Eleventh Hour Super Bowl Prediction!!!!!

Well, we’ve covered the NFL all season, so for completion, I’ll make my Super Bowl prediction. 

From all the football I’ve followed and watched this year, I would predict the Panthers winning. 

That said, the path to victory for the Broncos is easily attainable.  They’ve got a couple of fantastic DEs.  What they need to do is hit Newton every play.  If they do that, they’ll win. 

Then Manning factor ……. yeh, he’s not the same as he was.  But, as I watched the last couple of games he’s played, he’s thrown significantly better than he did earlier in the year, and he seemed to be improving. 

So, I’m picking the Broncs!

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13 Responses to Eleventh Hour Super Bowl Prediction!!!!!

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    James, your 3rd para is sure on the money so far at the end of the 1stQ. Not helped by a severe case of butterflies for the Panthers. Very hard to perform in such an august occasion.

  2. >>
    So, I’m picking the Broncs!

    It’s looking good so far.


  3. suyts says:

    I’m happy for Peyton Manning. He’s been a class act in the NFL for so long, I’m glad he got to go out on top.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Excellent game. Hopefully that battle hardened Cam Newton some more since I don’t think he got the toughening up he needed during the season. Next season he should be even better. And Manning is amazing. Cool under fire and cool in interviews after a long hard game.

  5. B.C. says:

    Newton hadn’t faced that much pressure since the decision he had to make as to which bribes “incentives” to accept to play for Auburn.

  6. Lars P. says:

    Well, speaking of predictions – some Apple predictions here:

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