Rosa Parks Sitting In The Back Seat For Hillary!!!!!


No, I’m not kidding!  Check this out!


From Hillary’s Twitter account

Yes, apparently, that’s Rosa Parks sitting in the back of the “H”.  It was Dec 1, 1955 when Parks refused to give up her seat to a White passenger in defiance of bus segregation.  Hillary honors that moment in history by shamelessly pandering to Black people of the US. 

Vote for Hillary because Rosa Parks!!!!  Because …………  😐   

One day, I pray the Dims will look at people of different skin color as fellow Americans rather than a segregate group of people who also have the right to vote. 

It’s this sort of political pandering which causes real societal harm.  I’m a common White guy.  In these United States, it should be that my interests and the common Black man’s interest are the same.  Apparently, for Hillary, they are not deemed so.  

h/t Twitchy

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