Last Regular Season NFL Picks!!!!

Mercifully and thankfully!  Thank goodness I don’t keep track of how poorly I pick these games!  But, I think it’s been that way for many people.  Every year has its surprises but, this year had a lot! 


(10-5-0) Jets  Well, the Jets are one of the milder surprises, and I would almost, almost pick a surprise upset pick.  But, I think the Jets have too much to play for to let this get away.  If they win, they’re in the playoffs.

(7-8-0) Bills 


(12-3-0) Patriots  Well, here’s another mild surprise …… the Dolphins were suppose to be competitive this year.  All the Pats have to do is win and they’ve cinched home-field throughout and an first round bye.

(5-10-0) Dolphins


(6-9-0) Saints

(8-7-0) Falcons  Tough call on this one.  It doesn’t much matter to either team.  The Falcons are coming off of a huge upset over the Panthers, but, other than that, they haven’t done much since their hot start.  I’ll give them the edge at home. 


(6-9-0) Lions

(6-9-0) Bears  Why bother?


(6-9-0) Eagles

(6-9-0) Giants  LOL!!!!!  NFC East!!!!


(8-7-0) Redskins

(4-11-0) Cowboys  Huge game regardless of the records!  But, talk about surprises!  Who would have guessed the Cowboys would make a mirror of their last year?  The team that was so good and held so much promise for this year …… and it fell on its face.  The Redskins, OTOH, was a mild surprise to the good ….. if you’re a ‘skins fan. 


(3-12-0) Titans

(7-8-0) Colts  Without going into too much detail (it gets real complicated) …. The Colts have to win and Houston has to lose in order for the Colts to have a chance at the playoffs.  After that, because they’d be tied at division play, and common opponents (maybe), then it goes to strength of schedule …. blah, blah, blah ….. doesn’t matter, neither team has a chance at making the SB. 


(5-10-0) Ravens

(11-4-0) Bengals  A Cincy win and a Denver loss gives the Bengals a first round bye.  But, without Dalton, that’s pretty iffy.  Do the Ravens have another spoiler game in them?  Prolly not. 


(9-6-0) Steelers  Not only do the Steelers need to win to get to the playoffs, they need the Jets to lose. 

(3-12-0) Browns


(5-10-0) Jaguars

(8-7-0) Texans  If the Texans win, then we don’t have to go through the headache of the playoff scenario with the Colts.  I think they will.


(7-8-0) Raiders

(10-5-0) Chiefs The Chiefs can win their division with a win at Arrowhead and a Denver loss.  Though, this is a great rivalry where the records don’t really matter.  Last game for a great DB, Woodson.


(4-11-0) Chargers

(11-4-0) Broncos  A win and a Cincy loss and they can clinch a first round bye.


(6-9-0) Buccaneers

(14-1-0) Panthers  I don’t expect the Panthers to be caught like they were last week. 


(9-6-0) Seahawks

(13-2-0) Cardinals  Well, it’s hard telling which Seahawk team will show up to play.  But, even if the good one shows up, I don’t think they’ll beat the Cards.  Oh, yea, if the Panthers lose and the Cards win, then the Cards have the #1 seed throughout the POs.  The Seahawks are in, regardless of the outcome of this game. 


(7-8-0) Rams  Well, another year of wondering why they can’t get over the hump.  Still, they should beat the 49ers.

(4-11-0) 49ers


(10-5-0) Vikings

(10-5-0) Packers  What a fantastic way to finish the season!  I’ve some trepidations about this pick.  On one hand, I think the Vikings are the better team.  OTOH, they’re playing at GB, and the Pack has a lot more experience in games of this weight.  By now, I think every team in the league knows that to beat the Vikes, you have to stop AP ….. or contain him.  I’m just not quite in the Bridgewater camp. 

So, there’s my picks for the NFL’s regular season finale!  What are your thoughts?

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21 Responses to Last Regular Season NFL Picks!!!!

  1. leftinflagstaff says:

    I got this weird email from Indy yesterday asking if I’d like to tryout for a backup QB position. 🙂

  2. philjourdan says:

    Well, thank you for picking against the Raiders (but that was a pipe dream on my part). But you sure went out with a whimper! Ouch! I agree with one thing. I am glad it is over (although in fairness, I saw a lot of good for the Raiders this year).

    Now on to a Panther Super Bowl Victory (for my daughter).

  3. Latitude says:


    REVEALED: 1,000+ Migrants Brawl, Rape, Sexually Assault, And Steal At ONE German Train Station On New Year’s Eve

    • DirkH says:

      Well, Cologne is pretty much an Islamic city – and socialist-ruled. The Kölner constantly pats himself on the back for his world-famous tolerance. So I am not entirely surprised about the stupidity of these girls who decided to go there. It is the capital of the Gutmenschen. Used to be catholic before it became islamic.

      There have been a number of shootings in Köln-Chorweiler, a brutalist (Le Corbusier style) projects quarter 100% islamized. Köln is smack bang in the middle of what I call the Jihad crescent stretching from Hamburg over the Ruhr down the Rhine over Stuttgart to Munich.

      When a local branch of Pegida, called Kögida, formed last year, the Kölners were quick to stage massive pro-multiculturalism rallies. So – they had it coming.

      What I find interesting is that the German liar media was this time not capable of protecting the identity of the criminals.

    • Latitude says:

      So I am not entirely surprised about the stupidity of these girls who decided to go there.
      So you guys have official no go cities now???

      • DirkH says:

        No, that’s just me giving out recommendations.
        There was a map by the CIA mapping out the expected civil war zones in 2020. Wait, here’s an artist’s rendition. It coincides perfectly with the Muslim concentrations obviously, even the CIA gets that right.

  4. Latitude says:


    “Sh*tty Christians”: Militant Muslim youths storm a Christmas service at a Church in Mönchengladbach, Germany –

    • DirkH says:

      Ah well. They’re desecrating churches and smash cruzifixes all the time in that area. It’s Northrhine Westphalia, ruled by the socialists since 1947. (They VOTE for these people there.) People there are so tolerant you can rape their goat and they won’t bat an eyelid! They *LOVE* multiculturalism. And socialism.

      I worked 60 km from Mönchengladbach and I thought they were all braindead.

  5. DirkH says:

    Now riddle me this. ISIS is an Arizona security company providing security for GEICO et al.
    They renamed themselves to SIS but their domain still says ISIS and the about page says “About ISIS”.
    They have a map showing proudly that they are active in e g Kuwait, Iraq.

  6. Latitude says:

    best ad I’ve seen yet….

  7. Lars P. says:

    There was some discussion about slaves in the past.
    What about the present?

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