Shock News!!!!! FBI Doesn’t Recommend Criminal Charges!!!!

I am astounded.


I’ve only some random thoughts on this. 

The government has finally overtly and emphatically expressed that laws only apply to the little people. 

The term “gross negligence” is a euphemism for “extremely careless” in law for little people.  But, it’s completely different in meaning for people such as former wives of presidents, senators, Secretaries of State and whatnot.  

The biggest failure of conservatives is to not show up to riots. 

Edward Snowden is confused by all of this. 

I would have and was going to write a great diatribe about this, but, I believe it’s already been perfectly expressed here

Once again, Hillary has demonstrated that she’s uniquely disqualified to lead this nation, but, more than half of the population won’t care.

Only echoing the linked diatribe, there is no such thing as “rule of law” in these United States.  It is only the rule of the powerful. 

While Comey was spewing his BS, he also made it a point to tell us that while they found “several thousand” work-related emails that were deleted by Hillary’s lawyers, and not turned over to the State Dept., they didn’t do it in order to circumvent the law.  Apparently they also didn’t mean to destroy their copies in order for them to be impossible to be recovered. 

The Republican majorities in both the House and Senate are ballless eunuchs.  There should have been several special prosecutors assigned already to the various scandals we’ve had under this administration.  They’ll never move for one.

If Trump was smart, but, I don’t think he’s clever enough to do so, he’d pivot on this and make it part of his campaign in a yuge way!  He’d win on this one.  But, he’d have to do it in a manner a lot different than a simple hashtag.  —– the rule of law —– justice for the common person —- accountability for government —- everyone playing by the same set of rules.  <——— That’s big because one can also apply that thought to the various trade agreements he rails against. 

Well, at this point, “what difference does it make?”

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28 Responses to Shock News!!!!! FBI Doesn’t Recommend Criminal Charges!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    Hillary claims her server was never hacked.

    Wikileaks is releasing 1000’s of her emails.

    … is that possible??

    WikiLeaks on Monday published more than 1,000 emails about the Iraq War from Hillary Clinton’s private server during her time as secretary of State.

    • suyts says:

      Well, it’s not …… unless they got them through FOI, but, I don’t believe that’s how Wiki got them. But, the FBI’s announcement was interesting in that “several thousand” deleted emails were recovered ….. and now presumed to be able to be FOI’d!

    • cdquarles says:

      Her servers were not necessarily cracked, (that is, attacked and broken into) but were essentially an open file servers, so the stuff *leaked* (just like the climategate stuff, go back and read some of Steve McIntyre’s finds from open servers).

      Yep, every intelligence agency on the planet has her stuff (FBI, check with the CIA and NSA 😉 ), and I will not be surprised that Putin leaks this stuff himself should the Hildebeest get elected. [I suspect Putin would respect Trump and I don’t recall Putin having disrespect for George W Bush, either.]

  2. Latitude says:

    look….I’m absolutely flabbergasted beyond words

    • Latitude says:

      I just can’t believe they would do something this blatant

    • suyts says:

      All they did was just tell us and show us exactly what, for years, we’ve been saying.

      • Latitude says:

        ..and exactly what Sanders and Trump have been saying too

        I just can’t believe they would admit to it right now proving them right.

        It’s really a catch 22 though….damned if they do…and damned if they don’t

        I’m too clustered right now to make sense……

  3. TG says:

    As Donald would say – The system is rigged, this is proof positive. Crooks one and all!

  4. gator69 says:

    James, thanks for continuing to post in this mad mad mad mad world. I am so grateful to still have this sanctuary of sanity available to me, and I must also thank the commenters here for continuing to share their thoughts and info. While the other half of the world works to burn down the only true free society mankind has ever known, we must stand together and call evil by its name.

    Your site is a modern day Public House, like those where our founders gathered. Visions of a better world, and ideas of how to make it work, are brought to the table in heartfelt and thoughtful fashion here. Now if only you could find a way to serve eBeer. 😉

    Sic semper tyrannis!

  5. philjourdan says:

    I doubt it will wake up most of the people. But you are correct, it is punctuation to the contention that we are no longer a land of equality. There is the ruling class and then everyone else.

  6. cdquarles says:

    Indeed, when Progressives talk about Equality, they don’t mean the only kind that there is; which is under God and before the Law. When Progressives talk about being liberal, they mean only with everyone else’s life, liberty and property; not their own. When Progressives talk about freedom, they mean that they are free to do anything that they wish, regardless of the wishes of the rest of us.

    Newspeak and Doublethink are the order of the day. Winston, or whatever your real name is deep in the belly of the bureaucracy (our actual government), wake up and do the right thing.

    • DirkH says:

      I would suspect the FBI leadership will have to do some serious purging of all the staff that sees this as complete treason which it is.

      • cdquarles says:

        In the old days, there would have been some that would resign over this. Okay, none have that I know of, so who, exactly see this as treason, within the bureaucracy? /rhetorical

        • DirkH says:

          They won’t resign but just be a general nuisance.

        • cdquarles says:

          Now Dirk, you know that bureaucracies don’t work that way. One, bureaucracies select for conformity and risk-avoidance. Two, the office politics spies would rat any non-conformers out. Three, whistle-blowers tend to get vilified, not praised, unless it conforms to leftism.

        • DirkH says:

          Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough. You’ll have a whole lot of people who will just pretend to do their job.

        • cdquarles says:

          Pretending to do a job is the hallmark of a bureaucracy, as long as the job in question is any job but perpetuating the bureaucracy.

        • DirkH says:

          So you’re saying, they are already useless and proud of it. I’m not so sure. Yeah I know FBI stands for famouos But Incompetent. But as an FBI inmate I might just feel a little bit upstaged that my boss shows it to everyone.

  7. Latitude says:

    Thursday will be an interesting day….

    House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) says FBI Director James Comey will testify before his panel Thursday regarding his decision to not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server.

    “The job of the FBI is to provide the fact pattern to the Justice Department and not make the political calculation that this is what a reasonable prosecutor would do. That’s not the job of the FBI.”

  8. Jason Calley says:

    I admit that even as cynical as I am, I expected at least a song and dance while they dragged things out longer. Blatant disregard for the rule of law. Not even subtle about it.
    Good commentary.

    Not even sure what to think about this other matter:

    We The People really are at a Damascus moment.

  9. We sure like using our 1st Amendment to rant about his stuff. Wonder if we’ll ever come to terms that we actually need to be using the 2nd, if we want it to end. Naw, that would be like a crazy person.

  10. Latitude says:

    The FBI “recommended” no charges……but does that mean that no other entity can charge her?

    • philjourdan says:

      No, but do you really thing the Obama DOJ is going to charge her?

      • I think that’s exactly what Comey was doing. He listed her crimes…that was his true recommendation. He just told us they wouldn’t be pursued. Why recommend them?

        • philjourdan says:

          I think he was trying to weasel out of responsibility. Yes, he listed her crimes. But made a point of not putting her under oath when she was deposed, and saying they would not pursue any criminal charges which gave Obama his out.

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