Open Thread As We Contemplate These Headlines

Illegal Aliens Busted in Cloned Border Patrol Vehicle

…Middle Eastern Illegal Alien Arrested with Ammunition in U.S.A. (We don’t know where the guns he had are.)

And, for the European flavor …….

Migrants Gang Rape Women, Leftists Voice Support for Migrants (Sweden)


Yeh, anyone against mass and lawless immigration must be a racist or something.

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16 Responses to Open Thread As We Contemplate These Headlines

  1. DirkH says:

    “The mother of one was initially raped on her way home from the pub by the Algerian man, just a short distance from the migrant shelter. She escaped, but was raped a second time not far away, on the same night, by the Syrian man and an unidentified assailant.”

    THis is what you do.
    a) you DON’T live anywhere near a EU Horrorcity like Stockholm
    b) whether you do or don’t – you know the locations of the islamisation camps that your government has installed in your proximity or is about to install, and AVOID those places.
    Governments do their best to remove all such info from the web but are not very successful.
    c) you also avoid places that the NEW EUROPEANS are known to travel to by bus or the likes (your government usually lets them use all mode of public transportation for free.) (To make it appear as if they paid, your government gives them free tickets)
    ( Metro stations are always a warzone. The New Europeans give a crap about being filmed while beating you to a pulp. So have your equipment ready -whatever is legal in the EU crap state you are in – and your senses awake. )
    d) If you don’t know where these places are, there is a police report on the web, that’ll give you clues. Just look for concentrations of vile crimes. Do not expect the police to report the nationality or ethnicity of perps – but they usually do in those cases where the perp is still on the run.
    e) Newspapers copy the police report, but remove the remaining ethnicity info, so they’re mostly useless, – but of course can be used as a first hint that SOMETHING happened so you can begin your own info trawl. Never pay for a newspaper, you don’t want to support the enemy. Newspapers are maoist, and often subsidized with your tax payer money, e.g. in Sweden, and more covertly in Germany.
    f) Ask the locals of horrorcities where a lot of CRIME happens. In the Freemasonic EU, CRIME always means MUSLIM POPULATION CONCENTRATIONS, slave trade, drug trade, no go areas, Shariah controlled areas, same/same. Politically correct socialist locals will give you a lot of details without making the connection to islam; Realists will give you all the details about the islamisation of their city.
    g) Old industrial zones – river harbors with old heavy industry, old workers quarters – non-upscale quarters, and 1960ies brutalism concrete highrise projects – are concentrations of NEW EUROPEANS.
    h) Red Light Districts are. Ask the locals or just watch out.
    i) Proximity of main rail stations usually are. In other words, all public transportation hubs.
    j) Don’t walk drunk from pub to home , especially not on Friday or saturday nights. Especially between 3 and 6 a.m in the morning (that’s when they should play the Jaws Theme in all Euro horror cities; it’s the time when the bored and frustrated New European Youth goes for the kill as they didn’t manage to find a blond grilfriend all weekend and all they had were Ganja and industrial solvents while the old Europeans had fun socialising under the influence of beer.)
    j) Taxis are pretty safe. Driver might be Muslim though. Just pretend to be a Dhimmi and be very nice.
    j) There is no widespread epidemic of people being snatched from the streets for ransom as of now. But might start anyday now. Well there IS a bit of child snatching with nondescript vans going on, but usually only around the state schools.

    The EU horrorcities are favored by the Leftist who believes that terror (and rape etc…) simply is a fact of life and happens so rarely that it simply must be endured. This makes the EU horrorcity a doubly unbearable place. It’s going down the drain fast now; and, I notice the architecture of public places there has turned into this ultra-tidy all-concrete, lots of small metal poles, obstacles for suicide vans, fighting-arena architecture where NOTHING loose lies around that can be used as improv weapon. The city planners know what they’re doing.

    Always wear solid boots.

    Let the leftists, often made stupid at the universities, feel what it’s like in the bed that they’ve made for themselves. They’ll rationalize it away all the way to their own demise. They’re numbers are dwindling fast, the ones who continue spouting multicultural BS now are the bottom of the barrel, the collective IQ of Leftism is at rock bottom and falling fast as the defection of the smart ones is a selection process.

    • DirkH says:

      Best part about Stockholm is, they have a system of vouchers where only the owners of vouchers can rent, and those won’t ever give such a voucher away even when they currently don’t need it; buying and selling them is of course prohibited, sub-letting is of course prohibited, so there’s a lot of illegal sub-letting going on, and illegal sub-letting is your ONLY chance of renting in Stockholm when you come from outside.

      These are of course leftists attempts at “stopping gentrification”, i.e. trying to prevent city development, and trying to stop market forces from taking over, i.e. prevent productive people from living in Stockholm, because leftists hate the productive.

      And, the Stockholm rent voucher system reminded me of the Cuban solution, where nobody can buy or sell homes, so all the buying and selling and letting and renting is illegal in Havana.

    • DirkH says:

      It’s even worse. Global Warming is SO BAD now that ICEBERGS ARE MELTING.
      ” icebergs are crying.
      we make them heard.

      Scientists recorded their crying.
      And artists made them into songs.

      The more time we listen,
      the higher our demand for answers.

      The more time we collect,
      the higher the pressure on those in charge.

      Listen, understand and share.
      For the icebergs, against global warming.”

      My theories are
      a) Vegan diet has killed their brains.
      b) This is a cool attempt at trolling the warmunists.
      It got into German media so it had some success already.

  2. gator69 says:

    Let Obama be the bigger man, and let’s see him set up a Syrian refugee camp taking all comers, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW.

  3. The Army-Navy game is today. I come from a Navy family, so you know who I’ll be rooting for. Navy has a really great team this year. Go Navy!


    • kim2ooo says:


      Good luck Mr Suyts 🙂

    • cdquarles says:

      Ah, a house divided. My family has Army vets (Grandfather), Air Force vets (Father), Navy vets (Paternal Uncle, brother-in-law) and Merchant Marine vets (Maternal Grandmother’s brother, aka great-uncle). My youngest is a Navy man, so this year ….;).

  4. Me says:

    James I gave you a shout out over at climate change dispatch, just a heads up ok!

  5. Lars P. says:

    This is an old article but I think it bears posting – it is just a little info about the Christians in Iraq and Syria:

    … plenty of people still make the mistake of assuming that they must be recent converts from Islam, although their communities predate Islam by at least three centuries. …
    In Iraq, the pre-2003 Christian population may have been as high as 1.5m, or 5% of the population; it has probably fallen to under 400,000. Before Syria was engulfed by war, its Christian population was around 1.8m, or 10% of the total; at least 500,000 have been displaced.

    • DirkH says:

      “plenty of people still make the mistake of assuming that they must be recent converts from Islam”

      People who assume that must be leftists. Leftists don’t know ANYTHING about history ( I even have to explain Marx to them ).

  6. DirkH says:

    BTW Hollande has cheated the FN out of any victory in the provinces – by withdrawing all socialist candidates in the critical regions, leading to a strengthening of Sarkozy’s pseudo-conservatives.

    So, socialists committed Seppuku to prevent FN victory. Le Pen celebrates the annihilation of the socialists.

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