Suyts Clap For Two Currently Suspended Commentators!

There were a couple of Fox News commentators who got suspended by Fox for uttering vulgarities in response to president Zero’s speech the other day.


Ralph Peters, a Fox News “strategic analyst,” called the president a “total pu—” who “doesn’t want to hurt our enemies.”

A couple of hours later Stacey Dash, a Fox contributor, said the president “didn’t give a sh–” about Sunday night’s terrorism speech.

“Earlier today, Fox contributors Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash made comments on different programs that were completely inappropriate and unacceptable for our air,” Fox senior executive vice president Bill Shine said.

You can watch the clips which caused their suspension here.

A response from Stacey Dash ……

Stacey Dash

✔ @REALStaceyDash

Consequences. Some of us have to pay them. Gladly.

You go girl!!!!!

And, spot on, Col Peters!

h/t Twitchy

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4 Responses to Suyts Clap For Two Currently Suspended Commentators!

  1. Latitude says:

    you live and learn….

    I didn’t know pussy was a cuss word.

  2. TedG says:

    Fox News should have given these two their own show not a suspension. PC is alive and well in everywere in the western world.

  3. DirkH says:

    Obviously she should have said crap.

  4. gator69 says:

    Lèse-majesté /ˌliːz ˈmædʒɨsti/[1] (French: lèse-majesté [lɛz maʒɛste]; Law French, from the Latin laesa maiestas, “injured majesty”; in English, also lese-majesty, lese majesty or leze majesty) is the crime of violating majesty, an offence against the dignity of a reigning sovereign or against a state.

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