But, Can She Win In The National Election? And, Open Thread


No, I’m not talking about Hillary, but, across the ocean there’s a much more interesting woman heading a party which has international ramifications. 

Marine Le Pen’s National Front party just made French history in the regional elections held before a 2017 national election.  This was just the first round (they have runoffs after this) but, they won the most votes with 29.4%, ahead of the conservatives and significantly ahead of the socialists. 

Here’s why this is important.  The National Front party is anti-EU and anti-immigration, that is to say, they’re pro-France and pro-French ……. if one loves their nation and their people above everyone else, it gets you labeled as “extreme far-right”. 

But, with what is going on in Britain, if the NF were to pull off a victory or even a shared victory, then similar parties around Europe will likely be emboldened.  Further, it would hasten the demise of the EU.  This would benefit nearly all Europeans.  This, in turn, would allow each nation of Europe to resist the Islamification of Europe as the rulers of the EU encourage it. 


On an entirely different note, did you know a bad hard-drive can prevent your PC from even powering up?  This is strange because you can power up a PC without a HD.  Apparently, the board on a HD can go bad and prevent the PC from even spinning its fans.  No beeps, no whirling, no twirling, just nothing.  From experience, this would lead to a misdiagnosis of a bad power supply or motherboard.  It can cause weeks and even months of heartache and confusion.  Silly me even speced out an entirely new system ……… except for the HD, which gave no indication of going bad before it suddenly died.  As Christmas was approaching, I bought a couple of dual-core (Pentiums) I thought to spiff up and gift to family which need PCs but, not for anything significant ….. brother’s PC with several gigs of music on it is dying so I was going to give him a new PC to rescue the music and still allow him to enjoy it at his desk. ….. And the grand kids need one …. other than their mom and dad’s as they keep clicking on things they should not be clicking on, so I’m going to spiff that one up and have them migrate their poor abused PC to the little ones and let them mercifully kill it.  ….. at any rate, on a whim I thought I’d put my HD in the PCs I just bought and saw working just fine …….. when I did that, nothing, no beeps, no fans, no messages, just nothing ……… so, I took a good HD in my system I couldn’t get to work and what do you know?  It spun up!!!! 

Sadly, the HD I put in had XP sp3 in it, and didn’t understand the new stuff of my system I built…. no problem, I’ve a Win 7 install disk, surely it would.  Well, it did, sort of.  Although it read from the install disc and started the install, before it finished the install it told me that it couldn’t find the driver for my DVD player.  This hurt my head because it was using it to install from …… but, I could not coax it beyond that point.  (As I recollect there is a generic driver PCs use but, later it does, indeed, need the driver specific for the player.)  So, I had to stop what I was doing, pull the DVD player, find my magnifying glass and read the numbers off of the player, fire up old faithful (the PC I’m typing on right now) and find the driver, load it to my external HD and then reinstall the DVD player start the install process over again and point to the driver when prompted.  …….. Does anyone else have the problem of the multiple directories the drivers people give you when you simply ask for the driver?  It seems to me there are always more than one potential file to point to! ……. At any rate, I finally got all that done and had my new system up and running, finally!  Only, there were still some issues to resolve ….. mostly because I couldn’t find the drivers disk from the new MB.  So ……. back to specing out stuff and finding the specific drivers to make things work.  After all of that was done, I noticed something very troubling!  Windows reported my 16 gigs of RAM, but, said it was only using 3 1/2 gigs.  My first thought was there was a driver I missed downloading.  After a few hours of trying to find out what was malfunctioning, I realized it was me that malfunctioned.  I opted for the 32 bit OS instead of the 64 bit.  Q$@%^$%&^@%!@&#$!#%$#&^%*&@#$!$$^&%**#$^!$!@$!%^&%

That’s not even the half of it.  As the PC was running fine, anyway, I decided to load a game I used to like to play but, haven’t for a while because it wouldn’t play on the machines I have on hand (graphics memory too low) but, the new PC, in spite of being crippled still speced out, so, I installed it while chasing the imaginary problem.  It’s one of those games where you go online (Steam) and have to go through them even if you’re not playing online.  Steam noticed I hadn’t fully installed the game on my PC, and in their benevolence, decided that they’d download the game from their site to my PC …….  all 15 gigs of the game.  Even though I got the game to fully install from the disk, Steam wouldn’t let me play my game because the download wasn’t finished.  Sigh, the internet connection I have “only” gives me 350KB/s, yeh, that’s KB not kb.  15 gigs.  Well, I didn’t get to play the game. ……. now, I’m going to put the 64 bit on the PC and pray, pray that I don’t have to go through just half the hell I went through getting the damned thing up and running!

So, open thread!!!!!

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17 Responses to But, Can She Win In The National Election? And, Open Thread

  1. Latitude says:

    Q$@%^$%&^@%!@&#$!#%$#&^%*&@#$!$$^&%**#$^!$!@$!%^&%………………roaring laughing!!!!!!!

  2. Latitude says:

    The National Front party is anti-EU and anti-immigration, that is to say, they’re pro-France and pro-French….but don’t take you eye off the ball
    They are another socialist party…who happen to not believe in changing their way of life

  3. philjourdan says:

    Look at Venezuela. Yes she is electable. The Pendulum is going to swing. The alternate is suicide by proxy. And most Americans/French/Humans are not suicidal yet, even if pampered “protected” college kids are.

  4. DirkH says:

    German hard left media a.k.a. German MSM is furious about Le Pens victory, and is shitting their pants because Hollande will now act more nationalistic to take some wind out of FN’s sails.
    As usual, they tell everyone that any slowdown in the destruction of the European nation states means that the world ends.
    It is so despicable. Hope I never meet a German journalist in person.

  5. Latitude says:

    here’s something you don’t see every day…
    Murdock agrees with Trump

    Rupert Murdoch on Trump’s Immigration Stance: “Complete Refugee Pause” Makes Sense


  6. Mark Luhman says:

    suyts, as a long time computer technician coming from the Mini Mainframe world, yes back in the day you eliminated every thin the might keep the processor from booting. that include every thing that was not need to see the first boot message. In the old system all you need was processor and maybe some memory and you would back out most of the memory. Today world disconnect everything and see what the beep codes gives you and hell I don’t think the modern PC even does that. So you are stuck with processor video and memory. Just and old tech giving late advice. I cannot count the number of time boot failure was either a bad drive or in the day a drive controller today they are both one and the same. Oh by the the bulk of the young guys don’t know enough to do that so you are not alone.

    • philjourdan says:

      Mark – yea, the beep codes were a fantastic diagnostic tool! Sadly they no longer are available. I had a customer who had a failed computer – no indication of the failure. Based upon behavior, I suspected it was not the hard drive, so pulled it and put it an external caddy and attached to another computer. It worked. I told her just to junk the old computer as the diagnostics would cost more than a new one (even if it was memory, you would still have to pay a workshop their time to test and diagnose).

      I was a master of beep codes in the old days. Shame they got rid of them.

    • suyts says:

      Mark, that was/is the problem. With the drive connected, there was nothing, nade, zip, no beeps because the pc wouldn’t power up, at all. If I disconnected the drive, then, of course, the beep code and even the screen would tell me there’s no drive, which would have told me exactly nothing. In this instance, it was my knowledge of the beep codes which prevented me from finding the problem more quickly. I expected a bad drive to give me one, it didn’t.

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