Meth Smoking Greens Are International!!!!!


Well, some Americans probably thought only our “Greens” smoked meth.  Turns out, meth smoking Greens are international!!!!

h/t Dirk

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4 Responses to Meth Smoking Greens Are International!!!!!

  1. I received my Heritage Foundation report today. This was one of the articles:
    College Professor Advocating Climate Change May Have Mismanaged Millions in Tax Dollars

    WUWT already covered this story.

    The professor, Jagadish Shukla, received $511,410 in combined compensation from George Mason University and his own taxpayer-funded climate change research center in 2014 alone, without receiving required permission from university officials, the audit found.

    The India-born Shukla, who joined the faculty of Fairfax, Va.-based George Mason University in 1993, drew a salary there of $314,000 by 2014, according to Climate Audit.

    Steve McIntyre, a statistician noted for challenging the data and methodology used in United Nations reports on climate change, offers a detailed analysis of Shukla’s compensation and how it squares with university and government policies in his Climate Audit blog.

    I find a college professor with a $324,000 salary as quire amazing. No wonder they want to continue this AGW scam. It’s interesting that Steve McIntyre was also looking into Shukla’s finances.

    “The irony here is over the top,” said Marlo Lewis Jr., a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute who writes on global warming and energy policy, among other issues.

    “First, Shukla appears to have made millions from taxpayers through funding improprieties,” Lewis said. “But Shukla also led the call for a RICO investigation of organizations challenging climate orthodoxy—a campaign which his co-ringleader at GMU admits aims to impose financial penalties on political opponents while yielding payouts to further underwrite the climate alarm movement.”

    Isn’t it interesting that perpetrators try to deflect their wrong-doing by accusing other of doing it too.


    • DirkH says:

      Projection. He is motivated by greed so naturally he assumes his opponents are as well. He cannot comprehend that we are driven by non-financial motives.

      Or, actually it IS a financial motive – keep the warmunists out of the market-rigging so markets can still function – that IS a financial motive – of speculators like me.

  2. TedG says:

    Let’s face it most greens + socialist are as crooked as a bag full of useless bent nails, they have to be to spew their endless lies and garbage!

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