Suyts Victory Tour!!!!! —– Sea Levels! Riding The Wave!!!!

One of the early topics we pursued at Suyts was to take an in-depth look at our sea levels.  We looked at both the satellite data and the tidal gauge data.  All that we did was too much to include in one blog post.  We looked at how the interpreted the data the satellites were giving them, we looked at various ways to to ascertain sea level rise from the tidal gauges.  We followed the satellite measurements for years. 

What we found was that it was all a bunch of babbling bs.  The satellite data is constantly changed/altered/invented.  The historical measurements of satellites such as Jason I and Envisat bear no resemblance to the measurements published while both were operating.  Indeed, it was only after they killed Envisat that they decided to alter the data so much that it now shows an opposite trend direction than it did when it was operating. 

There can be no definitive conclusions from the satellite data because the historical data is constantly changing. 

The tidal gauge data also suffers from revisionism.  But, more than that, the data suffers from poor spatial and continuity considerations.  There is no good way, using tidal gauges, to determine our sea-level and trends.  That stated, viewing the tidal gauges, in their totality, there is no way our satellite data can also be true. —– well, there’s no way our satellite data can be true, whichever version of faux reality they wish to present today, which will, most certainly, be altered in the near future.  

At one point, Hank did a fantastic job of looking at the tidal data in picking the best fit for looking at the data.  If and when I have time, I’ll dig up the link to his fine effort.  For all else I’ve stated, I simply don’t have the time to look up all the links. Curious people can start here and then work back for some trips down memory lane

In the mean time, I thought it would be a public service of Suyts to warn the great people of equatorial South America of the impending great tidal wave which is ever so slowly approaching them!!!!

Jason I first started tracking it!!!!  (It was different when it started, but, this is what they now say Jason saw) ……..


I thought the Philippines were in peril!!!!! 

Well, they still are!  But, for a different reason!  The water is all leaving the Philippines!  Jason II shows us a great valley of water where there once was a rather large mound of water!!!!!


Clearly, over the 13+ years, the mound of water has slowly moved across the Pacific and is headed straight towards South America!!!!!!  Never mind the 5 years of data overlap!!!!!!  We’re all doomed!!!!!!!  But, while we all wait for the impending doom …… which the great wave should strike S. America in about 5 years as it is clearly increasing in speed …… there’s obviously some great downhill skiing available out in the middle of the Pacific ocean.  I wouldn’t try it by the Philippines in that you’d never be able to swim back up the gorge!!!!! 

The more I looked at the sea level data, the more I realized there was nothing there to be taking serious.  All of the doomsaying is derived from some fantastic imaginations of some Malthusian misanthropists.  

You can find the maps at this real sciency place.

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9 Responses to Suyts Victory Tour!!!!! —– Sea Levels! Riding The Wave!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    …and not to forget
    All those conversations spawned the greatest avatar of all time

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    I’m with the alarmists on this one. I might want to convince a future home-buying Lib that I have ocean front property.

  3. DirkH says:

    I am a bit disappointed that they stopped making “drowning cities” computer animation scare-o-mentaries after the glut of 2007. I was hoping for ever more convincing fakery, and more scares.

  4. gator69 says:

    Maybe it’s time that someone tells the alarmists there is something called “error bars”. Or would that totally wreck everything?

  5. Lars P. says:

    Daly’s site is still online – here is the link to a post from the year 2000:

    If you go down on that post you’ll find the satellite values before the first set of adjustments:

    He has also some very important findings:

    “The world’s public was given the clear impression that the claimed 18 cm sea level rise for the 20th century was an observed quantity. It is now clear that this is not the case. The 18 cm figure arrived at is the product of combining data from tide gauges with the output of the ICE-3G de-glaciation model.
    The logical equation here is simple.

    an observed quantity ± a modeled quantity = a modeled quantity

    Thus, the claimed 18 cm sea level rise is a model construct, not an observed value at all

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