Belated Sunday NFL Picks Week 15!!!!

Well, I’m late …… Christmas singing and whatnot, so, I’ll make this quick.

 (5-8-0) Bears 7

 (8-5-0) Vikings 17  With the game well underway, it looks like the Vikes are going to win this one, as they should.  It’s halftime right now.  I’d look for a steady diet of AP for the remainder of the game.


 (8-5-0) Chiefs 24  In another game well underway and easily predicted, the Chiefs are up on the Ravens. …….. The Chiefs will probably make the playoffs, the problem is they don’t have any class teams to play against for the remainder of the season, so when they get to the POs, they won’t really be experienced in playing tough teams. 

 (4-9-0) Ravens 7


 (13-0-0) Panthers 14  Oh, oh!!!  We have a game here!  ……. But, it’s the Giants, so, I’ll place money on the Panthers finishing better than the Giants.  The big question is whether or not the Panthers will tie the Dolphins achievement of going wall to wall undefeated.  The answer is probably not.  Right now, I’d pick the Cardinals or the Seahawks over the Panthers. 

 (6-7-0) Giants 7


 (6-7-0) Bills 0

 (6-7-0) Redskins 21 Woaa!!!!!  The Redskins are definitely trying to make a case for a playoff spot!  I look for them to hold on and win this one.


 (6-7-0) Falcons 14  Well, I’m not comfortable picking the Falcons even after the 14-3 lead.  They don’t know how to finish games, while the Jags have shown they can (somewhat).  But, the Jags are playing without Yeldon, their main running back. 

 (5-8-0) Jaguars 3


 (6-7-0) Texans 3  Hmm, I would have thought the Texans would have come out stronger than this.  Still, I think they’ll rally to win this one. 

 (6-7-0) Colts 10 


 (3-10-0) Titans 3

 (11-2-0) Patriots 21  A nice scrimmage for the Pats in preparation for the playoffs. 


(3-10-0) Browns

(8-5-0) Seahawks  Speaking of nice scrimmages and a chance for some of their people to get healthy, the Hawks get to host the lowly Browns.  Should be a yawner for everyone except a Seahawk fan.


(9-4-0) Packers  Well, I think the Pack will get this one?  It depends of which teams show up.  The Pack has shown some recent weaknesses and sometimes just lay an egg.  OTOH, the same can be said for the Raiders.  I don’t know if I’ve correctly picked a Raider game, yet.  I don’t think they’ll make the playoffs this year, but, I do look forward to watching them next year. 

(6-7-0) Raiders


(10-3-0) Bengals  Another great potential for a yawner, though, the Bengals will be playing w/o their star QB.  Still, I don’t think it will make one bit of difference in this game. 

(4-9-0) 49ers


(5-8-0) Dolphins  Well, this game isn’t all that meaningful.  When teams are out of contention it’s difficult to pick the games because some teams will try out their younger players from the bench.  I don’t think the Dolphins will because of their interm coach, but, one never knows. 

(3-10-0) Chargers


(10-3-0) Broncos 

(8-5-0) Steelers  Now, here’s a game to watch!  This is where we get to see Osweiler play against a real defense!  I’m almost split on this game …… in fact, I’ve switched my pick on this.  I don’t think Osweiler is up to the challenge.  But, we’ll see. 


(11-2-0) Cardinals  I look for the Cards to iron out some of their rough spots and make statements for the rest of the regular season.  They’re in an entirely different class than the Eagles.

(6-7-0) Eagles


(4-9-0) Lions

(5-8-0) Saints  Who cares?  I’m going with the home team.  I’d go the other way if the game was in Detroit.


 (6-8-0) Buccaneers 23

 (6-8-0) Rams 31  The Rams won this game in what could be the final game in St. Louis. ……. Why can’t St. Louis keep an NFL team?


 (9-5-0) Jets 19  The Jets were the latest to beat the hapless Cowboys.  This really should be coach Garrett’s last season.  Each team in the NFL will have injuries to key players.  It can’t be that a coach can’t win without one or two key players.  It’s a testament to his inability to properly coach when you have a record such as 4-10. 

 (4-10-0) Cowboys 16


Well, that’s how I see it, what do you think?

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