Week 14 NFL Picks!!!!!

Well, I did a little better last week.  Let’s see if I can’t even improve upon that!

(6-6-0) Bills  I don’t think the Eagles are very good this year.  Well, I don’t think the Bills are either, but, I think they’re better than the Eagles.  This is a game of huge playoff implications.  The Bills are hunting for a wildcard while the Eagles have  a shot at winning the division.

(5-7-0) Eagles


(7-5-0) Seahawks  If you ask me, the Seahawks are even money against any of the NFC’s top teams.  It would not surprise me if they win out.  They finish the season at Arizona, but, it may be meaningless by then. 

(4-8-0) Ravens


(4-8-0) 49ers  Well, I don’t like picking the 9ers for anything, but, it’s the Browns they’re playing, so I’ll go with SF.

(2-10-0) Browns


(4-8-0) Lions

(4-8-0) Rams  Well, the Lions have been much improved of late, but, I think the Rams have a decent game or two left in them. 


(3-9-0) Titans

(7-5-0) Jets  The Jets need this one to stay in the wildcard hunt, and they’ll get it. 


(7-5-0) Steelers

(10-2-0) Bengals  Huge game!  Expect Big Ben to pass for a gazzillion yards while losing to the Bengals, which is stupid.  The Steelers have a very good running game, but, the coaching staff panics when they get behind and start to pass every play. 


(6-6-0) Colts  The Colts need this one to keep the share of the lead in the second worst division in the NFL.  While I’m picking the Colts, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jags upset them.  Well, I’d be mildly surprised because Hasselbeck is at QB today for the Colts, he’s a lot better than Luck. 

(4-8-0) Jaguars


(3-9-0) Chargers

(7-5-0) Chiefs  This should be a no-brainer, but, the Chiefs have a history of losing games they really shouldn’t lose.  That said, I don’t think Alex Smith will let them.  Smith should surpass Bernie Kosar in the most consecutive passes w/o a pick today, with Kosar’s mark standing at 308.  Brady holds the record at 358 which is definitely possible to reach this year.  The Chiefs have a problem, though.  I pick them to make the playoffs, but, their schedule precludes them playing any decent team down the stretch.   


(5-7-0) Redskins  Laughably, the Redskins have a shot at winning their division and going to the playoffs.  This should be motivation enough to beat a mediocre Bears team.

(5-7-0) Bears


(6-6-0) Falcons

(12-0-0) Panthers  Can anyone explain the Falcons’ tailspin?  After starting so well, they’re absolutely horrid now.  They’re probably the worse team in the NFL today. 


(4-8-0) Saints

(6-6-0) Buccaneers  Well, I don’t like this pick.  I’m not a big believer in the Buccs, but, they’re playing the Saints, who are not very good this year. 


(5-7-0) Raiders

(10-2-0) Broncos  As the Raiders’ season continues to unravel, the Broncs are in their clinching-playoff/field-advantage mode.  It isn’t that I’m on the Osweiler train, I’m not, it’s just that the Broncs are otherwise better than the Raiders in every other facet of the game, especially defense.  As to Osweiler, I’ll be impressed when he plays a quality and wins.  The Raiders aren’t quite there, yet. 


(4-8-0) Cowboys

(8-4-0) Packers  Sigh ….. as us Cowboy fans think of what could have been this year, we still have to face the reality that the ‘Boys, with or without Romo aren’t very good.  I think the Pack is starting to iron out their problems which led to consecutive defeats a few weeks ago. 

I haven’t heard much of a clamor for this, so let me be perhaps the first.  Coach Garrett has to go.  One player can’t the difference between being a contender and 4-8.  When you consider all of the money spent on players over the last few years and the results Garrett has given, he’s got to go.  He’s had only one season of note.  Last year the Boys went 12-4.  If the Boys run out, and they probably won’t, they’ll return to the 8-8 records Garrett is famous for.  He has a 44-39 regular season record.  Mediocrity isn’t something to shoot for. 


(10-2-0) Patriots  Well, can the Pats lose 3 in a row?  Probably not against the Texans.

(6-6-0) Texans


(5-7-0) Giants

(5-7-0) Dolphins  Dare I dream my Dolphins win this one?  They should.  They’re at home against a pretty bad Giants team. 


 (8-5-0) Vikings 20

 (11-2-0) Cardinals 23  A good Vikings team lost a close one to the Cards.  They may get a rematch in the playoffs. 


Well, that’s how I see it, what do you think?

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14 Responses to Week 14 NFL Picks!!!!!

  1. Well, the Army-Navy game was a little too close for comfort. Let’s hope the Seahawks can do better–much better. I hope they show up today.


  2. philjourdan says:

    Bless you! I can always count on you picking the Raiders wrong. That makes 10 or 11 weeks you have picked them wrong, so I am always happy when you pick them to lose. 😉

  3. leftinflagstaff says:

    The Pagano firing watch in full swing.

  4. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Ha Ha Ha! LaShawn McCoy gets his panties in a wad and throws his helmet while throwing a hissy-fit. No wonder he got his butt traded. Could the petulant man-child use a time-out?

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