NFL Week 12 Predictions And Recap Of Thursday!

Well, the NFL season marches on, as does my futility in predicting the winners and losers.  In past seasons, I was typically at about 75% or so, this year, (I’d have to go back and tally for the actual ratio) I’m guessing I’m at about 60% or so. 

Let’s see how I do this week will fewer games to pick from!


(4-6-0) Rams

(8-2-0) Bengals  Well, these two teams, especially the Rams, are part of the reason why I’m not picking as well as I typically do.  The Rams is a team which beat the Seahawks and the Cardinals, and went toe-to-toe with the Vikings.  But, they got blown out by the Bears and lost to the lowly Ravens.  The Bengals have lost their last two including a loss to the Cards in a fantastic game, but, they also lost to the Texans.  Still, I expect the Bengals to return to form and start making a run into the playoffs.  The Rams are still a good QB away from being a contender.


(4-6-0) Raiders  The Raiders are another reason I’m not picking well.  I’m 2-7 picking the Raider games.  (I didn’t pick on the first week of the season).  So, take this pick with a grain of salt, but, I really don’t see them losing to the Titans. 

(2-8-0) Titans


(5-5-0) Giants  Who is going to be the best of the worst division in the NFL?  Who cares!  It’s the worst division in the NFL!  But, I think the Giants are the better team of these two.

(4-6-0) Redskins


(7-3-0) Vikings  Well, the Vikes are coming off of a hard lost to the Pack, but, the Falcons are in a free fall.  After a 5-0 start, the Falcons have gone 1-4.  The Vikings should be able to right their ship in this game.

(6-4-0) Falcons


(5-5-0) Bills

(5-5-0) Chiefs  This should be a great game to watch and it has huge playoff implications.  KC is 4-1 over their last five while the Bills are 2-3.  But, my impression is that the Bills have played a tougher schedule.  This is exactly the type of game which you have an Alex Smith for.  I picking KC.


(4-6-0) Saints

(5-5-0) Texans  Uhmm ……. I’ve no idea of which sort of team either of these teams will show up as.  I can easily see this game going either way.  If Brees can escape the pass rush without being pressured too much, it will be a long day for the Texans.  But, I don’t think that’s going to happen, so, I’m going with the Texans.


(5-5-0) Buccaneers

(5-5-0) Colts  This is an interesting game.  The two teams are almost there, but, not quite.  I wrote this last week and nothing has occurred to change my opinion, Hasselbeck is the better QB in Indy, he’s 3-0 as a starter on a 5-5 team.  I think he’ll be 4-0 after today.


(4-6-0) Dolphins  This is my upset pick of the day.  The Dolphins are much improved over the first part of the season (which isn’t saying much) while the Jets can’t seem to get it going.  The Jets are 2-4 over the last 6 games and none of their wins come from a winning team. 

(5-5-0) Jets 


(2-8-0) Chargers

(4-6-0) Jaguars  The Chargers are one of my biggest surprises this year.  I can’t believe how bad they are.  The Jags still aren’t a very good team, but, they’re improving.  The Chargers are not. 


(8-2-0) Cardinals  It wasn’t too long ago this game would be great to watch.  It won’t be today.  It will be nice to see a dynamic duo playing on the same field, once again.  Bolding and Fitzgerald were a great one-two punch at WR.  Now, Fitzgerald is the possession receiver and Boldin is the only one worth a darn in SF. 

(3-7-0) 49ers


(6-4-0) Steelers

(5-5-0) Seahawks  This is sort of an “upset” pick, but, not much of one.  While Seattle has an unimpressive 3-2 record at home, their losses at home came at the hands of the undefeated Panthers and a very strong Cardinal team.  Both games were decided by less than a TD.  I wouldn’t put the Steelers in the same class as Carolina nor the Cards.  I think Seattle will get them today.


(10-0-0) Patriots  I would have loved to watch this game with a healthy Manning.  I don’t know that any of us will ever have an opportunity to do so ever again.  Still, it should be a good game to watch with the D of Denver against the Pats offense.  But, Brady should get this one, too. 

(8-2-0) Broncos


(3-7-0) Ravens  The old Browns vs the new Browns.  …… who cares?

(2-8-0) Browns


 (4-7-0) Eagles 14

 (4-7-0) Lions 45  The Eagles demonstrated the overall weakness of the NFC East.  What’s with the Lions pretending to be a real NFL team?


 (11-0-0) Panthers 33  Well, that was beyond ugly.  I find it strange that people are now saying the season is over for the Cowboys based on their loss to the Panthers.  With, or without Romo, they were going to lose to the Panthers.  Romo is out for the season, and Cassel doesn’t inspire hope, but, let’s get real.  The Giants are 5-5 atop the NFC East.  It isn’t a given that the Giants can even get past the Redskins, today.  And, they have Minn and the Panthers remaining on the schedule.  The rest of the games are tossups or only marginally in favor of the Giants.  I can easily see the Giants finishing 7-9.  One day, the Cowboys will find a QB other than Romo who can win in the Cowboy uniform.  And, it only takes one to get the team believing.  No, I’m not saying the ‘boys will or even probably will, they probably won’t, but, it isn’t over by any stretch in the NFC East.

 (3-8-0) Cowboys 14


 (5-6-0) Bears 17  What is suddenly wrong with the Pack?  Sure, the Bears aren’t a terrible team, but, they’re not that good, either. 

 (7-4-0) Packers 13


Well, that’s the way I see it, what do you think?

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