks. It’s nothing new…
    Anarchy, get rid of societies by breeding them out (massive immigration and cross racial breeding), create such upheaval and chaos and uncertainty,

    …and elect a president who’s only claim to fame is a community organizer, that’s what they do

    Yes, you are right again

  3. >>
    . . . that’s what they do

    Sounds like a GEICO commercial.


  4. leftinflagstaff says:

    The real choice will still come eventually. Whatever happens in November. Voting to (hopefully) slow tyranny won’t stop it. Half the populace wants it. Only one thing stops it. We’ve been trying to pass the buck on the real choice for awhile now.

    • Jason Calley says:

      The possible choices are becoming fewer and fewer. How do you deal with someone who refuses to leave you alone, but who will not obey the law, will not be shamed, has no sense of guilt, has no moral compunctions, no objective ethics, thinks they own your stuff, and is absolutely convinced that they are better suited to run your life than YOU are?

      We are getting down to that last, unpleasant choice.

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        You destroy them or they destroy you. Mutual tolerance will always be a fantasy.
        It’s not rocket science.

        The pathetic thing will be when the civilization most equipped to stop them, in history, doesn’t.

        • cdquarles says:

          Hmm, actually it *is* rocket science, also known as ballistics. Pick up a rock,, aim it, throw it, then see where it lands. Rocket engineering, though, is a beast of another color. Where people refuse to live and let live, and one set has a pathological culture, you have to treat it like an abscess. Drain it or remove it. Walling it off is only a temporary solution. What you don’t *ever* do is let a pathological culture get power, for tyranny is certain.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          And the determination of the pathological to carpet bomb is going to beat the logical, but timid, cruise missle.

  5. JJGroves says:

    These concepts of left and right (Nationalist vs Internationalist) that we are seeing now in American politics are imported and have nothing what so ever to do with the true American political spectrum. Our form of government “of the people” empowered by their “inalienable rights” is unique to us alone. Unlike other democracies in the world The Government does not grant Americans their rights “We The People” grant the government it’s specific rights to regulate us in the form of “The Bill of Rights”. These are our foundation principles as a nation. From our perspective both branches of Marxism (Fascist such as KKK, Nazis and Communists like “Black Lives Matter”, International Bolsheviks) murdered hundreds of millions of innocent people in the 20th century. THEY ARE OUR ENEMIES AND THAT NEEDS TO MADE DAMN CLEAR TO ALL AMERICANS AGAIN!!!. These globalist, fascist, sociopathic, megalomaniacs that masquerade as Progressives believe that “the ends justify the means”. There ends is to destroy our country and impose a one world Marxist order with a group of elites in charge. Simply because the ones that want to be in charge say so. WAKE UP EVERYBODY BEFORE WE LOOSE IT ALL! We need to get over the “McCarthy” stigma and begin calling these people by name again. Marxism (fascism and communism) is hate speech because its tenants are the antithesis our foundational principles. Hate speech is not free speech. It needs to be banned in the this county as hate speech. If you don’t like it go live somewhere else. It’s a free country that I hope is not having an identity crisis like some metrosexual dingbat. Equal protection under the law…”Make America Great Again”.

  6. philjourdan says:

    There is no real choice. There is just action and inaction. Until countries wake up to the course of action, people will die by the dozens.

  7. Latitude says:

    Events seem to be happening quicker and quicker these days…..

    Turkey’s military just took over……coup

    • Me says:

      Yeah, Lets see if it is to bring in a better Government than what’s presently there. Remember what happened in Egypt!

      • Latitude says:

        yep…right now they are saying to restore rights and democracy…citing autocratic rule and rise in terrorism

        Turkish TV is reporting martial law has been declared

        Erdogan was denied land rights in Istanbul…and is seeking asylum in Germany

        • >>
          The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim earlier confirmed that military action is taking place, describing it as an illegal “attempt” by a faction of the army to seize power.

          Mr Yildirim called for calm, saying security forces are doing what is necessary to resolve the situation.

          He warned that those responsible for this “illegal attempt ” will pay the “highest price.”

          That probably means they are going to be run over by a truck.


        • Latitude says:

          It does have it’s high points.
          The military shut down the state owned TV…and Erdogan was forced to call into a private TV station…the same private TV station he’s been trying to shut down.

          Erdogan claims the coup is not working….while at the same time tells people to go out and riot, and is trying to get asylum in Germany…’s over

          This is going to be messy….
          Erdogan had been trying his best to play to his base..that want’s a muslim country.
          He’s been moving in that direction as fast as he can…third world muslim.

          Military is made up of mostly below 40 year olds and younger..that want to go to bars, drink..and consider themselves European…not third world muslim.

          His base is going to raise hell before this is over…..expect a lot more terrorism

          I believe the military in this case….they say restore democracy and rights.

        • Latitude says:

          OH…and if I had to guess….I’d say this is Merkels dream come true!
          She might have even been behind it…….

        • DirkH says:

          Latitude says:
          July 15, 2016 at 4:45 pm
          “OH…and if I had to guess….I’d say this is Merkels dream come true!
          She might have even been behind it…….”

          Jim Willie has amazingly predicted this when news came out that EU/Germany would pay Erdogan 3 bn EUR for taking back refugees who went from Turkey to Greece – he said, these 3 bn look like a payoff to disappear from the scene, and stop funding ISIS.

          Either Willie is clairvoyant or he had a lucky day.

        • DirkH says:

          “Military is made up of mostly below 40 year olds and younger..that want to go to bars, drink..and consider themselves European…not third world muslim.”

          It goes deeper. Mustafa Kemal (=”The perfect”) Atatürk (=”Father of all Turks”) founded a nationalist movement, the Young Turks, called Islam a relic that holds Turkey back, and was a heavy Raki drinker (Turkish Anis schnaps, 40%) who died from liver cirrhosis in 1936 (I think). He was a genius politician, as an officer beat Churchill at Gallipolli and after that became leader of Turkey.

          So he’s kinda the idol for all Turkish military men to this day.

        • Latitude says:

          well….looks like it’s over
          The anti-coup demonstrators are out…..and they are lighting candles
          Military will have to surrender now….

        • Latitude says:

          So he’s kinda the idol for all Turkish military men to this day.

          Maybe…but the younger ones want to hang out in bars, drink, listern to music…
          …all things that Erdogan was banning

          While almost all of Turkey is muslim, and almost all Sunni…Erdogan was pushing them more and more toward Sharia….and the younger ones consider themselves, and want to live their lives, more European

          I doubt if Kemal had much to do with it….

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Ironic that being European is becoming Sharia.

        • Latitude says:

          actually the opposite for these guys…

          They wanted the EU..if for no other reason than to hop in the car and drive it. I mean let’s face it, no sane person would go in the other direction.
          Erdogan has been moving them further away from that. The EU rules spelled it out for them…and the military even used the EU exact words….rights and democracy

          …and it’s in you face. The EU spells it out..and Erdogan does the complete opposite every time

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          The opposite for these guys, yes. Not the EU. I would never claim Brussels to be sane.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          How much would you bet that the EU won’t be some form of Sharia in 50, 75 yrs?

        • DirkH says:

          leftinflagstaff says:
          July 15, 2016 at 7:02 pm
          “How much would you bet that the EU won’t be some form of Sharia in 50, 75 yrs?”

          The EU in its current stage emerged only in 1994 from the EC. It is a name, a developmental stage, like a Pokemon, the next stage is called ETD, the European Total Dictatorship, or maybe simply Pan-Europa.

          Problem is, the EU is an economic washout now and will not have the resources to complete its metamorphosis.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          And they seem to believe the solution to that is more Sharia believers.

        • DirkH says:

          They won’t be in charge of anything in a short time.

        • I just know that America will never be what it was because we exceeded our reasonable import of non-Americans. Europe seems to be in even more hurry to do so.

        • gator69 says:

          The NRA membership is cohesive because everyone that joins is a gun enthusiast, and they pay a membership fee that supports the Second Amendment. If the NRA started offering free stuff to gun-haters who join their ranks, the club would soon dissolve.

          America used to be a place you came because you loved the idea and the culture, but now many who come here come for the opposite of those reasons, and for the free stuff. America needs to be more like the NRA.

        • Good analogy. An even more obvious one: Native American culture is no longer dominant here.

        • gator69 says:

          Native American culture got left behind. Their downfall was their failure to modernize. The world is a rough place, and those who do lead or at least keep up with advances in technology will ultimately be displaced.

        • In that instance, yes. Currently the US and Europe our succumbing to the less modern culture.

        • gator69 says:

          Yes, instead of moving into a more advanced culture, we are being dragged back to the middle ages. CAGW is another example of replacing technology and facts with agendas and beliefs, and it too is dragging us downward.

          Only the truth will set you free. Denying facts that are not convenient or because they are not PC, will ultimately enslave you.

        • Agreed. Anything is on!y as strong as the will to use it. Truth and technology are no different. A greater will, eventually supported by greater numbers, can always overcome technology. And truth.

  8. DirkH says:

    Oberlin kids are crazy and the institution should be converted into an asylum and outfitted with wall padding. And, never again let anyone out.

    ““There are now big conversations at Oberlin, where I went to college, about cultural appropriation and whether the dining hall sushi and banh mi disrespect certain cuisines,” Dunham said in an interview with Food & Wine Magazine. “
The press reported it as, ‘How crazy are Oberlin kids?’ But to me, it was actually, ‘Right on.’””

  9. DirkH says:

    Obama points out, Nice attacker used an assault truck bigger than what anyone needs, trucks designed for killing large numbers of people quickly, and that being their only use.

  10. DirkH says:

    BLM activists are Muslim and love that 80 white people died in Nice.

    ““Don’t #PrayForNice we are fighting a civil war against whites. #BLM”, tweeted Franklin Omar, an activist who also appears to be from London, and describes himself as a “Muslim”.”

    Whether they are also black is secondary and plays no role. Consider BLM a Jihad organisation. (Oh, and it’s sponsored by Soros. Interestingly BLM doesn’t kill or attack Jews but Goyim.)

  11. DirkH says:

    New Indepence Day Movie said to be anti-diversity and racist, as alien minority gets exterminated in genocide committed by mostly white males (might be all white, dunno, as Will Smith is not in the sequel).

  12. kelly says:

    “Britain is going one way, Germany the other. In November, the US chooses.”

    I think you are going to have a bit of a crazy president whoever wins. US citizens have locked that choice in already lol.

    • Me says:

      Well, if ya can bring yourself to watch this and listen, then there maybe some hope! As for having a crazy running the country, they are already running it in the west now.

    • cdquarles says:

      Don’t believe everything said in the media. Neither Trump nor Hillary are crazy. One is about as corrupt as you can be, yet not locked up. The other is much more like Ronald Reagan.

  13. dirkhblog says:

    “Police Raid 60 Homes For ‘Xenophobic’ Facebook Posts
    This occurred in Germany. ”

    A word about that. The government boasted of its crackdown on hatespeech. Yet what they actually did was crackdown on a Facebook group of 40 Neonazis sharing Nazi pictures on their non-public Facebook group. Given that Nazi symbols are outlawed in Germany that’s just a stupid endeavour.

    Nothing to do with xenophobia actually. Well Nazis might be xenophobic but the state used the anti-Nazi laws here, not some newfangled fuzzy hatespeech thing.

    In other words: the government sells this as their iron determination to punish enemies of multiculti yet it was something different entirely.

    Now THAT the government misrepresents it is interesting all in itself. The media of course went along with it, and I had to find the Nazi connection by digging through some blogs.

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