Gems Notes


Wow!  Another year has passed and another fantastic daily devotional/reading from Jeanette!  This marks her 3rd year of writing such for us ….. well, not just for us. 

Since the start, when I asked Jeanette to write a daily devotional, it has morphed into something larger.  Many other people have picked up her daily writings and carried on their own!  In this way, Jeanette has been not only a blessing for us, but, many others, as we’ve been a blessing to Jeanette and in our small way, a blessing to many others, as well!

I want to mark my appreciation and gratitude to Jeanette and the daily readers of the Gems posts.  It’s really been touching. 

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4 Responses to Gems Notes

  1. Thank you. We are told to ‘not forsake fellowship with one another’.
    I see the daily reading of the Word and Food for Thought as fellowship.
    Don’t just wait ’til Sunday to meet together. If you do that you miss a lot.
    I could select passages on my own to read, but it is better to take direction
    from someone else. One does not get in a rut when allowing another to lead.
    With Love, Alfred

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  3. jsue says:

    I am just now getting a chance to catch up with GEMS and wish everyone a very Happy New Year. My internet service has been giving us problems, so I haven’t been able to keep in touch. Thanks so much to everyone who has shared interest in the daily reading of the Word through GEMS. It has been a real pleasure to go through the Bible together. God bless!

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