NFL Week 13 Predictions!

Here are my picks as I try to claw my way back to respectable prognostications.


(6-5-0) Jets  I think the Jets are the better team this year.  I think they’ll go in a make a strong case for their playoff hopes. 

(5-6-0) Giants


(9-2-0) Cardinals  I find it odd that the Rams are only 4-7.  They play a lot tougher than that.  But, they’re up against the Cardinals today, who play even tougher and better than the Rams.  The Rams are pretty good against the pass, but, I pretty sure Palmer and his fantastic corps of receivers will burn the Rams a few times today.

(4-7-0) Rams


(6-5-0) Falcons

(5-6-0) Buccaneers  This is a tale of two teams heading in opposite directions.  It seems like the Buccs are getter better as the year progresses while the Falcons seem to have peaked in the early part of the year.  I like the Buccs in this one.


(6-5-0) Seahawks This is the game of the week!  It should be legendary!  Remember when the ‘Hawks were 2-4?  Their only loss in the last 5 games was to a very formidable Cardinals team, and they only loss by a TD.  This game should be about defense and running!  And, I think the teams are pretty even in that regard.  But, I give the edge to the Seahawks at the QB position.  Wilson is throwing well and making better decisions of late.   

(8-3-0) Vikings 


(3-8-0) 49ers

(5-6-0) Bears  This is a timely matchup for the Bears as they struggle for playoff potential.  This game should get them to 500.


(4-7-0) Jaguars  The Jags are the more talented team of this loser matchup. 

(2-9-0) Titans


(6-5-0) Texans This is a tough call, but, I think the Texans are playing better down the stretch, though the strength of their opponents (other than Cincy) haven’t been all that good, but, then, one can say the same about the Bill wins.

(5-6-0) Bills


(4-7-0) Ravens

(4-7-0) Dolphins  I honestly have no idea how this one will come out, so I’m picking the home team.  Both teams have occasions to flash good football, but, both typically play bad football. 


(9-2-0) Bengals  This should be a non-game.  But, any given Sunday, no?

(2-9-0) Browns


(6-5-0) Chiefs  This should be an epic game which renews a great old rivalry.  The Chiefs are playing great football of late with the running, passing, and defense picking it up a notch.  Should be a great game for playoff contention. 

(5-6-0) Raiders


(9-2-0) Broncos  Sigh, another non-game game.  Any given Sunday, blah, blah, blah …….

(3-8-0) Chargers


(4-7-0) Eagles

(10-1-0) Patriots  Heh, the Pats square off with a NFC East contender! ….. Or, something. 


(11-0-0) Panthers  Yet another potential yawner in a week full of yawners. 

(4-7-0) Saints


(6-5-0) Colts

(6-5-0) Steelers  Now here’s a game to watch!  It’s got good playoff implications and should be a fairly evenly played game.  Sadly, the game will feature pass after pass after pass.  I look for 90 pitches to be thrown today.


(3-8-0) Cowboys  And, the game we’ve all been waiting for!!!!  Said no one except Cowboy and Redskin fans.  One day, a QB other than Romo will win a game for the Cowboys.  Today is another great opportunity.  When I look at both teams, on a person to person basis, I can’t find any reason why the Cowboys can’t win this one, I even have them even in the QB position.  Watch for McFadden to run a bit wild on the Redskins. 

(5-6-0) Redskins


 (8-4-0) Packers 27  The Pack finally got back to winning with a win over the surging Lions. 

 (4-8-0) Lions 23


Well, that’s the way I see it, what do you think?

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4 Responses to NFL Week 13 Predictions!

  1. The Seahawks destroyed the Vikings. Had the special teams not gone asleep, the Vikings wouldn’t have scored on that kick-off run-back either. Well, 38-7 isn’t a bad score, if your team won.

    It’s interesting that NE lost their game. You did quite well this week. I hope your ‘Boys do well tomorrow.


    • suyts says:

      Yeh, my predictions were better, but, then, most of the games weren’t hard to pick …… except, of course, the NE game. I was really surprised by the margin of victory for the Seahawks! I expected them to win, but, wow!

  2. suyts says:

    Yeh, it isn’t pretty and looking worse as the days go by. As noted in the article, in spite of a strong dollar, demand simply isn’t there, so we can’t make up for the shortfall in exports by domestic supply.

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