How Low Have “We The People” Become?

My goodness!

So, while reading news about the Iowa caucuses last night, I came across a video which really, really, really, depressed me. 

The video was made for the Cruz campaign, I think.  It shows him winning over a corn farmer in a campaign stop. 

The focus of this post isn’t Cruz, or how good or poor his arguments were (they were pretty good), but, rather, the poor pathetic shlep who believes he’s entitled to our money simply because he’s a corn farmer who chooses to live off of our teets. 


Here’s a fellow from the mid-west.  A farmer.  And, he’s demanding our money so he can continue to help provide the US with a less efficient, incredibly wasteful, more costly fuel.  Why?  Well, he doesn’t explain why he believes he deserves our money, he’s just mad because he heard Cruz wants to do away with his freebee.

Apparently, Cruz gave the boy something to think about.  It’s really pretty funny.  The arguments Cruz presents are good, but, fails to inform the listener of some important facts.  These facts would be in the “all of the above” energy mix Cruz supports, except all without subsidies, is really supporting only the traditional forms of energy.  That is to say, the free markets have already chosen the best and most efficient forms of energy.  Ethanol doesn’t make the cut, neither does wind, neither does solar. 

All of those, wind, solar, and ethanol, are old forms of energy the markets already knew about, knew about their potential, and made the choices already. 

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16 Responses to How Low Have “We The People” Become?

  1. TedG says:

    The pandering and BS never stop’s even for the so-called most reliable politicians. Ethanol is the worst thing invented for no reason but to kill oil and swage the green lobby.
    PS. I do like Ted, he has a great name!

  2. I. Lou Minotti says:

    And people are starving worldwide, as well:

    Nuff said.

  3. Latitude says:

    I glad you posted this….I saw that video, but not being able to hear…had no idea what was said, and I did want to know….thanks!!
    …and, of course, you’re 100% right

    What does it say about the republican racists?….that are leading with two Cubans!….LOL

  4. leftinflagstaff says:

    Yes. The free market is the only thing that can make the choices correctly, and fairly. Socialists love to rant about the ‘greed of Capitalism’, when the greed and injustice is really in their desire to control the market.

  5. gator69 says:

    CNN asks Bernatics to define socialism…

    I never knew that dreaming made me a socialist.

  6. daveburton says:

    As I understand it, a little bit of ethanol is useful for boosting octane without lead, and for ensuring that water from condensation doesn’t accumulate in the bottom of the tank.

    A little bit — not 10% or more!

  7. DirkH says:

    Cologne gets a rape-free Zone for the Carneval. Well just a “safe house” room for the rape victims who wanna take a break from being raped.–hier-finden-frauen-sicherheit-an-karneval,16793902,33708364.html

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