NFL Week 16 Picks!


Well, I’m doing a little better down the stretch, but, then, I think everyone would as they become more familiar with each team. 

The playoff picture has come into focus.  It’s odd.  Typically there are more in contention at this point.  There are only a few questions to be answered, which makes this week especially difficult to pick because you don’t know what each team is doing —- trying to win or playing some people to get another look at them. 


(4-10-0) 49ers

(5-9-0) Lions  This is one of those games.  It doesn’t mean anything.  Still, the Lions are tough at home and are a better team than the 9ers. 


(9-5-0) Steelers  This is one of those games which matter —- well, to the Steelers, anyway.  KC and the Jets have the same 9-5 record as the Steelers.  The Steelers lost to KC earlier in the year, so they’re behind KC, but, on the basis of a win over Oakland, as the Jets lost to Oakland, they’re over the Jets in common opponents.  The Steelers lost to the Ravens earlier in the year, but, I think they’ll win today. 

(4-10-0) Ravens


(4-10-0) Cowboys

(6-8-0) Bills  Well, as much as I’d like to think the Cowboys can win this one, they probably can’t.  They’re playing some rookie at QB, he didn’t do very well last week.  Dez is taking the week off, not that it matters, he sucked this year. 


(5-9-0) Bears

(6-8-0) Buccaneers  Another meaningless game, just finishing out the season …..


(14-0-0) Panthers  This will probably be the game the Falcons officially get eliminated from the playoff picture.  I’m not sure the Falcons could win the tie-breakers with Seattle and Minnesota, but, after today it won’t matter anyway, they’re been horrible.  Atlanta started the season by going 5-0.  They’ve been 2-7 since. 

(7-7-0) Falcons


(3-11-0) Browns

(9-5-0) Chiefs  KC not only has a chance to clinch a playoff spot, today, (A win against Cleveland and a loss by either the Jets or the Steelers and they’re in), but, they have a shot at winning the division!  Yes, they have to win next week, as well, but, Denver only has to lose one, if KC wins out, based on KC’s division record being better than Denver’s.  Denver has Cincy this week, and finishes with S.D.  while KC hosts the Browns today and finishes by hosting Oakland. 


(6-8-0) Colts  The Colts are still in the hunt for the division lead (they’ve taken the “worst division in the NFL” title from the NFC East).  They need to win and get some help from the Texans, but, they’re still in it. 

(5-9-0) Dolphins


(12-2-0) Patriots  You know, it’s pretty amazing what the Pats have done considering all the injuries to their skill positions they’ve had.  I’m picking them again, against a solid Jets team, but, this could be a great game to watch!

(9-5-0) Jets


(7-7-0) Texans  The formula is simple for the Texans, win out and don’t worry about the tie breakers.  Today, they shouldn’t have a problem against the former Houston franchise.

(3-11-0) Titans


(5-9-0) Jaguars  You know, if the Jags ever figure out how to play defense, they’d be a team to watch!  They’ve made some significant improvements this year.

(5-9-0) Saints


(10-4-0) Packers

(12-2-0) Cardinals  Game of the Day!!!!  This promises to be a great game to watch.  Both teams have good incentives to play hard, today.  The Cards are the better team, even with Palmer’s hurt finger.


(6-8-0) Rams

(9-5-0) Seahawks  The Rams are the toughest 6-8 team in the league.  The Seahawks are the toughest 9-5 team in the league. 


(6-8-0) Giants

(9-5-0) Vikings  Did I mention the playoffs in the NFC are all but settled?  Sure, there are some scenarios if this then that, but, if Atlanta loses today, and they will, then the top six in the NFC is settled, regardless of the wins or losses the other teams may have.  That said, if the Pack loses today, and the Vikes win today, then they’ll have identical 10-5 records.  This probably will happen.  That sets up a great season finale at Lambeau Field, winner takes the division!


(11-3-0) Bengals

(10-4-0) Broncos  The other game of the day! —- Maybe.  It’s interesting.  Dalton will miss today, again.  His backup is McCarron, who has, thus far, done a fine job.  Osweiler, otoh, has mixed reviews.  Watching him play last week ….. well, you saw his inexperience.  Right now, I’d be praying for a Manning healing, but, Denver seems very reluctant to push him in.  If the Jets do win today, and Denver loses today, then Denver can find themselves out of the playoff picture all together. 


 (4-11-0) Chargers 20

 (7-8-0) Raiders 23  The Raiders are probably the most improved team coming out of a basement, this year.  If they get just a little more consistency they’ll be a team to reckon with next year.  They beat the hapless Chargers Thursday.


 (8-7-0) Redskins 38  In spite of a gift from Cousins to end the half, the Eagles couldn’t beat the Redskins.  Washington cinched the division title of the NFC East, the second worst division in the NFL. 

 (6-9-0) Eagles 24


Well, that’s how I see it, what do you think?

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10 Responses to NFL Week 16 Picks!

  1. I went to the game today. What a disappointment! I think the Seahawks won’t win their next game and won’t last long in the playoffs.


  2. DirkH says:

    Spooky Dude himself says. don’t be afraid of terrorists, if you’re afraid of terrorism , the terrorists won. Also, he hates Trump.
    “The hysterical anti-Muslim reaction to terrorism is generating fear and resentment among Muslims living in Europe and America. ”

    Yeah well tough.

    • Latitude says:

      The lack of muslim reaction to terrorism, barbaric sheep breeders, pedophiles, and the caliphate is generating fear and resentment among the people living in Europe and America.

  3. DirkH says:

    Muslims who escaped from the wars in Tunesia, Morokko, Senegal, Afghanistan, Turkey etc, in safety in Germany: “We want to be transferred to apartments!” “The Internet is so slow. It’s really bad.” You gotta love’em.

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