Will Britain Become Great Again?


Tomorrow will be a great and terrible day of decision for the people of Britannia.    The question is great and the burden of the vote no less so.  While I’m no Anglophile, I’ve long noted the unbreakable connection between the people of Great Britain and the United States.  In many ways, our fates are connected. 

If I thought the question as to leave or remain in the EU only effected the people of Britannia, then, I would probably not post on the question.  While I wish nothing but the best for our cousins across the pond, if it were only a question of their people then I would wish them well and wisdom for their choice and respect the will of their people.  But, the question doesn’t only effect Brits.  Their answer to the question may very well determine a course for all of humanity. 

As most readers would already know, I’ve nothing but contempt for such an organization as the European Union.   It is an autocratic bureaucracy with no accountability, no democratic representation, and virtually no limits on its authority.  I don’t believe this is what the people of Europe had envisioned when their leaders ushered the EU into existence. 

As I’ve pointed out several times in the past, it’s very existence is contrary to freedom and cannot possibly advance the pursuits of the millions of people it attempts to govern.  The interests of the people of Great Britain are not the same interests of the people of say …… Spain.  Just as the interests of the people of Germany are not the same interests of the people of Greece ….. Austria, Sweden …….. etc……. etc. 

In it’s brief history, the EU has shown nothing but incompetence, corruption, poor decision making, and a remarkable contempt for the will of the various peoples it attempts to govern.  Yet, it seems after each year, more and more power is usurped from the various states to the centralized power of the autocratic bureaucracy. 

I fully believe this is the model for globalists worldwide.  It terrifies me.  If Britain doesn’t stop the EU now, the ever usurping autocratic bureaucracy will continue to grow unfettered.  It will spawn other similar forms of government.  The voice of the individual may very well have their fate sealed with this vote and mankind will usher in a new dawn of Orwellian governance. 

I have come to believe this is why they invited the Muslims to invade Europe.  You see, many coming from such places as the Mid-East refuse to integrate.   They know nothing but autocracy.  These are the sort of people a government such as the EU wishes to govern.  They know nothing of individual rights, refuse to learn from the greatest thinkers which led Western Civilization to such liberties the world has never seen before, and, happily commit violence against people who don’t conform to their way of thinking.  The EU is tired of you proles! 

But, tomorrow, tomorrow!!!!  Great Britain has an opportunity to stop this madness.  I also fully believe if G.B. votes to leave, others will follow and the EU will collapse.  The vote isn’t just for Great Britain, it is for the rest of Europe and the entire Western Civilization and humanity itself. 

On an aside, I would be remiss if I didn’t snicker, sneer, and LOL at one of the bigger arguments the Remain team makes against Leave. …….. trade!

What special sort of imbecile believes that the people of G.B. suddenly forgot how to make trade with other nations without the assistance of the EU?  The great and wonderful history of the British people demonstrates trade has been central and essential since they came into being.  I promise you, the Brits’ trade will thrive better without the autocratic bureaucracy than with.  The Brits would have less restrictions and less trade barriers without the EU.  It’s nonsensical to suggest otherwise. 

If you’re a Brit, please, vote leave!  The world needs you.  Posterity is calling.  Please, rise up and answer the call! 

May God bless the British people with Divine wisdom to answer this great and terrible question. 


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32 Responses to Will Britain Become Great Again?

  1. Latitude says:

    I think of it like…Central America, Mexico, the US, and Canada all got together
    ..and decided they would be governed by Guatamala

    Great piece BTW…..you hit all my buttons spot on

    I’ve yet to figure out how a massive group of “foreigners” with low or no trade skills and education, that do not speak the language, and are in a massive enough number they can form their own cities and never have to assimilate…..That have to have welfare and government assistance…that have to work under the radar…

    …are a boost to the economy

    • suyts says:

      It’s called the “GDP”. ……. It will raise the GDP, because of the bastardizations of the metric. Everyone, other than me, and a select few, view the GDP as a euphemism for an economy. It is the constant question. Are they that stupid, or, are they as I believe, that malevolent?

  2. rg says:

    My head tells me – It’s their choice – they have to live with the consequences. I hate listening to other country leaders giving commentary on what we should do, so I can’t give my advise to what they should do… That being said — my Heart prays they “LEAVE”

  3. Latitude says:

    from such places as the Mid-East refuse to integrate….

    Just so no one thinks this is a unique problem….

    We have exactly the same thing going on here with Cubans, Central Americans, South Americans, etc.
    It mostly depends on your social status. High class Cubans that got out early already had connections in the US. They were already assimilated when they came here.
    I know Cubans that have been here over 50 years, stay in their neighborhoods…and still do not speak one word of English.
    ..central Americans and Mexicans…that have no intention of becoming citizens….and plan on going “home” when they retire

    …and the Cubans that have come here in the past 5 years or so..are the lowest class little street hoodlums/gangsters you can imagine..because that’s the culture you end up with when you have communism/socialism

  4. DirkH says:

    ” If Britain doesn’t stop the EU now, the ever usurping autocratic bureaucracy will continue to grow unfettered. ”

    It should be noted that the EU is an early CIA / Alan Dulles project.
    Before that, in 1925, the Pan Europa movement was founded by the freemason Coudenhourve-Kalergi who got funded by “International” Banker Warburg who liked the idea of a European Soviet Union, as the new Soviet Union was seen as the way to go. (And of course, the SU itself got founded with seed money by “International” Banker Schiff.) (Both in NYC)

    • DirkH says:

      So what you are demanding of the Brits, James, who by your own words are in a special relationship with the USA, is, abandoning the Grand project of the USA itself (to structure the entirety of Europe into a system of colonies of course).

  5. philjourdan says:

    Warning. The vote today is only “advisory”. Cameron is free to reject it, and probably will if it is to leave.

  6. Latitude says:

    remember…..conservatives do not poll

  7. Lars P. says:

    Well, well, BREXIT is voted! So let’s see what comes now, how does the parliament proceed (and Cameron who wants to stay) after the popular vote? that will be interesting to watch.

  8. DirkH says:

    EuroSTOXX -11% at market open today, Gold in EUR +8% (and of course much more for the Brits whose pund took a pounding).

    Jolly good times all around. For catastrophists like me that is.

    Now let the cataclysm unfold. We’ll see a tidal wave of fiat money flooding the entire West.

    • DirkH says:

      And, let me add, I am entirely surprised by the magnitude of the shockwave. I mean, Britain is still an Island close to Dunkirk, the trade continues and so on and so on. Looks like all the traders were on one side of the boat.

    • suyts says:

      They will quickly find a balance. It’s just the traders doing what they do. They’re such incompetents. I would suggest to heavily buy Brit stocks and currency as soon as the bottom is hit. …… which it probably already has at the time of this comment.

    • suyts says:

      I think the biggest question now is France. And, I think France will be much more violent than the Brits’ question.

      • Latitude says:

        I think Greece

      • suyts says:

        I don’t know. Greece needs help. I don’t know that Greece can throw out and stop the Muslim invasion on their own. The poor dumb bastards ….. Can you do a Civil war while being invaded?

        • Me says:

          Yes you can.

        • suyts says:

          I guess I should have asked if it could be successful.

        • Me says:

          Brexit, civil and a war non the less.

        • DirkH says:

          suyts says:
          June 24, 2016 at 7:47 pm
          “I don’t know. Greece needs help. I don’t know that Greece can throw out and stop the Muslim invasion on their own.”

          Understand that there are MANY solutions to the Greek crisis that goes on since 2011.
          (Like, declaring bankruptcy and brokering a deal with the creditors)
          ALL OF THEM ARE INTENTIONALLY BLOCKED by the Eurocrats: Their plan is to sabotage ANY solution but the superstate. Their sitting with their fat arse on Greece’s face til the population cries for mercy, and will do the exact same to any other country until everyone submits. The EU is designed as a ratchet that goes in one direction: Towards the superstate. As planned by Monnet around 1950.

          And, given that we know this now, is not an Exit the absolute bargain for ANYONE including Germany? Better make it on your own, no matter the hardships, instead of continuing a relationship with a MOVEMENT of scumbags.

          As to Greece being overrun by Muslims, they could at any moment do the Australian solution combined with fences along the border to Turkey. They have a GIANT military to the extent that the credit line for them was described as saving the contracts of German and French mil providers.

      • Latitude says:

        I think the biggest question now is France.
        It says it all when there are so many choices..no one can figure out which country will be next

  9. Latitude says:

    Looks like the EU is in a catch 22….

    If they go hard on Britain….it’s going to backfire on them
    …if they go easy…..it’s going to backfire

    …a no win for the EU

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