Goodbye, Merle. Thank you so much!

I can’t really write too much about Merle.  Nothing would do him justice for the music the man gave us. 

I guess the best I can do is post a song or two which many may haven’t heard.

This one, I used to like to play …..  I think I’ll go over it a couple times tonight.


This next one was his first hit.  It was written by Liz Anderson, Lynn’s mom.  Story is that Merle had to be coaxed into listening to some of her songs she wrote.  He figured it would be boring …..  he ended up recording several hits she wrote.  Lonesome fugitive was another she wrote.

In many of Merle’s songs, you can hear a pretty voice singing harmony ….. that would most likely be Bonnie Owens, once married to Buck Owens, and was one of Merle’s wives. 

Well, I’m just going to listen to the hundreds of hits Merle gave us, and drink a lot of beer.  I really doubt we’ll ever see or hear another like him. 

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29 Responses to Goodbye, Merle. Thank you so much!

  1. gator69 says:

    Merle was the real thing, and it came through in his music in spades. All the others were just pretenders, or defeated contenders. What a loss for American music, and long live the poet of the working man.

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    Remember illustrating his portrait based on this ad back as an early design school project. Great character in that face. And in his songs.

  3. DirkH says:

    Video from hyperinflation socialist Venezuela. Gun free zone everywhere, murder capital of the Southern Hemisphere. No toilet paper, no tap water, queues at stores, empty shelves…

  4. DirkH says:

    Trump: ‘America First.’

    What I find interesting here is that America First is the name of a group of 500 dismissed US Army generals who formed this group as a constitutionalist resistance movement. Has Trump connections to them?

    • suyts says:

      I seriously doubt it. Most generals understand the difference between tactics and strategy. They understand the need for logistics and specific information. All generals understand the importance of rules….. they would have spent their entire adult life adhering to, learning to live by, and creating rules. See my next post which demonstrates Trump doesn’t understand any of these things.

  5. Latitude says:

    The Violent Crime Control Act gained attention this week when protesters confronted former President Bill Clinton about his wife’s comment in 1994 that repeat juvenile offenders are “super predators.”…………..sounds right to me

  6. Latitude says:

    oh ok…….so when they develop a dirty bomb and kill millions
    maybe then it’s not so ok

    • DirkH says:

      Well I suggest when the dirty bomb goes off you put some tape on your window frames to seal them airtight, swallow some Iodine and plan your way out of town. That should do the trick. A dirty bomb is so useless it has never been used.

    • Latitude says:

      Dirk…our idiot in charge just said that a few people getting killed my terrorists is acceptable…because more people are killed in car accidents
      ….so I guess he’s not going to act until they kill millions

      • DirkH says:

        Leftists always say that. They always side with evil over good. BECAUSE: They say that all cultures are equal. So when Islam is living in shitholes and we live in luxury it cannot be that it is because theirs is a culture of destruction – it must be because we cheated them out of their deserved success. So they always side with the victim of that imagined betrayal. The bigger the difference, the worse the cheating must have been. So they always pick the side of the lazy, the stupid, the ugly, the vile, over the virtuous, the beautiful, the smart, the righteous. And they MAKE themselves ugly, lazy, stupid and vile out of solidarity. Notice the tattoos, the piercings, the ripped trousers. Fashion is leftist.

        Oh, all that while the Pentagon just sent B52’s (a few weeks after Trump suggested it, which they called an idiotic idea). Now that’s the Pentagon. Doesn’t mean Obama gave the order. At this point it’s not clear that Pentagon and CIA follow the same orders.
        Or maybe they just need bigger planes to deliver weapons to ISIS.
        We gotta wait and see what falls out of them.

        • leftinflagstaff says:

          They say that unless it’s kids getting killed by a psycho in Newtown. When many more die in bathtubs and car accidents. Then all gun owners are terrorists. The NRA is Bin Ladin.

          Hypocrisy is best used when targeted correctly.

        • Latitude says:

          black lives matter………….

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