Will Cam Now Grow Up? SB Follow Up!!!!


Doesn’t feel so good, does it Cam?

So, SB 50 is in the history books.  I’ve got to say, even though neither of my teams were in the game, this was one of the most enjoyable Super Bowls I’ve watched in recent years.  Why?  Because it reaffirmed what the game of football is suppose to be about.  It’s about work, effort, and victories over your worthy adversary.  It’s about a gut check and taking a smack in the mouth and lining up and doing it again!  It’s about doing better against that guy you’re lining up against, every play.  Every play endeavoring to do better than the last play.  It’s about getting hit and delivering a hit.  It’s about playing smarter and better than your opponent.  It’s about maintaining your composure.  It’s about forgetting the last disastrous play and working to do better the next time. 

All of the flash, the pizazz, the bling, the long dashes to the end zone, the dancing and celebrating the touchdowns, the interceptions and all the other things the half-ass fans love to see are only the after-effects of the all that was mentioned prior.  

Personally, I hate that $hit.  I hate the dancing and prancing.  I especially hate it when the game clock is still running.  I especially hate it in the NFL.  It’s their job to score touchdowns and do the things in football which is the goal or aim.  Can you just imagine if people at their jobs started prancerizing every time they did something right on their job?  ——- Trash man manages to dump all of the trash out of a trash bin into the trash truck —- we take 2 minutes out of the job so the trash man can do a dance about him doing his job!  Factory worker spikes a widget after making one! ….. Farmer does a jig every time an ear of corn appears. …… 

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with congratulating a teammate for doing an exceptional job or overcoming an exceptional impediment.   A high-five, a fist bump, a fist pump ….. sure,  it’s an emotional game.  One can’t help express satisfaction over doing something so good as it exceeds expectations.  And, don’t get me wrong, some Broncos went a little overboard, IMHO, in expressing their exuberance. 

But, no one embodies the over-expression of exuberance more than Cam Newton.  So, I think some of the celebration the Broncos did for doing their job was more of a jab at the Panthers and Cam Newton. 

Today, in the NFL, it is so bad it leaves me confused as to what actually constitutes the “taunting” penalty and what doesn’t.  It’s all taunting and done to show up an opponent.  Were it me, every time a player did that, the very next play would be only to physically punish the player who did an asinine “Super Man” idiocy in the end zone.  To hell with a penalty or fine.  I’d make sure the player got hit, and hit hard the very next time the player was on the field.  Preferably,  the player would exit on a stretcher.  Then, let the next idiot do a “Super” dance for doing their job.  And, then rinse and repeat.  Lose the game, probably, but, I’d bet the next time that team came to play they’d think twice before prancerizing for doing their job.  As talented and skilled as Cam Newton is, I wouldn’t have him on my team.  The game, any game, is about winning.  It isn’t about self-aggrandizement.  In any team sport, it isn’t about “self”. 

Perhaps, though, this could be a lesson learned by Cam Newton, and many others who seem to fall into the same trap of “self”.  One promotes one’s self by the play on the field.  That’s how you show up your opponent.  Not by the way one dances after doing one’s job. 

So, Cam couldn’t take hearing Chris Harris explain what the Broncos defensive game plan was…..  

Here’s what Harris said: “Load the box, force y’all to throw the ball. Can you throw the football? That was the gameplan.”

Sucks, doesn’t it, Cam?  Harris, btw, didn’t know Cam was listening or could hear what he was saying. 

Josina Anderson


Chris Harris to me after realizing later his voice was audible during Cam’s presser: “Damn that’s the NFL’s fault for putting us that close”

See the difference?  Harris didn’t want to personally show up Newton.  He didn’t want to rub his face in it.  But, after all the times Newton rubbed his good plays in the faces of his opponents, Cam got some of it back …….. and left the press conference like a hurt little girl.  When he does it, he calls it “fun”.  Wasn’t so “fun” for him last night, I guess.  Or, maybe he thought he was the only one who was suppose to have “fun” playing football. 

When I think back to all the great players I’ve watched over the years, I don’t remember any of the real greats acting like it was the first time they ever scored a touchdown or threw a touchdown ……..  Johnny U., Fran Tarkington, Terry Bradshaw, Staubach, Montana, Young, …… Manning!  The list can go on, but, I’d be beleaguering the point.  

Well, I’ve never played in the NFL, but, I can tell you what fun is …….. winning.  Winning is fun.  Losing isn’t.  Indeed, I like to pretend my opponents, regardless of what game I’m playing, is a worthy opponent and I was fortunate to win a victory.  What fun is it to win over an unworthy opponent?  One should always endeavor to elevate your opponent to make your victory over your opponent look that much more exceptional. 

Well, enough of the rant, we’ll see if Cam grows up next year, or not.  If he doesn’t, I’d expect him to be a footnote, rather than mentioned in that list of QB’s above. 

A couple of class notes from the aftermath of the Super Bowl …….

From the Seahawks QB, Russell Wilson …..

Via The Players’ Tribune:

Sheriff, If this is it, there’s one moment I won’t forget.10th grade. Louisiana. At your quarterback camp. You inspired the kid in the green shirt.You inspired me to work hard. To be disciplined. To be respectful. To take notes.You inspired me to love the process. To love the sweat. To love the tears. But most of all …You inspired me to love the game.Thanks, Peyton. If this is it, Thanks.

That’s outstanding! 

And, then, there’s this.  Being a Cowboys fan, it’s especially touching to me.  From DeMarcus Ware ….. long-time Cowboy, one of the key players on the Broncos defense …..

But why was winning the big one “bittersweet” in Ware’s words? After playing in Dallas for nine seasons, the Cowboys struggled to win a playoff game much less make it to the Super Bowl.

“Yeah. You play for a team for a long time, and you think about, you know, you would really like to play for them,” Ware told the Dallas News. “But now you went to another team and there is change.

“Every year, you always feel like you’re going to make the Super Bowl, but you weren’t able to finish it out. You have to cherish where your feet are, you have to live in the moment, and it’s an experience for you.

Specifically, Ware wanted to share the moment of triumph with some of his former teammates.

“I wish Jason Witten was here,” Ware said. “Or Tony Romo was here. Jay Ratliff. Chris Canty.”

Yeh, damn. 

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13 Responses to Will Cam Now Grow Up? SB Follow Up!!!!

  1. Latitude says:

    …and yet…these are the same guys that will shoot it up and go and beat up on their women

  2. Latitude says:

    hey….I’ve got a great idea
    Let’s trash talk our opponent so we can get his voters…that hate our guts


  3. leftinflagstaff says:

    A perfect symmetry following SB50: Peyton retires as a champion. Panthers hire him as Cam’s life coach.

  4. Lars P. says:

    Well, honestly speaking, I never understood what you people over there find in the american football, but ok, each people with their panem et circenses.

    • leftinflagstaff says:

      Used to be a much better game. They’re watering it down toward theatrics. But as James says, a great defensive performance is still good to see, especially with the cards being increasingly stacked against them.

  5. Latitude says:

    A future to believe in…..

  6. squid2112 says:


    You really said it well! … I am very saddened to see Cam Newton act like such a petulant child. Were it not for Peyton Manning, I would likely have been rooting for Carolina. Well, I can tell you I won’t be rooting for Carolina as long as Cam Newton is a member of that team. Prior to that news conference, I was of the opinion that Cam would learn a valuable lesson of life and perhaps gain a bit of humility. Instead, he made my wife and I puke. You can bet your bottom dollar that throughout at least the next season, there are a whole lot of 300+ lb. guys out there with Cam Newton’s number, and I hope they deliver. Considering the world we live in today, one should be humble and eternally grateful just to have the opportunity to play the game. But no, the “entitlement” brat kids think the world revolves around them. And no, sadly, in cases like this, I don’t believe in “second chances” .. he has already had more than “second chances” .. he can go “F” himself and I don’t care to ever see him on the field of play again.

    Thank you so very much for the wonderful article!!

    • suyts says:

      Thanks Squid! It’s really appreciated. The article doesn’t say nearly enough, but, I thought it pointed.
      Truly, I blame the “half-ass” fans. The ones who don’t understand the game, have no intention on trying to understand the game, but, watch it anyway and buy the paraphernalia. They alter the game, and thus, the players and the way the game is played. The game was never intended to be about “self”. That’s not how it was designed, nor evolved, until recently. If they keep this up I’ll just go back to watching basketball, and dream about football as it was suppose to be played.

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