They Must Really, Really Hate Cruz …… Super Tuesday Fallout!!!! ….. And Thoughts On A Brokered Convention


Well, I’ve had too many beers, tonight, to adequately do this justice.  But, I thought I’d jot a note about what happened last night.  ….. at least from my perspective. 

For Trump, Tuesday kinda went as it was suppose to.  There were no big surprises.  There were a couple of mild ones.  Last polls I could see had Cruz winning Arkansas, but, Trump won that one.  Cruz returned the favor in Oklahoma.  Little Marco made it closer in Virginia than it was suppose to be, and Kasich made it closer in Mass than it was suppose to be.  All in all, it was a solid for Trump, with just a little slippage.    He did, pretty much, as well as he was expected to do.  I’ve seen some pundits call it for Trump.  I’ve seen others say that a “brokered convention” is the only other way.  …….. They’re both laughable.


Ben Carson, for all intent and purposes has dropped out after last night stating that he doesn’t “see any way forward”.  It’s about a month late, but, at least reality set in for Ben.  He fell flat last night, as everyone knew he would.  Oddly, he didn’t withdraw. 

But, this brings me to the “winner” of last night, Ted Cruz.  Not that he won more delegates than Trump, he didn’t.  But, he delivered better than expected.  It wasn’t just his wins in Texas (was expected), OK, and Alaska, but, it was his performance in the other states.  The showing puts him as the only viable Trump alternative.  He smoked Rubio in states where Rubio was suppose to finish second.  Rubio’s only victory came from Minnesota. 

Now, I realize some people may believe I’m jumping the gun a bit.   After all, some big gems, Ohio and Florida, are still in the coming, and those are the home states of Kasich and Rubio, respectively.  And, they are winner take all states.  Let’s examine this ……

Yes, if Trump happened to lose Ohio and Florida (he’s polling ahead in both), then we’d likely have a brokered convention.  For those who don’t know, by the rules of the Repub party, the nominee must have a majority of delegates.  Having more than anyone else doesn’t win the nomination.  It must be a majority. And, no, this isn’t a rule change, this is something that was known by all candidates prior to their entering the race. 

But, as it stands, right now, the odds of Trump losing both states are next to nil.  Indeed, the odds of Trump losing both are less than they were two days ago.  Why?  Because Rubio and Kasich got their a$$es handed to them last night.  Both didn’t just fail to meet expectations, the they failed miserably.  Sure, Rubio won Minnesota …… I can’t explain that one.  The state which gave us Hubert Humphries and Jesse “the body” Ventura went Rubio …. I expected Trump.  But, it was Rubio’s 3rd place finishes which smoked him.  Places where they thought Rubio could possibly win, he placed 3rd.  At the start of the night, he was essentially tied with Cruz on the delegate count and the popular vote.  This morning, he woke up to having a yawning gap between him and the second place runner, and an almost insurmountable gap between him and the top delegate/vote getter, Donald Trump. 

I read many people calling for Cruz to get out of the race (prior to last night) for the good of the party/country.  Oddly, they stated Cruz couldn’t beat Trump and that Rubio (and in one occasion) or Kasich was the “only way” Trump could lose.  Well, Cruz didn’t just win his home state, he won more than anyone else, other than people named Donald Trump.  More than that, he took second more than he was suppose to.  

The Brokered Convention

This brings me to the notion of a brokered convention in which by some scenarios, an establishment candidate still can win the Repub nomination.  …….

Well, technically, yes, that can happen.  But, it won’t happen.  There are several scenarios which can still play out in terms of what is going to happen next in the nomination process.  No one has a crystal ball, but, we can all see things for what they are.  …….. As it stands, right now, with the same candidates remaining in for the duration of the process, Trump would have a very hard time getting a majority of the delegates.  But, he would get more than anyone else.  Cruz would have a distant second most.  A Rubio or Kasich would have an even more distant 3rd and/or 4th.  Rubio and Kasich, combined, don’t have near the delegates Cruz has, much less Trumps. 

Now, let’s imagine it remains like this throughout the primaries, which is a distinct possibility (more on that in a second).  Are we to believe the Repubs would forego both the 1st and 2nd place finishers to nominate someone else?  Yes, it is technically possible, after all, the Republican party isn’t a government agency (by law), it’s a “club”, if you will.  And clubs get to make their own rules.  But, let’s pretend they would do this.  ……… all hell would break lose!  This would mean that they would tell the world that they don’t represent the majority of the people who voted in their primaries.  For all intent and purposes, that would end the Republican party.  Try being a Repub senator or congressman when the world knows you have no populace support.  Even if you held the majority of a house (they would not if they tried that trick), no one would take them seriously. The only way Repubs and Dims exercise power is through the illusion of public support. If they bypassed both Trump and Cruz, there would then be no pretense.  Remember, the nomination is months ahead of the general election.  Every state where Trump and Cruz won, the people would just not.  It wouldn’t just be that the Dims won everything, they would supplant Repubs all over the nation.  For the power brokers behind the scenes, there’s no point in pulling strings on people who have no power.  Seriously, if the Repubs would attempt such a thing, it would spell the imminent end of the Repub party.  While Trump has enjoyed support of many people who have crossed party lines and independents, most of his support comes from people who have always voted Repub.  The same can be said of Cruz.  It’s not just a majority of Repubs voting against the establishment, it’s a super-majority.  It’s always been the establishment’s MO to retain power, not take their marbles and go home.  Yes, I wish they would, they won’t.  They never do. 

So, what of Cruz?  What if Trump wins the most, but, not the majority?  What if Cruz takes 2nd?  What if they then decide to nominate Cruz?  Again, that’s technically possible.  But, it won’t happen.  They could already support Cruz over Trump.  After last night, anyone believing Kasich has a chance in heck of winning the majority of delegates are deluded even beyond Kasich himself.  The same can be said of Rubio, but, I don’t know if little Marco understands how bad he lost last night.  If Kasich and Rubio supporters preferred Cruz over Trump, they’d be out of the race today.  They’re not.  Even if Rubio wins Florida, and even if Kasich wins Ohio, they’re still going to finish 3rd and 4th.  And, the odds of that happening (Kasich and Rubio winning their states) are slim to none.  Both Kasich and Rubio know they’re losing their respective states.  They were polling behind before last night, you know they’re doing worse today.  But, both have essentially demonstrated that they’re in it, at least until they lose their home states.  Why?  Because they know that kills Cruz’ candidacy.  If Rubio and Kasich both get out, soon, then Cruz will probably win the nomination. 

Is there a Rubio supporter out there who would vote for Trump rather than Cruz?  A Kasich supporter?  Not very many.  Damned few.  (Carson is a different story.)  So, why is Kasich and Rubio still in it?  Because they hate Cruz that much more.  Sure, if Rubio and Kasich get out, one can easily see where many of the establishment Repubs would sit this one out.  But, we also know (this blog is a great example) that many would still vote to nominate someone.  It would come down to Trump or Cruz ….. who do you believe they’d (Rubio and Kasich supporters) lean towards?  It isn’t Trump. 

But, that’s not what’s happening.  Kasich and Rubio have vowed to fight on.  They know Cruz can’t win if they stay in.  They (the establishment power brokers) hate Cruz more than they hate Trump.  The rank and file (establishment voters) hate Trump more than they hate Cruz. 

Again, I don’t know what tomorrow brings.  Everyday is different and surprising.  But, as I see it, as of right now, the establishment is throwing the Repub race to Trump.  And, no, I don’t believe there’s a chance in heck that they’d commit suicide to nominate someone other than Trump or Cruz at the convention. 

However, I do see a different scenario ………. let Trump win the nomination, and then walk away from the general election.  So, they will have Hillary to deal with for 4-8 years.  We all know that won’t bother them in the least.  Indeed, that will fill their coffers as they pretend to oppose Hillary.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  We all know that’s already the contingency plan if Trump wins the nomination.  They’re not going to commit suicide, they’re just going to go with what they’re good at, ……. losing and then pretending that they’ll fight the power for us.


Now, as I re-read this post it looks like another pro-Cruz op-ed.  It isn’t.  It’s just how I’m seeing it, today.  As it stands, and if things don’t change (such as people running), Trump is going to have more delegates than the rest of the contenders.  If they (Rubio and Kasich) stay in, then, it’s likely no one will get a majority of delegates.  But, there’s no way the establishment Repubs, or their benefactors, will commit suicide and bypass the #1 and #2 leaders for a #3.  A couple of 3rd parties would pop up even before the general election.  Nearly all Repubs would be swept from office (including Governors and the like) and you’d have a machine apparatus that runs nothing.  They won’t do that.  They’d much rather lose the oval office and keep on doing what they’re doing today. 

Now, if Rubio and Kasich get out soon, then, that’s a different ballgame.  Because, as I said earlier, I see more of their rank and file supporters moving to Cruz, rather than Trump.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a slam dunk, but, it would be a much tighter race, with either Trump or Cruz actually winning the majority of delegates.  

If Cruz got out, for some insane reason, I see most of his supporters going to Trump, they hate the establishment more than they hate Trump.  Many of them like Trump, but, like Cruz more, so “hate” probably isn’t a good word in that case. 

I found the tones and words of each contender/pretender interesting.  Trump (who stole my “Rickles” line) was conciliatory, somewhat, towards Cruz, but, jabbed Rubio.  He used the “little Marco” line on a couple occasions.  It’s smart because it’s obviously under little Marco’s skin.  It caused Rubio to do and say a couple of stupid things.  And, it projects a dominance over “little Marco”, all the while showing a seriousness (which he needed) towards the process and his closest contender.  I can just see Marco seething, but, afraid to do or say anything else about Trump because Trump already clowned him. 

Cruz, OTOH, went directly after Trump.  Again, that’s the only smart play.  He’s not battling Rubio for 3rd place.  2nd place doesn’t get you a win.  And, he shows that he’s the only legit contender against Trump. 

Rubio, though, went after Cruz.  …… Which, I think is a stupid play.  It projects conceding 1st to Trump and trying to play for second.  Even if that’s true, it’s stupid because it conveys a defeatist attitude for his supporters.  It’s like saying “yeh, well, we may suck, but, we don’t suck as bad as this other guy!!!!”  How many votes are you picking up with that line?   Who’s going to vote for that?  Let’s have a stadium full of people chanting “we’re number two!!!!  We’re number two!!!!” 

But, it demonstrates the maturity of Rubio.  Trump was able to knock Rubio off his game by the clown act.  Rubio responded in kind and got toasted for it.  You can’t pretend you’re a unifying voice of optimistic vision when you’re babbling about someone’s hand size.  The whole point is to contrast yourself to your opponent, not show that you’re a weaker version of your opponent. 

There’s a debate this Thursday, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Last time, Rubio attacked Trump and Cruz piled on, drawing blood.  But, now, Rubio seems to want to go after Cruz, while Cruz wants to go after Trump, while Trump seems to want to put Rubio out.  <—– Which is a good strategy, because as that’s the only way Cruz can win a majority of delegates, it’s also the easiest way for Trump to win a majority of delegates.  For all of them, Kasich should be ignored in the way Carson was. 

Anyway, that’s how I’m seeing it, what do you think?

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135 Responses to They Must Really, Really Hate Cruz …… Super Tuesday Fallout!!!! ….. And Thoughts On A Brokered Convention

  1. >>
    . . . what do you think?

    I think Trump is a Democrat plant to get Hillary elected. I think he entered the Republican race to destroy their chances to win and suck the oxygen out of the debates. The fact that he’s doing so well has surprised him and all the so-called pundits. He’s ensured that most Latinos won’t vote Republican. His David Duke faux-pas will follow him all the way to the General–if he makes it to the General. And who in their “right” mind would vote for someone that both Jimmy Carter and Harry Reid have endorsed? (I think Carter and Reid forgot the playbook and to pretend they didn’t like him.)

    The Democrats didn’t have a chance this election until Trump showed up. Now the Republicans will lose spectacularly. You can kiss the SCOTUS good-bye for at least 25 years and probably forever–not to mention the Constitution.

    “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

    Benjamin Franklin: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

    I guess not.


    • Only if we also don’t show up for the next really meaningful election… The one where we vote with our trigger fingers.

      • So now you’re advocating armed revolution? Those events don’t usually turn out well. Our founding was an exception–don’t expect something similar. I would try Mark Levin’s Constitutional convention route first. It may even have a slim chance of being successful.


        • Just merely advocating not whining about losing Rights for which were the won’t use the means we were given to defend. The founders new it was absolutely not going to be the exception.

        • Ugh- that was bad:

          Just merely advocating not whining about losing Rights for which we won’t use the means we were given to defend. The founders knew it was absolutely not going to be the exception.

  2. philjourdan says:

    The establishment does not think Trump can win in the general. So they know they will have a shot in 4 years for another establishment candidate. But they know Cruz will, so that is 8 years and perhaps the death knell of the establishment Republicans.

    That is why they hate Cruz more than Trump. Trump is a one term loss. Cruz is a paradigm shift.

    I voted for Cruz. But I will vote for Trump if he gets the nod. The Republicans have to change or become irrelevant. They are already approaching the Washington Generals in terms of stature.

    • cdquarles says:

      I agree. I voted for Cruz, for he is the best of the lot, in my opinion. If it is Trump vs any Dhimmicrat (even though Trump is of the NE culture that is ‘Progressive; and has been for 120 years now), I’ll take Trump, especially if Congress remains nominally R.

  3. Latitude says:

    Sure, Rubio won Minnesota …… I can’t explain that one.
    …and it makes no sense at all …..unless you read this

    ” Minnesota now leads the nation in voter fraud convictions”

  4. Latitude says:

    Anyway, that’s how I’m seeing it, what do you think?

    I think you are spot on….as usual

  5. Latitude says:

    Had a conversation with a friend of mine last night….suspected, but couldn’t put my finger on exactly why these super rich political “buyers” were so against closing the border and illegals…

    He sat me straight…’s drug money

    Even though they are not involved directly…..the money is

    • suyts says:

      It’s that, and a lot more. The power brokers need immigrants. Drug money, and the pretend “war on drugs” requires open borders. They also love the cheap labor. They also want them for US fiscal purposes. Our entire budgetary system is based upon deficit spending. With a static population, there’s no chance that can continue in perpetuity. Consider the richest people in America. People like Gates and Buffet. They’re only worth a few hundred $billion. Every year the governments (fed, states, etc….) spend $trillions. Guess where a lot of that goes? Right into the pockets of the rich power brokers. That can’t continue with a static or shrinking population. This is why Europe committed suicide by inviting the Muslims. It’s so they can continue the deficit spending. Because deficit spending (think Social Security) requires a growing population/work force. A static workforce requires someone paying the piper. …… Thus, ending the gravy train for the power brokers. From military contracts to the people invested in ethanol, all of it requires deficit spending, else, we’d be forced to make wise choices with our money and having our investments show demonstrable good for the nation. It’s a beautiful feedback/loopback system. They fund the politicians, the politicians fund them with our money….. and our children’s …. and, if they can, the immigrants’ money and their children.

      It’s not just drugs, that’s part of it, it’s not just the war on drugs, but, that’s part of it, too. Consider the money made by prison industry, from housing, building, clothing, feeding the prisoner …… the employees ….. the weapons, the clothing …. Then, there’s the judiciary, the lawyers and govt appointed defense attorneys ….. all of these people and more require criminals and deficit spending, and with that, a growing population.

      • Latitude says:

        you know……I agree with you 100%

        and they are making that money off the middle class…..

      • DirkH says:

        suyts says:
        March 3, 2016 at 4:45 pm
        “Drug money, and the pretend “war on drugs” requires open borders. ”


      • Latitude says:

        I think everyone’s got their panties in a wad over nothing…..
        I’m still convinced it’s going to be a Trump/Cruz ticket when the dust settles

        The both have exactly the same poliics….
        close the border, straighten out the illegal mess, put a stop to these trade deals, etc

        • suyts says:

          …… well, prolly not after this debate I’m watching.
          I don’t know how many people are watching these things and how many are still making up their minds, but, Trump is getting hurt in this one. It’s pretty brutal. Kasich and Cruz are the winners so far ….. I’m going to see the last question and then closing statements, so, it’s all but over.

        • Latitude says:

          What I heard this morning is FOX did themselves in…
          ….Trump supporters are not going to budge….and what FOX did last night was just qualify everything people were already thinking about the establishment and media

          I also heard it was all Trump….no questions to anyone else

        • suyts says:

          Well, that’s not true. ….. Yes, Fox asked Trump questions which were hard questions. But, it’s their job to ask those questions. But, they rotated the questions. To my recollection, no one was asked a question more than every 4th question, but, I was drinking beer, so I could be wrong. But, everyone was asked questions.

          Trump is in the middle of a fraud case for his Trump “university”. He was asked about it, and, I’m glad they asked about it. The people need to know. Trump was asked about his “wall”, and his duplicit hypocrisy in hiring “temporary” workers in his hotels. It needed asked. That’s when he flip-flopped on his H1B stance. Cruz was asked some very difficult loaded questions. For instance, one of the questions to Cruz was, after going through a very lengthy description of how bad things were in Detroit, what “specifically” would Cruz do for the people of Detroit (which is where the debate was). What kind of question was that? Detroit sucks because of leftarded policies for the last 5 decades. But, there was Meagan Kelly, detailing all of the crap the leftards are wallowing in (their own stew) and demanding Cruz tell her what, specifically, would he do for the people of Detroit. ……. Cruz hit it out of the park! He gave a brief and glowing history of Detroit, praising the people of Detroit. He pointed out that they were suffering from the 5+ decades of leftardism, and promised nothing but an effort to revitalize the manufacturing industry of the US. Kasich did pretty well on the same question.

          On one question Trump said he didn’t have anything to add to the answers already given….. not that it’s a “bad” answer, but, it doesn’t distinguish you from the other candidate.

          Now, mind you, my experience in no way compares to what went on the stage last night, but, if you’re a debater, you want all of the questions directed at you. I debated for a political office, once. But, by the time they got to questions for me, there wasn’t much left to say and the question was about something inconsequential. I wasn’t ready for that. I was ready to mix it with the questions which were hounding the people. That’s not what I got. You want the questions, because you’ve prepared for the hard questions. You are prepared to answer any criticisms of your stances and any of the parts of your past which are incongruent with your present positions. All the while offering a vision of a brighter future. And, if there are any weaknesses in your opponent’s positions even tangential to the question, you attack. If it is to his strengths, then, you take stuff from what they had stated prior, reword it and make it your own, reducing your opponent to saying “me too”. ………. My point is, you want the questions, you need the questions. I learned this hard lesson in my mid-twenties. I have yet to have an opportunity to apply this lesson, but, I think I will sometime soon.

          If someone is complaining Trump was asked too many questions its because Trump failed in his responses …… which he did, all night. They were memorable. They actually forced him to change his position, last night, on his visa stance. ON HIS VISA STANCE!!!!!!!!! He wasn’t prepared to do anything other than assure the nation that he has no problem with his penis size.

          Lat, you know I love and respect you. I’m not blowing smoke up your a$$. Watch the debate.

        • Me says:

          It doesn’t matter anymore James, the last Prez election you were calling for everyone to unite under Romney, and what happened after he lost, almost everything you was against Romney was for suddenly, AGW and apparently Zero care,and it goes on. Now Both parties are against this one person, and both sides of the MSM, ya got to wonder! The saying is if you are getting flack then you know you are on target comes to mind. But this flack is from everywhere and everyone except his supporters. And to those that think he maybe a tank for Hillary, well he is out flanking all of them, so why would or should he take a bowout and step away.

        • Me says:

          And yet the best part was when they were worried that if Trump didn’t get the nomination would he do the third party thing, so what happened, they got Trump to swear an oath on national TV that he wouldn’t, and now it looks like he may, what is the word out there, They will sabotage their own maybe rubn a third candidate against Trump! How low can they get? The Skellitons in the closet must be spilling out in the streets there are that many that they are doing what they are doing. No wonder everything is a problem lately!

        • Me says:

          And then CNN was making a gaft about his words with Iraq, and when he said it was the same as Afghan, well when I first saw it, it appeared he was talking about after we leave theater, that it will go back to the same as it was before, but no they have to make it look like it it was a mistake to go in. Personally, when them people do what they did, go in and kick ass, you don’t train them, you help them rebuild if they want it, but if they use that as an excuse to make ours targets, then the hell pull out, let them regroup and get comfortable and then pound them again. Do that as many times as needed till they get the message. Sooner of later they will get the message.

        • Me says:

          The difference with the west and the east, was at the time, Russia was on course of conquest, and they beat them with the help of Charlie Wilson, or it would have been very different. We didn’t go there to occupy nore do we want to stay there, yet they will fight us like the russians. In their mind with their religion they can’t be beat, and are now doing the same in any and every possible way to project their way on the world, and the liberals and now it looks rinos and it’s no different up here, wants to get along,because feelings. It’s crazy!

        • Me says:

          and with the liberals and now it looks like same with the repubs, and it’s no different up here, they want us to all get along, because feelings. It’s crazy!

        • suyts says:

          Me, I’m not asking that Trump bow out, were I in his position, I would not. The question should be answered by the people. What I’m saying is that I don’t believe he’ll be good for the nation. I’m saying I believe he’ll be bad for the nation.

          Was Romney a worm? Yes, he was. But, we all knew he was from the start. It’s just that we believed he’d do less harm than Obama. I still believe he would have done less harm than Obama. It’s difficult to believe he would have done more harm.

          Today, I cannot say Trump would do less harm than Hillary. I believe Trump and Hillary have the same amount of compunction. I believe neither one of them know, nor care, about the United States, why we came to be, or what made us great …… and the people ….. I believe they both consider us rabble …. some f’n toy to manipulate to assuage their massive need for reassurance.

          He’s the same guy at the bar who would attack a smaller fellow just because he could. He’s the same guy who made that mistake with me. I know Trump. I’ve seen those peckerheads all my life. They’re all blow until a whirlwind comes up against them, then, they cry and scream like they’ve been harmed in some way. I didn’t hurt him!!!! I fixed his nose!!!! …….. Wait!!!! Different story, same guy. A blowhard. All mouth, no substance. Even little Marco made him change his tune. ……. *snort* And, he wants to be POTUS?? We’ve already had 8 years of one punk bitch. I don’t want anymore.

        • Me says:

          Well if you knew he was a worm then what is the difference?

        • Me says:

          It’s the same of lesser of two evils, well is it Trump or Hillary? Well seems even the repubs will take Hillary over a repub that apparently didn’t join the sceret club.

        • Me says:

          There must be some hazing rites before ya can join the club of power, so someone can pull the strings.

        • Trump could very well turn out to be too much like Hillary. We know Hillary will be too much like her.

        • Latitude says:

          Watch the debate….
          Problem is…I’m deaf….I have to rely on what I can read about it.

          I’m firmly convinced we have all been had on all levels since day one…Throw us a bone with FOX news so we can wave our little red flags and think we’ve accomplished something.
          I’m all for completely destroying the republican party right now. We’re not going to change it without completely destroying it first, then reclaim it if we can.

        • DirkH says:

          Latitude says:
          March 5, 2016 at 1:16 pm
          “I’m all for completely destroying the republican party right now. ”

          Fun thing is I feel the exact same way about the “conservative” German CDU, the Merkel party , which is these days Obama’s poodle.

          What we have here is a confidence crisis across the entire West.

          Now what triggers hyperinflation? Not moneyprinting. No, moneyprinting plus LOSS OF CONFIDENCE IN THE VALUE of the currency… See where this is going?

        • >>
          I’m all for completely destroying the republican party right now.

          And not the Democrat party too? Well, Trump will give you exactly what you want. Enjoy the consequences.


        • Me says:

          Ya know, Jim, It’s Trump or Cruz, And I don’t mind either, but Ya know what the media is going to do to Cruz, and then you all will be blaiming Canada yet again. For what, Trump is already doing that! So by those terms, Let a real American be there!

        • Me says:

          And yeah, they are going to try to do it to Trump, but he is going fight back, unlike someone!

  6. Latitude says:

    The writing may be on the wall after all..
    This is one of the most, if not, the most, powerful men in the Republican Party…he owns it
    …and he does not shoot from the hip….he’s smart enough to be sure he has the backing before he says something that might make him look foolish

    Murdoch: GOP ‘would be mad’ not to unify around Trump if he’s nominee

    Media mogul Rupert Murdoch argued Wednesday that Republicans would be “mad” not to rally around Donald Trump should the businessman become the GOP presidential nominee.

    • Jason Calley says:

      “Murdoch: GOP ‘would be mad’ not to unify around Trump if he’s nominee”

      It has been decades since the Republican party leadership has given us any reason to think that they are NOT mad. Even longer for the Dim-ocrats.

  7. Latitude says:

    oh yeah….like that’s going to work…….is there anyone who cares what Romney thinks?
    and sending Romney out to attack Trump when Romney endorsed Trump?

    Romney 2012…..

    Mitt Romney- “Donald Trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works and to create jobs, he has done it in Nevada and across the country. He is one of the few people who stood up and said China has taken jobs from Americans. We believe in free trade but we have to have a President to stand up and not allow people to cheat day in and day out.”

  8. TedG says:

    Question If you have BIG hands, will you end up with HUGE ears?

  9. Latitude says:

    Mexico says when we are through listening to all these rich guys..
    …we should listen to them

    Mexico says won’t pay for Trump’s ‘terrible’ border wall

    …I thought this line was a classic!

    “Building a wall between Mexico and the United States is a terrible idea. It is an idea based on ignorance and has no foundation in the reality of North American integration.”

    reality…we allow Mexicans, Central Americans, and anyone else that comes along….to freely cross back and forth across our border
    in return……We allow them to send back over $120 billion every year……Pemex, their oil and gas….only pays about $70 million in taxes each year

    Out open border is supporting the Mexican government.

  10. Latitude says:

    They are all totally insane…
    Nancy Pelosi just chastised the Republican party….for doing exactly what the Democrat party is doing

    • suyts says:

      The Dims believe the only road to the White House in the next election is through Trump. Everyone else polls ahead of Hillary.

      • Latitude says:

        yes, but awarding the delegates to Hillary… exactly what they are doing now
        …they don’t realize when they say something like this…the finger points back at them

      • Latitude says:

        Everyone else polls ahead of Hillary.
        oh good grief…..Hillary only has a two way split
        ..republicans have a 3-5 way split

      • philjourdan says:

        Reminds me of 1980 when “everyone” polled ahead of Reagan as well.

      • suyts says:

        Trump doesn’t, Lat.

        • Latitude says:

          I know you’re right about this, but I can’t find a poll on it that can be trusted. Found one on CNN and Realpolitics….both of them are polling liberals…so that’s the result I would expect.

        • suyts says:

          RealClearPolitics is pretty neutral. AFAIK, they don’t do any polling themselves, but, simply aggregate the polls. They post articles from both the left and right.

          But, the polls RCP aggregates are from both left and right and some supposed none invested entities. All of them have consistently shown Trump the only loser from the viable Repub candidates.

  11. Latitude says:

    Trump Now Leading Among Crucial ‘Republicans Who Hate Trump’ Demographic…….

  12. Latitude says:

    this is the biggest non-endorsement….endorsement…..I’ve ever seen!

    Rick Scott
    2 hours ago

    I have made it my practice to not get involved in primaries because picking the Republican candidate is the voters’ job.

    The political class opposed me when I first ran for office, they did not want a businessman outsider, but the voters had other ideas.

    I trust the voters, so I will not try to tell the Republican voters in Florida how to vote by endorsing a candidate before our primary on March 15. I believed in the voters when I first ran for office, and I still believe in them today.

    I continue to believe that economic growth and job creation is the most crucial issue for the next President to tackle. We have turned our economy around here in Florida by bringing conservative free market principles to government. Without economic growth our country will fail to become stronger domestically or internationally.

  13. Latitude says:

    there’s a disturbance in the force….
    Romney is attacking Trump……while Ann Romney is bragging on Trump!

  14. suyts says:

    Trump told Rubio he was right to compromise and negotiate the “gang of eight” bill. Announced on stage that he was changing his position on H1B visas. ….. no, that really happened, I watched it.

    • Latitude says:

      Yep, his position on it has been extreme. Again I agree with him, people that are here working need a pass.

    • suyts says:

      I don’t believe people should be, not just invited, but, encouraged to come here to compete with me for a job. The H1Bs are the tech workers. …… imported over 1,000,000 over the last decade. Dumbasses like Trump don’t understand why college kids don’t go for the tech degrees, then, claim we need these “bright” people in the US. This is why I’m in manufacturing, now. It’s less responsibility, less effort, less knowledge, but, pays about the same.

      The reason why wages in the US haven’t grown, in spite of more jobs, is precisely because we keep importing people who are “working”.

  15. DirkH says:

    American Muslims really DO want to destroy your nation.

    How do I know, and how do they want to do it?

    67% of them are Dem supporters! 46% think the USA is best be destroyed by voting Hillary into office; 25% think Bernie Sanders would be more effective.

  16. Latitude says:

    oh for crying out loud……I watched a little of that FOX debate…as much as I could handle

    So after attacking Trump, saying what a crook and liar he is…..
    …they all end up saying they will support him if he’s elected….which is a total contradiction

    I don’t know who’s crazier….me for watching that crap, or them

    • Unlike Lat and Kelly Ripa, I watched the entire debate. Kasich was the clear winner–probably because nobody cares about him and didn’t attack him. Cruz easily came in second. I think Rubio sacrificed himself, but Trump came out as the clear loser.

      So every thing he said, from the Trump University to how he inherited his money and his comments about Putin were clear lies–at least according to fact checking reported by Michael Medved.

      Trump changed his mind about the H-1B visas, said Rubio wasn’t a little man, and agreed with his stance. A few minutes later, Trump called Rubio a little man. I guess Trump’s hand and member size are more important than real issues. Real issues that never come up, because Trump is a narcissist that has to make everything about him–just like Obama. Con man is what really comes to mind.


      • Latitude says:

        Kasich said he would support Trump too..

        How do you get that Trump was the clear loser….when each and every one of them said they would support him.

        They are all a bunch of losers for my money….

        • >>
          How do you get that Trump was the clear loser….when each and every one of them said they would support him.

          Seriously? They asked all four candidates if they would support one of the other candidates if that candidate didn’t win nomination. Trump said he’d support one of the other candidates if they won the nomination. Since they all said yes, how is that a win for Trump only?


  17. DirkH says:

    So it looks like Fox’s and the Establishment’s efforts to push Rubio have failed but anyway, I just stumbled across Molyneux laying into the deeply statist history of Rubio and it’s fun to listen to so here goes.

  18. DirkH says:

    The Brits have unwittingly submitted themselves under Shariah law by pawning off landmark buildings to Muslim investors under Sukuk financing conditions.
    So I guess you can’t bring a pork roast with you when visiting those anymore. Or a Bratwurst.

    • suyts says:

      I think the next flow of immigrants the US will have to worry about is the Europeans trying to escape the insanity they helped create.

      To me, it’s reminiscent of our Oregon and Washington states. They used to be fairly conservative. But, Cali was eventually inhospitable to the California lunatics who created that leftarded fantasy land. So, they immigrated to Oregon and Washington, and now, Oregon and Washington are leftarded cesspools. I feel bad for Jim. He’s stuck there. The people outside the cities are pretty righteous. The cities are just about as insane as the ones in Europe.

      • >>
        . . . Oregon and Washington are leftarded cesspools. I feel bad for Jim. He’s stuck there.

        Thanks for the concern James, but I’m not really stuck. I’m here by choice. It annoys the anti-gun crowd, but we have Constitutionally mandated concealed weapons rights. Our State Senate is in the hands of the Republicans. Washington Republicans aren’t much better than Democrats, but they are better.

        They (Senate Republicans) stupidly praised our transportation secretary just before Transportation set up HOV toll lanes on I-405 between Bellevue and South Everett. It’s been a nightmare–traffic-wise. The Senate then fired her after that fiasco. Our Democrat governor, Jay “Global Warming” Inslee, was incensed about the firing. Apparently he found out how angry everyone is about the I-405 changes. He’s really changed his tune–it’s an election year after all. In fact, he’s now so vulnerable that we may get a Republican governor this fall–if the Republican candidate can survive the voter fraud.

        The funny thing is that the Washington State leftards have been ant-car here for years. They have done nothing to increase the general-purpose lanes on any freeway. The traffic grid-lock is miserable. They’re obsessed with adding trains to the mix. People don’t like mass transit. The buses are mostly empty–even during rush hour. The trains we have don’t go anywhere useful, cost a fortune, and have as many riders as the buses. Indeed, one survey said the trains only attracted bus riders.

        You would think the Democrats in power would lose more elections. It’s amazing how they keep getting elected. It’s a true sign of insanity when you keep doing the same thing (electing Democrats) and expect different results (solving problems).


        • dirkhblog says:

          ” The trains we have don’t go anywhere useful”

          I see that as the key problem.

          I had to switch from car to train for biweekly commute 600km (400miles) Brunswick-Munich. Because of untimely death of my car.

          Works like a charm.

        • suyts says:

          Well, there you go, Dirk. Noscript is working great! Take that Breitbart!!!!!!

      • Raspberries! That should be “anti-car,” not “ant-car.”


      • suyts says:

        Jim, I hope you’re right about a Repub Gov, but, I won’t hold my breath. It would be nice, though …. if he could govern properly.

  19. DirkH says:

    Regarding Breitbart: I recently read that they’re funded by a hedge fund billionaire called Mercer. Now the interesting thing is they DID promote Cruz. In Nov 2015, this guy considered them basically a front for Cruz:

    So are they up Trump’s a$$ or are they a front for Cruz? I think neither is true – it looks to me like Mercer just wants anything but Rep establishment. I mean who in their right mind would.

    • suyts says:

      You’d have to read their site, daily. I do. They’re not “anti-Cruz”, but, they’re pro-Trump. Most of the articles they have about Cruz are positive. But, the Trump articles, which are nearly all positive, out number the Cruz articles about 5-1. But, the tale is told in the comment sections. It’s disheartening, to say the least. It’s like reading one of those alarmist climate blogs.

      That said, the post I linked to for Lat tells me they’re considering a shift. Ben Shapiro carries some weight. Editor at large, I believe is his title there.
      I haven’t seen such a negative Trump post (though the article was correct) on Breitbart.

      • DirkH says:

        Well, I have javascript disabled for bandwidth reasons – I’m on a limited mobile data plan most of the time and only get to guzzle the internet every fortnight back in my lair in the deserted plains of the North – so I actually never read the Breitbart comments, Breitbart is a bandwidth hog with JavaScript on.

        So your impression is affected by who comments there…

        • suyts says:

          Well, yes, a site’s readership and comments will tell you a lot about the targeted audience, and thus, the site itself.

        • Lars P. says:

          That’s why I love noscript.
          I can allow those scripts to run that I chose, when I chose.
          You don’t have to disable all, but you still can disable 90% and chose what you want to accept, or even more, you can temporary allow and then revoke the permissions.

        • DirkH says:

          Lars, I just posted about it in my ongoing foray into useful tech.

        • philjourdan says:

          No script is good. But I prefer Ad Block. Too many of my devices require Java, but Ad Block only targets the ads.

        • suyts says:

          Dirk, when did you start a blog? Did I miss you announcing it? Anyway, thanks! And thanks to Lars! Will be downloading FF and No Script now!

        • Lars P. says:

          Hey Dirk, thanks I just saw your post! Great to promote this tool! Everything runs much faster with it 🙂

        • DirkH says:

          Started blog only last monday. You didn’t miss much. And, as I already said, it will be apolitical. Due to, shall we say, the delicate state of freedom of opinion in Germany, some people are VERY nervous… and I have other goals anyway.

        • DirkH says:

          “Will be downloading FF and No Script now!”

          When you download Final Frontier, make sure you download Final Frontier X. The cut scenes are great. That reminds me. I gotta watch them.

          Oh. You mean Firefox.

        • DirkH says:

          I watched them and they’re awesome.

      • DirkH says:

        As for Shapiro, as a Jew, he’s choosing the more pro-Israel candidate, that’s probably his reason. I don’t blame him for that mind you. But you gotta know his motivation.

  20. Latitude says:

    Game on!!!…..Cruz is winning!!

  21. Latitude says:

    Cruz takes Kentucky!!!!…….he’s on a roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (ok, not by much…….but a great improvement from what was predicted!!!!!)

    • Latitude says:

      crap…nevermind someone typed it wrong and corrected it while I typed that

      But Cruz still did a lot better than predicted!

    • suyts says:

      Yes, he did a lot better than predicted! …. and it isn’t over, yet! But, the question remains is whether or not Rubio or Kasich will get out. I don’t think they will. I honestly think both of those jackasses think they can win a brokered convention. ……. which would end the Repub party. They can’t put a 3rd place loser over a #1 and #2 finisher. All hell would break lose.

      I still think if Rubio and Kasich remain, Trump wins. If they get out, soon, then Cruz wins. If they remain and try for a win in a brokered convention, we all lose, Hillary wins for the next 8 years and the Dims well beyond that. But, for the establishment Repubs, it wouldn’t surprise me if they did try. They are tone deaf.

      • Me says:

        I don’t think so, If they stay in then it will go to a convention and the fix or the pick is already done. Lets face it they don’t want either Trump or Cruz.

      • Latitude says:

        They are tone deaf.
        I used to think that too…..
        Now I think they want to control us the same way the democrats do..and it doesn’t matter to them who wins

  22. kim2ooo says:

    WOOT!!! FOR CRUZ!!!

  23. kim2ooo says:

    I’d like to hear someone say; On day one – “The buck stops here”… when a bureaucrat abuses their position…….. they will come to my office… make their case…. and be dealt with accordingly.


    • cdquarles says:

      You would have to eliminate the Civil Service and, maybe, government employee unions to do that. Was the old “Spoils System” corrupt? Sure, for humans are corrupt. Is the Civil Service corrupt? Sure, for humans are corrupt.

      Short of that, the other thing that needs to be done is a drastic reduction in government power. Start by repealing tons of ‘corrupt by design’ “laws”.

  24. Lars P. says:

    To the conversation about pot legalization, there is an interesting post @ zero hedge:

  25. Michael Medved said that the “War on Drugs” did succeed with crack. I wouldn’t wish a crack habit on my worst enemy. I can see why legalizing pot would hurt the cartels. Most people in this country apparently don’t think pot smoking is bad. It’s now viewed at about the same level as alcohol was in the twenties and thirties.

    It’s interesting that we have a heron epidemic in Seattle. None of our progressive Seattle leaders are cracking (sic) down on it. There are drug needles scattered all around the usual sites–like homeless encampments. Yup, dirty drug needles do make for a safe and clean environment.


  26. DirkH says:

    Love how the Guardian journaliars say “Iran is a neighbour to Afghanistan, a leading producer and supplier of the world’s drugs,” – without mentioning that it was the US occupation that MADE THEM the leading producer…

  27. Latitude says:

    Red Sea: Archaeologists Discover Remains of Egyptian Army From the Biblical Exodus

    • >>
      . . . remains of a large Egyptian army from the 14th century BC, at the bottom of the Gulf of Suez . . . .

      If true and it’s the army that perished when the Red Sea closed that would rule out Ramesses II (1279-1212) as the Exodus pharaoh.

      One report concerning this discovery made Akhenaten (1350-1334) the Exodus pharaoh. That is very strange as he changed the worship of the old Egyptian gods to the sun god, Aten. (Tutankhamun (1334-1325) changed the worship back to the old gods.)


      • DirkH says:

        FWIW, I stored this note about Akhenaten
        Amenhoteps = Akhenaten’s story is identical to Moses’ story
        (floating down the river etc)
        So if this guy’s right, Akhenaten might have been the one that FLEW, not the one that persecuted the fleeing.

    • Lars P. says:

      Hm, isn’t it a pity it has no link to the original announcement?
      “Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry announced this morning that a team of underwater archaeologists had discovered”
      also since when do they work there? It is not easy to recover more then 400 different skeletons?
      already recovered a total of more than 400 different skeletons, as well as hundreds of weapons and pieces of armor, also the remains of two war chariots

  28. Heh, I like this headline on my Huff-and-Puff AOL account:
    Travel from New York to London in just 11 minutes
    A new concept plane that flies 16 times faster than the speed of light could make air travel a whole lot faster.

    The article says “speed-of-sound,” but going faster than sound or light–there’s no difference really–is there? Light can travel around the Earth at the equator more than 7 times in one second–so 11 minutes from New York to London would be slow–especially at 16 times c.


    • DirkH says:

      “The article says “speed-of-sound,” but going faster than sound or light–there’s no difference really–is there? ”

      Reminds me of the traveling speed of unladen swallows.

      • “Well, in our country,” said Alice, still panting a little, “you’d generally get to somewhere else—if you run very fast for a long time, as we’ve been doing.”

        “A slow sort of country!” said the Red Queen. “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

        –Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass


  29. DirkH says:

    Don’t miss the latest craze that is taking the Internet by storm:
    Feminist glaciology.

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