A Worthwhile Read ….. Wilsonian/Jacksonian? Rubio/Cruz? ….


I thought this very interesting and I think those of us occupied by immigration and foreign relations would benefit from reading this.

It doesn’t necessarily tell us what we don’t already know, but, it is from a perspective which may be different than we’re familiar with.

As a preface, I have to say I don’t necessarily agree with all of the delineations the author made.  Further, in spite of it being a fairly lengthy piece, there is context which is missing from the article. 

It is of such a length I cannot replicate it here.  Still, it’s a worthwhile read.

A Stark Choice: Ted Cruz’s Jacksonian Americanism vs. Marco Rubio’s Wilsonian Internationalism 

The author puts things in an American perspective.  This is fine because the target audience is American.  However, it leaves the impression this is uniquely American thought.  It isn’t.  It’s global and we can see each faction working throughout the world, today. 

Boiled down, there are two competing thoughts which transcend the left/right paradigm.  It mostly concerns itself with foreign affairs and the conduct of a nation in such regards.  In such regards, there is little or no difference between, say …. Merkel and Obama.  They are both globalists.  That is to say, they put what they believe to be the interests of the globe above the interests of the people of their nation.  That their beliefs are constantly and consistently shown to be wrong is of no importance to them, as they rarely, if ever, address reality.  Indeed, most globalists out-rightly reject reality.  They have a great disdain for empiricism. 

I believe the militaristic, and sadistic nature of globalists rend from the fact that reality rejects their sophist nature.  They are children who lash out when reality rejects their notions.  Unfortunately, globalists are power seekers.  In their unfortunate condition, they seek power as an effort to contort and change reality.  Those who seek power, most often gain power more than, and over those who do not seek power.  This is why we’re stuck with the world leaders we have today.  ….. Well, this is why we allow the people whose interests are of the globalists to place their pawns where they are today.  Obama can’t think himself out of a shoebox, much less gain position of power without someone else placing him there.  To be sure, he’s a globalist, but, simply, a simple one.

At this point, I’m suppose to tie up this post with something profound and simplistically true.  But, there’s nothing more to add at this point.  The point of this post is to provide a background and thinking point.  …. and talking point. 

Well, as a PS, contrast the linked piece, which is, in a rather lengthy way, a Cruz ad vs this most obvious Trump ad provided by Breitbart ….

Donald Trump Mocks Ted Cruz for ‘Surging’ to 14%

Oh, yeh, there’s a debate tonight. 

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10 Responses to A Worthwhile Read ….. Wilsonian/Jacksonian? Rubio/Cruz? ….

  1. gator69 says:

    Ted is on my short list, I just wish he had a little more Jeffersonian ideology. He still doesn’t fully get the meaning of “liberty”.

  2. Latitude says:

    yep.. long but excellent…thanks for pointing it out!

    I don’t get this muslim crap at all…..ISIS targets everyone, Mexican, Muslim, Cuban, Canadian

    Seems to me that everyone here would be out to get them…..Banning Muslims until we can vet them better, should be on the top of everyone’s list…
    Not just because they can blow up Muslims just as easy…but if for no other reason they are making all muslims look really bad

  3. leftinflagstaff says:

    Yep. Self-righteous delusion to the point of treason, vs mature reality-accepting policy-making.

    The latter always ends up trying mop-up the first. If there’s any mops left.

  4. I’m not fond of either Jackson or Wilson. In the Davy Crockett legend, Jackson doesn’t come out as a “good guy” (not to mention that he was a Democrat). Wilson ushered in the Progressives with his election. To me, Progressives are just another name for Communists (I don’t consider Teddy Roosevelt as a great President either–he’s mostly an anti-business Progressive). They did three things in 1913 that we are still suffering from: passed the 16th Amendment (income tax), passed the 17th Amendment (popular election of the Senators), and established the Federal Reserve System. Notice that two planks of the Communist Party are establish a central bank and institute a graduated tax system on income. We have both.


    • cdquarles says:


      Let us not forget Jackson’s double-dealing with the Cherokee, et al. and the Trail of Tears.

    • suyts says:

      Well, right, Jackson wasn’t a very good president, but, I don’t believe the term “Jacksonian” in this case is meant to mean “like Jackson”, but, rather, possessing a similar attitude in regards to winning conflicts and the purposes of conflicts to begin with.

  5. DirkH says:

    People like Obama and Merkel are indeed utopians and unable to face reality; BUT; they are way too incapable to get into positions of power on their own.

    They have been put there.

    Example: Most German top politicians of SPD and CDU are products of the Young Leader program of the Warburg-founded Atalantikbrücke club. They all get drilled in the USA, formally while writing their PhD thesis (which is likely copied&pasted for them by some worker drones), to explain the USA stay in their CV. They then levitate upwards in their respective party hierarchy. Example: Head of the SPD, Sigmar Gabriel, Atlantikbruecke-Young Leader, has *NEVER* been voted by the electorate into *ANY* position of power – yet he repeatedly is the candidate chancellor of the party!!!! Pray tell me: WHAT democratic organisation would present the same 100% failure to the voters? Not even socialists are that stupid.

    When looking at the CV’s of the Young Leaders, you notice: They occasionally get fired from an important post – which would normally terminate the career of any party politician – yet it is only they who immediately get a different important job in some less visible position.

    These people get MOVED from one assignment to the next like chess figures.

    I am certain you will make the same observations with certain political figures in YOUR two party system.

    So who’s behind it. Obviously the Round Table Groups: CFR, Bilderbergers, Chatham House. Who’s behind them? Rockefeller and his goon Kissinger.

    And that’s as far as we have certainty.

  6. DirkH says:

    Surprise : The Fed hikes rates by 0.25%. Everything rises: stocks rise, bond yields rise, Gold rises, … Blue Skies. You know how THAT ends. The USD falls. Although, it’s a bit unsure about whether it should rise or fall and tries both, intermittently.

    Friday should be quad witching day so all bets are off until then.

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