Well, I’d use “Random Thoughts”, but, that’s already taken. 

The word “primary” connotes a “secondary”.  …… Just thought I’d share that with some Trump supporters unaware of the rules of the Republican party.  Well, and to the Donald, himself, who seems surprised there is actually something which comes after the “primaries”.  To the Cruz supporters all abuzz about this —— loose lips sink ships!!!!!   Brag about stuff after you accomplish them, not before, you morons!

WTF is 1.5% native American?  I can’t recall the reader who brought this up, but, someone at Suyts mentioned this some time ago.  1.5% is bs.   ….. Well, I suppose you could have someone who was 2% native American who copulated with someone who was 1% native American. …….. Let’s see if I can …… if you had a grand parent who was 100% native American and no other native American blood in your bloodline, then, you’d be 1/4 or 25% native American.  Great grand parent, then, 1/8, or 12.5%  ….. great-great grand parent, then, 1/16 or 6.25% ……. great-great-great then 1/32 or 3.125%…… ahh, so then, they must have rounded off!!!!  The child’s great-great-great-great grand parent much have been full-blooded Choctaw!!!! So, the child would then be 1/64th native American, or 1.5625%!!!  That is if we actually have the providence of 7 generations.  I very much doubt there is such a providence.  But, I’d wager if we blood tested every American who’s family has been here more than 3 generations that more than 90% would have that much native American blood in them.  This is utter stupidity.



Some say a wall wouldn’t do any good, others say a wall is “racist” (ignorant bastards don’t know what race our predominant illegal immigrants are).  I say, when the ICE (Immigration) is leading the way against violent gang members a wall is a good start.

What I don’t understand is when we see efforts like this that all American people don’t understand the very real threat and very real harm our open borders already pose.  I don’t care if you’re pro-Trump, anti-Trump, or some screwed up leftard, the damage our open borders facilitates is very real, demonstrable, and literally already kills countless Americans.  The potential harm only increases daily.  If some illiterate scumbag gangbanger can cross our border with impunity, and then recruit other violent scumbags to be part of a gang, then, so can the ISIS scumbags. 

There is going to be a day when we all have to stand up and be counted.  You are either pro-America and pro-your-fellow-citizen, or, you are not.  If you are not, then, go, leave, get out of our country.  Go live in some despicable and corrupt  3rd world country you seem so hell bent on importing to the US.  Quit inflicting your idiocy and scumbaggery on innocent Americans.  We don’t need to import violent gangs into the US.  We have enough.  We don’t need to import crazed lunatics in the US.  We have enough.  And, we certainly don’t need to ignore the obvious security deficiency that would allow the import of the sorts of animals who would radicalize already confused people.  In my view, it’s an act of treason to support an open border. 

Well, there’s much more to say, but, I think these are enough to start a conversation or two!

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15 Responses to Potpourri!!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    I think I brought that up….and now you reminded me…and my stomach is churning again
    I can’t F’in believe that crap…..for all the reasons you mentioned

    What I really can’t believe is why isn’t every person…that’s not muslim….screaming and freaking out about what muslims are doing…in the name of their religion! Some muslim guy was murdered the other day, just for wishing his christian customers Happy Easter on facebook!
    What in this world is wrong with people?…have we really just given up and become that immune to it all?

  2. Latitude says:

    in the mean time…there was this small little gathering in Yeman

    • suyts says:

      What were they gathering about?

      • Latitude says:

        Electronic Resistance

        Dear friends we now have footage from #Yemen capital #Sanaa. Protests today against the #Saudi terrorist regime over one million #Yemenis took the streets.

        • DirkH says:

          Well looks like the big oil fields of the Saudis are nearing depletion. And they’re pumping like crazy and can’t stop because of a gaping hole in their budget. Yemen sits on untapped resources.

          So MBS, Muhammad bin Salman, one of the 200 princes yearning to become the next ruler after the current already demented 3rd of brothers deceases or is removed from the throne, MBS is trying to make his name by conquering Yemen. Which goes very very badly given Yemen is full of Shiites with Iranian support.

          And I think Saudi has 15% Shiite population as well, especially concentrated in the oil region. So the Saudis just decapitated 200 of them to instill some shock and awe.

          This is all going badly, and once the family Al Saud has to flee to the Riviera where they own expensive beachfront property they just might find themselves expropriated of said property for SOME reason… you can always pull out some dirty dealing to start a lawsuit if you’re say a state with a half-organized intelligence agency, even the French.

          Worst of all the al Sauds sit on 5 tn USD in treasuries. This makes them prime candidates for an unfortunate accident (after which said treasuries would vanish into “safekeeping” like the Libyan Gold.)

        • suyts says:

          That’s what I was getting at. In Yemen, they’re having a bit of an uncivil war. While I know and understand there is a distinction between Shia and Sunni, it probably doesn’t help our interests, either way.

  3. Latitude says:

    and you have to love this…..forget being 1% native american

    If you half muslim…you’re all muslim
    …I keep forgetting that it’s ok to kill anyone that leaves that religion of peace


  4. Stand up, crounch, or go prone and be counted. And release thousands of high velocity projectiles downrange. 🙂

    We’d have to blind to not see it coming.

  5. gator69 says:

    Meanwhile, back at the trough…

    A Tennessee man who interrupted Congress last year was shot by U.S. Capitol police inside the building’s visitor’s center Monday afternoon.


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