Respect For Differing Views Is A One-Way Street


So, there’s some people in DC with their panties in a wad because of some anti-gay rhetoric from a Dominican Republic cardinal. 

Why is the cardinal doing this?

Because team Obama decided to go into full antagonistic mode and assign an openly gay ambassador to a decidedly anti-gay nation.  Now they’re mad because the cardinal (in a vast majority Catholic nation) opposes his presence. 

Now, I’m not saying ambassador Brewster shouldn’t be an ambassador, I’ve no idea towards his qualifications.  I pray it wasn’t based on his gayness.  But, there’s absolutely no good reason or rationale for assigning him to the D.R.  He’s our ambassador!  How much diplomatic capital can he possibly have in the D.R.?  This goes contrary to the interests of the US.  But, team Zero doesn’t care about such trifling notions.  It’s always the idea before the interests of the nation or the nation’s people. 

Now, a butthurt US Senator is writing the Pope and asking him to intervene and tell the cardinal quit calling our ambassador mean names. …….. Yes, we’ve devolved into telling dad on one of the his kids …… WTF is wrong with these people?

Now remember kiddies, it’s always wrong to try to impose your views onto someone else ….. except when you’re really, really, really convinced your views are the correct views.

You can read about this infantile mess here

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3 Responses to Respect For Differing Views Is A One-Way Street

  1. TedG says:

    Obama practicing more of his specialty – creating harmony and uniting people!!! Obama an Ar@# H@#! in one in Hawaii!!!!

  2. leftinflagstaff says:

    An ego too large impose his will on merely one people.

  3. gator69 says:

    Someone longs for some Reggie Love…

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