Note To FBI And DOJ —– My God Is Not The Same As What The Muslims Refer To As “Allah”

My God sent his only begotten Son to live as a man, to die for our sins, to defeat death, in order to reconcile humanity with God.  Do any Muslims believe their “Allah” did that?  No?  Well, then they’re not the same and should not be used as a euphemism for each other.

The substitution is as idiotic as substituting “God” for Zeus or Shangdi. 

It’s intentional, insulting, and done to purposefully implicate Christians as complicit in the Orlando mass murder.  

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30 Responses to Note To FBI And DOJ —– My God Is Not The Same As What The Muslims Refer To As “Allah”

  1. Latitude says:

    I don’t usually like Bill Maher…but he can come up with some zingers

    ‘I Don’t See Any Christian Groups Trying to Get a Nuclear Weapon’: Maher Insists Terrorism is a Uniquely Islamic Problem

  2. kelly says:

    Hi Suyts,

    I would say it is the same god. You know some christians refer to their god as Allah. In many majority muslim countries this is the case and some of the crazy muslims object.

    So your personal beliefs about god or allah is different to all muslims and different with many christians but in a less significant way.

    Yes the fundamental difference in belief which separates christians and muslims is one sees Jesus as the son of Allah and one sees Jesus as a prophet.

    The god you or a muslim believes in is still the same one.

    You know a person of the Abrahamic faiths is more likely to look down at me than you because I don’t believe in your god.

    • suyts says:

      Hi Kelly, good to hear from you, again. But, no, it is not the same God. One can call the Almighty what they will, but, the God I believe in (and the rest of Christianity) is entirely different than the God Muslims believe in.
      The beliefs and teachings are entirely different. Again, that’s the same thing as saying the Christian God is the same as Shangdi. Just because one has a monotheism belief doesn’t mean it’s the same God throughout beliefs.

      And, no, Kelly, that’s not the fundamental difference. Yes, the Muslims see Jesus as a prophet. Do they teach his Word? No? Then there’s a huge difference! Jesus is the Son of God, part of the Trinity —– God. Muslims don’t believe that. In other words, the Muslim god, Allah is entirely different than the One True God of Christian faith.

    • DirkH says:

      “So your personal beliefs about god or allah is different to all muslims and different with many christians but in a less significant way.
      Yes the fundamental difference in belief which separates christians and muslims is one sees Jesus as the son of Allah and one sees Jesus as a prophet.”

      You do not understand the difference.
      See: Jesus died for our sins to free us from sin; to take the sin from us and extinguish it; to free us from blame.
      This is the reason that when my daughter would bring shame on my family I would not have to sacrifice her to restore the honor of the family. I am free of that because I can forgive her because Jesus Christ has already sacrificed himself for all our sins.

      You don’t understand this and all Muslims don’t understand it. Mohammed tried to merge Judaism and Christianity for his people; the Quran started as a commentary on the Bible – Noah’s stoy is prominent in there for instance. He and his followers didn’t understand the most important aspect – just like todays Western Atheists don’t even though their life follows entirely Christian ethics – Without understanding it, they emulate Christians to a tee; it became folk lore for them. (Except when they occasionally start industrial wars and famines like in the 20th century, killing 100 million people in the process – notice that the Nazis are amongst them – they were somewhere between atheists and pre-Christian esoteric wisdom seekers – Christian they were not. AS OPPOSED TO Wagner, who in his final work Parsifal endorses Christianity, which he already hints at in The Ring – the Nazis liked all that prechristian Nibelungen slaughter and didn’t get the Christian conclusion.)

      • DirkH says:

        “This is the reason that when my daughter would bring shame on my family I would not have to sacrifice her to restore the honor of the family. ”

        And notice that that is exactly what Muslims do – which you also do not understand because you are following Christian ethics, taking them for granted without understanding them – they murder their daughters when they have for instance become victims of rape; the Honor Killings – a savage and pre-Christian sacrifice.

        Also notice that the Christian God already saved Isaac. Atheists don’t understand that story and cite it as an example for a savage god who demands a sacrifice but don’t even know that God sends an angel to stop the sacrifice – and that that’s the point of the story.

        • DirkH says:

          Just like the saving of Isaac was designed to teach Abraham a lesson, so was the sacrifice of Jesus Christ designed to teach us a lesson.

        • DirkH says:

          It is the answer to the question “How Can You Live With The Shame?”
          The answer is: There is no shame. Jesus has taken it upon him.

        • DirkH says:

          And so I can live fearless, knowing that my sin has been shouldered by Jesus Christ.
          A Muslim cannot: No matter how virtuous his life, Allah is the judge and will judge him after his death. The slightest abberation can send you to hell; any Imam will confirm this – the only 100% guarantee to get to paradise is to become a Jihadi and kill unbelievers.
          As the Muslim believes that the unbeliever goes to hell anyway he does not see it as a big deal, he just shortens the way of the unbeliever but not the final destination – and he, the murderer, gets paradise as guaranteed reward.

          See just HOW! ABSOLUTELY! different this is?

          See, and a Moroccon colleague straight out told me exactly that as I asked him, just to make sure we’re on the same page about his wicked beliefs. I am like that, I ask these people.

        • cdquarles says:

          This is important and Dirk’s done his homework. I’d like to add this: 1 Corinthians Chapter 15, especially verses 1 through 31, and emphasis on verses 14 through 30. Does any other religion say anything like this, as openly and strongly the foundation of the Christian faith and why it is rational to believe this over any other?

        • Latitude says:

          excellent Dirk…and I needed a refresher course too

      • suyts says:

        That’s a very good distinction between Christianity and Islam.

      • cdquarles says:

        Even more to the point, I think, is that sin entered with Adam (First Man), not Eve. Had Adam, who had a personal relationship with God, done the right thing, Jesus would not have had to do that for him (Adam). Jesus, God the Son, entered our world (society) as a born human, wearing the mantle of flesh, though without sin. Jesus did this as a descendant (remember that biologically, it is the male that determines the sex) of Adam via a descendant of Abraham (this is important!), to be not only a lesson to us, but to be a lesson to the non-corporate angels, the offspring of the thought of God. [God being Existence Prime and a Living Existence must bring forth fruit, that is, more life.] Jesus was the man Adam ceased to be by choosing sin. Jesus took on that sin to be that sacrifice, so we are saved by Grace. Taking on that sin required Jesus to be Adam, separated from the Father. The wages of sin is Death. Jesus Died, was buried, raised from the Dead, thus defeating Death. He ascended back to God, to be our Advocate, covering our sins with His shed blood, preparing a place for us to be with God.

        Me, I am a sinner. I confess that I am a sinner. I confess that Jesus, and He who sent Jesus are what they declare. So I willingly undergo the metaphorical death by being baptized in water, get raised from it to enjoy a new life as a new creature. I must go and sin no more, spread the Word, be a Blessing to others by aligning my life with the commandments of God (acknowledge Him, learn His rules, and obey them willingly, of which the most succinct formulation is Love God and Love your neighbor as you love yourself, eschew sin, and instill in others the willingness to join in the Joy that God brings, by Faith, through persuasion, not coercion).

        The Christian Bible is an instruction manual. One may reject it, but you cannot say that you have not been warned. I am saved by Grace, so I will not harm you physically and will try to prevent physical harm to you if I can, giving up my own physical life, if necessary, even though I know by Faith that your faith is vain because you reject God. To say that there is no God is to say that there is no existence.

    • To Kelly’s point, it is the same God. The differences came from man’s thousands of varied interpretations of Him, which we call religion, past and present. As varied as our societies, ways of life, and languages. And how could it not be. And also how could it not be, that in developing those interpretations, each society leans their definition of Him in their favor. Islam took that, and still does, to the extreme. The Quran, in a way, needs it’s New Testament.

      This is the basic problem with assimilation. Many of our immigrants don’t even want to give up their language, much less their God. They mostly already shared our religion. Just as Europeans wouldn’t adopt the native languages and religions when they got here.

      • gator69 says:

        How is it that the same God that calls Jews his chosen people, would command Muhammad to cut off their heads for being Jews? Islam is not a religion, it is a socio-political structure disguised as a religion. Muhammad, like Hitler, tried to coopt the ideology of those around him in order to control them.

        Muhammad and Jesus were polar opposites, and do not represent the same deity.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Because of the interpretations I just mentioned. Muslims don’t believe Jews are chosen, they believe Muslims are. The ancient Greeks were chosen by Zeus. The Norse by Odin. The Apache by Ussen. Christians believe they are chosen thru Christ, Jews disagree.

          I believe God looks down on all our claims to, and interpretations of him, and just shakes his head.

        • gator69 says:

          OK. So you think it is interpretation. Which interpretation do you think most likely fits your idea of God?

          1- A God that teaches his children to love one another


          2- A God that teaches his followers to wipe out everyone else

          They cannot be the same God.

        • cdquarles says:

          No, Christians are not chosen through Christ. We are *saved* from the consequences of sin through Christ. The relationship is personal.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          Two ways of saying the same thing, cd.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          God will choose you, thru his son.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          3- Both.
          1- When you can. 2- When you must.

          Do I believe the Islamic interpretation to be the most one-sided? Of course.

        • gator69 says:

          You are saying that…

          Wipe out everyone else. Even fellow believers of God. No matter what.


          Love everyone, no matter what. Only kill in self defense, and never for ideology. No matter what.

          Sorry, but these two are not the same, and cannot cohabitate. I understand that you are trying to say that Muslims believe in the same God, but they do not, as demonstrated by the polar opposite teachings of Muhammad and Jesus.

        • cdquarles says:

          @ leftin, I have to disagree. I have to choose God first. Now, God wants me to choose Him, because He made us for a purpose and loves us. What I see from the Koran is a polar opposite.

  3. Very good Sir. Thank you. I ROGER all you have written.

  4. I. Lou Minotti says:

    James, it’s excellent posts like this that keep me checking in from time to time. Perhaps I’ll be coming back more now.

    A bit of food for thought; God Almighty told Moses His Name was “I AM.” Only He is worthy of the praise and glory that such a name would deserve, much less one of lesser standing (such as any fallen human being or fallen angel) that would claim that Name for themselves.

    Is it no wonder that the Satan and his followers call themselves “Me?”

  5. Latitude says:

    in a sane world…..

    My question is why to we allow this religion to go on?
    …and even worse, interact with these people that do this like they are equals??

    • Because there’s 1.6 billion of them. We don’t have much say in it continuing. We cou!d have a say in it continuing here. Or whatever continues here.

      • Latitude says:

        People harass and make fun of rednecks, hicks, white trash, and crackers…
        …for a lot less

        I think it’s time we stop taking these people so seriously and bounce the ball back in their court. Start calling them exactly what they are….shame them, put them down, make fun of them…

        Instead we act like they are equal and even sometimes superior.

        Tell them exactly how ignorant and backward they are…to their face

        Absolutely amazing to me that we have let them get away with this for so long.

  6. DirkH says:

    This is glorious. Dems take aim, shoot themselves in the foot.
    “Rep. John Lewis, who once marched alongside civil rights leaders in the 1960’s, is among House Democrats staging a sit-in until the GOP acts to make it illegal for Americans on government watch lists to own firearms.

    It didn’t take @Iowahawk long to spot some major irony:

    In 1963, Martin Luther King was a gun owner on an FBI watch list.

    — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) June 22, 2016″

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