Rep Steve King! Come To Papa!!!! And A Fig Leaf Of Sorts


Well, I’ve always like King …… not the idiot from NY, but, the one from Iowa, and he reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to write.

Readers here know I don’t like Trump.  I’m a Cruz fan.  There are huge distinctions between the two.  But, they both have a commonality.  And, from this commonality, I believe the nation owes them a debt of gratitude. 

Here’s what King had to say …….

Congressman  Rep. Steve King (R-IA) appeared on Breitbart News Daily Tuesday morning to support Senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in today’s crucial primary elections and to warn that the GOP Establishment is determined to punish Trump and Cruz supporters, and they could even tacitly get behind Hillary Clinton as someone “they can do business with” if Cruz or Trump wins the nomination.

Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon noted the nearly complete blackout on Cruz news in this final leg of the primary season, with the exception of Breitbart News and a few other conservative sources, and asked King why the Republican Party seemed so determined to starve Cruz of media oxygen at a crucial moment — not to mention their stated determination to fight Trump or Cruz all the way to the convention, no matter how they fare in the primaries.

“We’re going to have something like 70 percent of the vote that comes in here today, and they’re going to be anti-Establishment votes,” King noted, describing the 2016 primary as a “revolt against the Establishment in the Republican Party.”

He said he’s felt the wrath of the Establishment himself, despite striving to give them everything they claim to desire in conservative policies, such as low taxation and regulatory relief.  

The problem, said King, is that he gives them more than they really want, such as “pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-Constitution, pro-real free enterprise, and an American culture and civilization that pulls itself up by its bootstraps, and grows its GDP on a per-capita basis average.”

Ironically, the Establishment’s political and policy failures leave it on the precipice of making a choice between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, who are likely to be the only candidates left standing after the next two big primary days.  “They’re gonna be thinking: lesser of two evils, what shall we do?” King chuckled.  

Unfortunately, as he went on to note, it was no laughing matter that “they may decide they can do business with Hillary, and they might take their big bucks and go home.”  He thought some Establishment figures and their supporters might actively support Clinton against their own party’s nominee, if it turned out to be Trump or Cruz.

“I say that because I’m watching them throw a tantrum right now in Iowa, and they have put, I will say, millions of dollars on the table to recruit a primary opponent against me, because they are sore losers in the Iowa caucus,” King explained.  “When Cruz won the Iowa caucus, they decided, we’re going to teach Steve King a lesson.” 

“Well, I don’t learn very easy,” King promised his Establishment adversaries.  “There’s part of me that just says, let’s get it on.” 

As Bannon noted, that’s just what Andrew Breitbart would have said.  Tuesday marked the fourth anniversary of Breitbart’s death, prompting King to reflect on his old friend’s legacy.

“I’m just watching how much impact the Breitbart networks have had, on our politics and our society.  It’s a go-to place, and I know that Andrew’s up there, smiling down at you and everybody that’s part of the Breitbart team, and I consider myself to at least be part of the extended family of the Breitbart team,” he said.

There’s an audio recording at the link above.

Now, if there’s one thing we can gain from this is that it highlights the need for a 3rd party.  While a “grassroots” campaign may win the nomination, and may even win the election, it won’t change the establishment party.  If anything, Trump has demonstrated the viability of such an effort.  BTW, Trump is going to win big, today.  And, if Cruz has the second best showing, it will, indeed, present a dilemma for the establishment Republicans.  Even Trump has noted the lack of support by the Republican party for Cruz, a sitting Republican senator.  They don’t like him.  Like King, he upsets the apple cart.  But, I don’t believe this could be adequately demonstrated without the Trump candidacy.  I think without Trump, Cruz would have probably easily won the nomination, but, I don’t believe it would have underscored the establishment’s utter scorn and contempt for the people they supposedly claim to represent. 

The average Repub voter is mad as hell at the establishment, Repubs and otherwise.  The more the establishment squeals, and cries, and frets, and babbles, the more they support Trump.  I truly wished they would coalesce around an actual conservative with a proven track record of facing down the establishment, but, they haven’t.  Still, while I disagree with the direction they’re taking, I certainly respect it, and I’m hopeful this is a first step towards making a real change in American politics. 

For those who still believe we can change the Republican party, I would only note that history has demonstrated that we can’t.  Look at what the jackwagons have done to the Reagan legacy.  Now, I consider Reagan the greatest American president in my lifetime.  Perhaps the greatest ever.  But, immediately after Reagan, we got a Bush, who was prior to the Reagan presidency, a political insider in the beltway.  (His dad was a two term senator representing Connecticut. )  George H had been in D.C. since 1966 before being elected vice president.  Since Reagan, the establishment has demonstrated that they’re comfortable with losing to the Dims, as long as they retain power over the rank and file Repubs.  Consider what we’ve gotten since Reagan ……… another Bush.  That’s it.  And, the direction they’ve taken the party and the nation?

Repubs, on several occasions held the majority in both the Senate and the House.  And, yet, not once has the actual budget of the US govt been reduced.  Remember the different cabinet positions eliminated?  Nope, they all continue to enjoy continued funding.  Instead, we have always had an ever expanding government and budget.  Remember all of the red tape congress cut under Repub control?  No?  Weird, isn’t it?

We can’t change the establishment Republican people because they simply don’t believe in the same stuff we do.  Our fights are not their fights, and their fights are not ours.  And, it’s not going to change.  It hasn’t in my lifetime, in spite of significant opportunities and prompting.  It’s not going to change in the next generation, either.

So, Trump, and his supporters have given us a different opportunity.  A gift.  The gift of realizing you can make a difference.  We can put people in charge who we want, and not someone we’re supposedly forced to accept.  We don’t have to accept any of it.  The will of the people can still be heard, and loudly.  It can shudder the halls of Congress.  It can force the beltway to recoil in fear! 

So, they want to “teach” people like Rep King a lesson?  They don’t like that people are backing Trump?  They hate people like Cruz?

King said, “let’s get it on”.  I’d say, come to papa!  Bring it!

Regardless of how things turn out from now until the election, let’s not forget the voice the people gained.  Let’s not forget how scared we made these usurpers!  And, when they want to come after us ………. well, just tell them to “come to papa”! 

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29 Responses to Rep Steve King! Come To Papa!!!! And A Fig Leaf Of Sorts

  1. Latitude says:

    Thanks…that was an very excellent post!….one of your best

    My take…same dog, different collar
    Both parties are the same, both parties work behind the curtain together, both parties are financed and owned by the same group of very rich, that group of very rich even works together and doesn’t care which party is in power….they control both of them

    …and both parties want us to be a good little group of socialists, that owe money debt to their banks, have open borders, free trade agreements……one world order….that they control

    Cruz just pisses them off….Trump scares the hell out of them, no matter what someone thinks about Trump..he’s got a big mouth, is not afraid….and people actually listen to him….and the “powers” don’t scare him one bit…they know that…

    You not going to send them some message by sitting it out, voting for Cruz…or not voting
    It’s not like they’ve never heard of him…..right?
    They know who Cruz is, they know who is supporting him…..and they don’t give a flying damn
    They would rather work with Hillary…than Cruz or Trump….Hillary is on the same team!

    ..this should all be so obvious to everyone by now

    • suyts says:

      Well, for clarity, when I discuss sitting out, it isn’t to “send a message”. The message is already sent. If I sit out, it’s because I truly believe we won’t be any better off, one way or the other.

      And, I think you’re reading Cruz and their reaction wrong. Cruz actually made the party bigs heel. Remember the dreaded “govt. shutdown”. That was Cruz. He doesn’t just “piss them off”. He makes them do the things they hate doing. I honestly don’t believe Trump can. Mostly because Trump is ignorant of many things he needs to know to effectively lead this nation. ……… Like how our government works. He’s been on the other side, where you just throw money at the officials and they heed. Well, you can’t do that as president ….. well, you can, but, its our money they throw. As president, Trump can’t and won’t throw his own money. But, if he throws ours, then, he’s just like they are …… which, he is. We’re talking about a multi-billionaire who went bankrupt several times. How do you think he got that money? By working behind that very same curtain. Heck, he brags about it!

      • Latitude says:

        I really do know what Cruz did….I’ve kept up with him
        But on the scale of Trump….Cruz just pisses them off..ok, really pisses them off
        But they are not scared of Cruz..they hate him

        I sorta see Trump and his bankruptcies as a plus…and each time he came back and made even more money..I see that as a learning curve…..he’s almost 70 now, I think….
        with kids, family, grandkids….people change a lot from 40 to 70

        Hell, I even rallied with Jesse Jackson a few times… had the biggest afro you’ve ever seen….it was huuuugggggggeeeee!!! LOL

      • leftinflagstaff says:

        Curious if ‘sitting out’ is reevaluated with Cruz as running mate.

        • suyts says:

          I’d be incredibly disappointed if Cruz accepted. I’d reevaluate my thoughts on Cruz in that hypothetical. But, I’d imagine if Trump would go that way, he’d pick Palin, instead. But, I think that was the deal to begin with.

          But, to answer your question, on it’s face, I’d say “no”. Trump would have to come out with a much more conservative/libertarian stance than he’s taken. He’d have to repudiate his prior statements on taxes. He’d have to repudiate his prior statements on imminent domain. He’d have to convince me that he’s for a smaller, less powerful, less intrusive government. I might even rethink it if he could even point to the direction he believes the majority of ISIS dwells, or name the countries in which they occupy space. I really don’t think he can. Heck, I’d reevaluate if I thought for one minute Donald Trump was running for a different purpose, other than Donald Trump. But, he’s not. And, he won’t, and he can’t. He gives two shits about you, me, or this nation. He wants to “make America great, again”, but, he’s never once demonstrated that he knows what made America great to begin with. Well, fortunately, he’s malleable. …… Except, people like you and I won’t be the ones playing with his malleability.

      • DirkH says:

        “We’re talking about a multi-billionaire who went bankrupt several times. ”

        Come on, that’s just disinfo spread by the left. Four of his companies went under and he had to give up part of the ownership and negotiate a debt repayment settlement. That’s the sole reason you found sub companies, so that the risk backlash is calculable.

        • Latitude says:

          our country is bankrupt…..seems like having practice and knowing how to negotiate debt repayment..and come out a multi billionaire….would be a big plus!….LOL

    • Latitude says:

      Trump has turned it into a two part race…
      the world party (democrats and republicans)….and us
      We can thank Trump for that….I honestly don’t think Cruz could have done it. Even though he’s not…..he’s still seen as part of the political extablishment…simply fo no other reason than he’s a politician

      If you don’t vote for president….go vote for the rest of them.
      Have you noticed how republicans lose seats and places when it’s a presidential election…and win when it’s not?
      People tend to vote down the party line….go vote for the rest of them

      I found this and was reading it right now…..they are spot on
      both parties are owned by the same people

      • suyts says:

        I read it before I posted this. I don’t believe Romney has any plans, whatsoever, to run. The scenario the author wrote is entirely unworkable. They can’t raise level of states to hurt Trump, as they tried with Paul. Trump is going to win most of them if he’s going to be a threat. They can’t lower it too low so as to include others if Trump has the plurality of states and delegates. The only possible way to have a brokered convention, anyway, is if it’s close, that is to say, no one wins the majority of delegates. As it’s going right now, Trump will win the majority. ……. I meant to write on this subject, yesterday. The writing of the post you linked is ramblings of a paranoid. His delusions can’t and won’t work and was only published to work up the masses into frenzy ….. which is too early.

        Still, this is the unworkable position the rest of the Repubs are in. ….. Well, Rubio and Cruz. For a brokered convention, both need the other to take delegates away from Trump. But, they both need the other to get out of the race, so they can pick up more. But, neither will if they pick up significant delegates tonight. ……. Rubio won’t, Cruz might. Kasich ….. well, he’s banking on Ohio, and Rubio Florida ….. both are later. Cruz, I think will carry Texas and most of their delegates. He’d be crazy to get out if he does carry Texas. Neither Kasich nor Rubio are polled to win their respective states. It would be interesting to see which way the establishment would go if Rubio falls flat tonight.

  2. Latitude says:

    The race is on…..Cruz and Trump!!

    ….now the republicans have to figure out how to make it Rubio or Hillary

  3. suyts says:

    Breaking!!!!!! Upset Cruz win in Oklahoma!!!!!!! This is big because the last poll I saw had Cruz in 3rd with Trump winning!!!! Great steal!!! …… Oh, yeh, Rubio punked to 3rd!!

  4. suyts says:

    SOB!!!!!!! Trump stole my line!!!!!! Said Rubio was doing a bad Don Rickles!!!!!!!!!

  5. DirkH says:

    German state media brings only anti-Russian, anti-Assad propaganda on Syria, has no feet on the ground, rejects Russian reports – reason: State media ! You know, OUR state media is SO fine they won’t take crap from other state media! – so there’s a lot of disinfo abounding…

    Well but it turns out there is an organisation that HAS feet on the ground: The Vatican.

  6. DirkH says:

    Top German Green gay politician Volker Beck, known for suing the living daylights out of critics of the Green’s genderism and islamization antiqs, has just been caught with 0.6 grams of Meth. A giant bowel movement of Schadenfreude rocks the medial undercurrents of the republic.

  7. Latitude says:

    …and when Romney fails

    Republicans bring out secret weapon to beat Trump…

    • Yesterday evening, I was watching CBS News (for a few moments), and they had a graphic up on the Republicans: 7% were satisfied, and the remaining were about equally divided between dissatisfied and angry. I didn’t know “dissatisfied” and “angry” are mutually exclusive Republican voter traits.


  8. TedG says:

    The establishment against the people, didn’t the American people fight a war over this once upon a time?

    Go Trump go America needs a big change!

  9. Latitude says:

    First the Koch’s say they are going to give Rubio $25 million….and spend $75 million on blocking Trump
    Then they say they’ve changed their minds and are going to stay out of it….
    After Rubio got shellacked Tuesday….

    Exclusive: Koch brothers will not use funds to try to block Trump nomination

    “Three sources close to the Kochs said the brothers made the decision because they were concerned that spending millions of dollars attacking Trump would be money wasted, since they had not yet seen any attack on Trump stick. ”

    “The Kochs oppose his protectionist trade rhetoric and hardline views on immigration – which include building a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico and deporting millions of illegal immigrants.”…..why??

    Because the rich SOB’s that own our democrats and republicans ..make money off of us with these trade and immigration deals…now why in this world would these mega billionaires oppose something as simple as guarding our border?

    • suyts says:

      They are betting that a Trump candidacy loses to a Dim. ……. Then, things can go on as they have been going. Why spend money on a Rubio when things are the same if Rubio wins or Hillary wins? Especially if it looks like Rubio isn’t going to win anything.

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